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Interview with Lauren Schiller from Inflection Point

Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller (Apple Podcasts, website) is a show about women who are changing the world – solving problems, encouraging young girls to pursue ambitious paths, starting up companies, and challenging the status quo. The show was selected

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Interview with Eric Marcus of the Making Gay History Podcast

“People haven’t been taught anything about gay history. They have no sense of the history.” This is Eric Marcus, on the purpose of the podcast Making Gay History. He has interviewed dozens of LGBTQ civil rights pioneers, some of whom

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In the Dark (Part 2) – Interview with Reporter and Host Madeleine Baran

  I am very pleased to share my interview with Madeleine Baran, host of APM Reports’ phenomenal podcast, In the Dark. I was able to interview Baran in person in St. Paul at the APM/MPR headquarters in November. As I’ve become

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