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About Audible Feast

Whether you listen to podcasts all the time, are a casual listener, or don’t even know what a podcast is, this website can help you find an Audible Feast for your ears! Podcasts have really blown up in the last couple of years after the extreme success of Serial, and I truly think there is something out there for everyone. When I started listening to podcasts, I really only had the iTunes podcast charts and in-show recommendations to go on; I had no idea how to find something I might like. The iTunes charts are fairly problematic because I think it’s difficult to search within “categories” (which are super vague and could really include anything – like “family” and “comedy” – so many ways that could go), the podcast app itself is not stellar, and the iTunes charts for podcasts have an awful algorithm based on downloads, so there’s no way I would have ever found indie shows or new shows with no downloads. I kept thinking, if I like x and y, how do I find z that might be similar? How do I get beyond the surface of iTunes? (Of course there’s great stuff on the iTunes chart – it’s there for a reason, but I wanted more than the mainstream.)

I searched a little bit and found a couple of other folks doing podcast reviews and reporting on podcasting news, but thought there was a lane for what I specifically wanted to do. As I listen, I almost always think of someone who would appreciate the episode or show that I’m feasting on, even if I don’t particularly love it. So that’s why I created this site. If you’re looking for more content like mine, I can recommend Nick Quah (@nwquah), Sara Weber (@saralistens), The Audit (@theauditco), Aurora Erickson (@auroraderickson), and the Bello Collective (@bellocollective). Ryan Steiner (@tehvin) was instrumental in encouraging me to go forward with my plan for a website to review podcasts and make recommendations, and he used to review podcasts, but has moved on to other non-podcast obsessions 🙂 Thank you, Ryan, for your encouragement.

I listen to podcasts all the time-while working, walking, driving, exercising. My world has been opened by podcasts-especially independent shows and programs from local radio stations. It’s fascinating to me to listen to how people speak and see what makes my ears feel like they are attending an audible feast. Listening to these podcasts has also enriched my life significantly because I have more interesting stories to tell people, I have more to talk about with my close friends and family, and I can make small talk more intelligently. I’ve told a lot of people about various podcasts so I decided to put my reviews and recommendations in one place.

My reviews are subjective so I can infuse them with my personality! (I prefer to think of that as fun vs. narcissistic.) I listen to at least 4 or 5 episodes before writing a review, and I have had guest reviewers on occasion. I am working on new features for the site all the time and I love connecting with podcast people-listeners, producers, hosts, etc. I also have a newsletter that is published every other week and includes bonus material not on the site.


A little about me personally: I live in the Houston, TX area with my family. I am an engineer by education and work in Continuous Improvement / Lean Six Sigma as a profession, but love to use both the left and right side of my brain. This website is a labor of love for me-I’m really passionate about sharing things I find interesting and I believe there is an audience looking for recommendations in the exploding world of available podcasts and public radio.

All podcast audio, logos, artwork and text is copyright of their respective owners.

Welcome to Audible Feast!

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13 comments on “About Audible Feast
  1. Barry Lam says:

    Thank you for listening and recommending Hi-Phi Nation. It is also a one-person labor of love and just having fans of podcasts listen and review it is a privilege. There is nothing like these passion project for all of us. I think that podcast critique and curation is really important, and as the medium grows, so will the profile the best curators.

  2. Hi Sara,

    What an awesome site! We found you via Reality Blurred comments (aren’t Andy’s recommendations on point?).

    My friend Sam and I have entered the foray of podcasting in the “eavesdrop on your friends” genre with our podcast Not According to Plan. We chat about dating, the perfect mattress, and why you shouldn’t look at Beyoncé’s IG (among other topics). We recommend episodes 3, 12, or 15 to get started as those are some of our popular posts.

    We don’t know if this is your cup of tea, but we’re intrigued to hear your thoughts: good, bad, and indifferent. With your palate we’re certain you can give some helpful feedback. Thanks for your consideration!

  3. kate uslan says:

    Hi Sara,
    I’m glad to have found your site- looks great. It looks like we have been listening to many of the same podcasts this past month! I’m wondering if you might be interested in mine, it’s called The Carolina Shout. Jazz piano, quirky stories, funny parodies. It’s got something for everyone! Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Dave Jackson says:

    why is there no contact info on your site? I was going to follow you on Twitter, and I can’t find where to contact you.

  5. Adrian Ward says:

    Hallo, oh Mistress-of-the-Feast – and thank you for creating this wonderful resource. I’ve been looking to diversify my audible diet, and you’ve made the process wonderfully painless.

    I cannot help but notice that the banquet is currently a little light in the fiction food group. My name is Adrian Ward, and I am the host of the One Last Story podcast, which offers full readings of stories from the early days of horror literature and weird fiction. Gothic, ghostly, ghoulish, or gruesome – from H.P. Lovecraft and M.R. James to pulp shockers and Victorian penny dreadfuls – it may not suit every palate, but there has been a very favorable reaction from those whose tastes trend in that direction. I should be honored and delighted if you would care to take a taste, and would value any feedback you’d care to give.


    • Audible Feast says:

      Great! Thanks for contacting me! I’ll definitely check it out – I don’t listen to a lot of fiction now but I can always diversify!

  6. Wize says:

    Hey Sara,

    First, thank you for this incredible platform! My name is Wize and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of the Indie Creative Network. Indie Creative Network is a media platform created to elevate voices in Urban communities across the world. We currently have 14 podcasts based in 7 cities across North America and I’d love to hear your feedback.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Audible Feast says:

      Hello – Thanks for contacting Audible Feast! I’ll check out your network, sounds very appealing to me and the types of media I am drawn to!

  7. Paul says:


    I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Paul Lattibeaudaire and I am the host of a podcast called Educated Hustle. We interview up and coming entrepreneurs and professionals who are passionate about what they do. I would be honored if you gave us and listen and gave any feedback on our show. We’re trying to improve our show every day and would love some feedback from a professional. Look forward to your reply!

    • Audible Feast says:

      Hey Paul-thanks for contacting me! I’ll definitely check it out and will follow up with some additional questions! Thanks for checking out Audible Feast.

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