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StoryCorps: Legendary ★★★★

StoryCorps is an NPR production that gives the listener a glimpse into the lives of strangers. StoryCorps is more than a podcast, it’s a non-profit organization aimed at collecting your stories, your mother’s, your teacher’s. It believes in the preservation of what makes

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Lies with Sara Schaefer ★★★

On this podcast, you can expect nothing but lies! I was turned on to this podcast by a fellow podcast reviewer, Ryan Steiner. This is an interview-format show where Sara Schaefer draws no full truths out of any guest. To

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Criminal ★★★★

Criminal is a show about people that have something to do with a crime that has been committed. Sometimes it’s a perpetrator, sometimes a victim, sometimes an investigator is part of the show. It’s a journal of crimes. Its fantastic,

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Strangers: I Don’t Want to Get to Know You

Strangers is another podcast from PRX’s Radiotopia collective. Its website describes it as such: “Each episode is an empathy shot in your arm, featuring true stories about about the people we meet, the connections we make, the heartbreaks we suffer, the kindnesses

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The Mortified Podcast: Go Find Your Childhood Diary! ★★★★

The Mortified Podcast is a weekly podcast affiliated with Radiotopia from PRX where people read their childhood or teenage-year diaries and journals to a live audience of strangers. Episodes are usually 15-30 minutes long and sometimes there is more than one storyteller

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Mystery Show ★★

Mystery Show host Starlee Kine has been a writer for many years, and has been a contributor and producer for the very popular This American Life radio show. On Mystery Show, Kine investigates mysteries that can’t be solved by using Google.

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Planet Money: 100% Guaranteed to Teach You Something Every Time ★★★★★

Planet Money, a National Public Radio (NPR) twice-weekly production, certainly does not need my review to expand its subscriber base. But if you don’t think the title of the podcast sounds like your thing, I’d like to try to convince

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The Heart ★★★

The Heart is a podcast about love and intimacy. It is hosted by women and I believe women are the target audience. Sometimes it is light, tender, and warm; other times it is dark, hard, complex. This podcast does contain

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Science Vs by ABC with Wendy Zukerman

Don’t be scared by this podcast title if you hated high school biology! Maybe you wouldn’t think science would be interesting–but it is! I swear! Just take 20 minutes to listen to this podcast. The premise of Australian-produced Science Vs

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Sword and Scale: The Worst Monsters are Real ★★★★★

Horrific. Evil. Haunting. The only thing I can’t listen to in this podcast are episodes about filicide:  parents – usually mothers – killing their own children. I consider this a tremendous success for this ear candy of a podcast! These

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