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Making Gay History ★★★★★

Put yourself in the shoes of a man or woman attracted to someone of the same sex in the 1950s. Your name could be on an FBI watch list, you might have difficulty finding or keeping a job, and you and

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The Brain Candy Podcast: Update ★★★★★

In honor of their 100th episode which dropped this week, I wanted to take a few minutes to update my review of The Brain Candy Podcast with MTV superheroes Susie Meister and Sarah Rice. I’ve been listening to this show

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Happy Sad Confused ★★

Happy Sad Confused is an interview show where host Josh Horowitz talks to actors and actresses from both television and film. Each episode is roughly an hour long and Horowitz has had a lot of A-listers on the show: Woody

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Alter Ego ★★★

I love people watching – sitting in airports, at the state fair, at work … I daydream about people’s secret lives, what lies beneath their typically buttoned-up exterior. I really delight in considering the possibilities. Is the portly, ruddy-faced, 50-something

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ArtCurious Podcast ★★★★★

I used to think of art history as something I don’t have time for, am uneducated about, and maybe don’t have enough money to appreciate. I am unlikely to be able to afford a magnificent work of art at any time

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Update: Switched on Pop ★★★★★

Update 1/12/17 I have to update my Switched on Pop review because this show is deserving of some extra attention. Since I wrote my original review back in July 2016, there have been several terrific episodes that have aired, and

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The Sporkful ★★★★

“The Sporkful isn’t for foodies, it’s for eaters.” The Sporkful is a really fun show about food – how we cook it, eat it, avoid it, send it back, celebrate it, share it, and sell it. Obviously I love food

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Update: Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller ★★★★★

Update – 12/31/16 Starting with this post I am going to begin occasionally updating my older reviews. As shows evolve into new seasons and even change production team members, they deserve a second critical listen. I will provide a short update

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In the Dark (Part 1) ★★★★★

in the dark

This is part 1 of a two-part series on APM Reports’ In the Dark. This post will follow my normal review format and the second part will be an interview of Madeleine Baran. Jacob Wetterling was abducted while out riding

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Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. ★★★

Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. is a unique show from the Parcast Network about people who had fascinating lives but died tragically. It is hosted by Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson, but mostly Roy as he provides the voice acting as

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