New Menu: 16 Fresh Podcast Subscriptions for Audible Feast

New Menu: 16 Fresh Podcast Subscriptions for Audible Feast

Here are the 16 newest podcast I’ve subscribed to (does that mean I should unsubscribe from 16?) in the first half of July 2016, and a little bit about what each one is about, from their websites if available. These aren’t all new shows-just new to me!

  1. The Love, Food Podcast: “What if you could write a letter to food? Pen to paper, you hash out the love/hate relationship and food’s undeserving power. Details go back years, to your first childhood diet trying to fit in. How you relate to food chronicles many of your life’s ups and downs. In this letter, you examine your dusty food beliefs and wonder which go in the trash, are for others, and which remain in your heart. What if you wrote this all down and food wrote you back? This is Love, Food.”
  2. We Have Concerns: “We Have Concerns is a show made by Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni (that’s us). We take science, philosophy, anthropology, or current event stories, usually submitted by the audience, and talk about what they might mean, with some comedy improv bits thrown in. iTunes called it one of the best podcasts of 2014 and one of the best series out there for people new to podcasts.”
  3. Joblogues: “Joblogues is a weekly podcast, hosted by childhood friends, Joymarie and Cortney, that features candid career conversations with young professionals around the world. Segments range from our advice forum, Ask Joblogues, to guest interviews and Hired & Fired, the segment where we give props (or termination papers) to folks making waves in pop culture & media.”
  4. Hashtags and Stilettos: “The Hashtags+Stilettos podcast is like having your own personal publicist in your pocket. Tune in for business, lifestyle and PR insights and interviews from entrepreneur and PR expert Sakita Holley.”
  5. The Life Game: “The Life Game is an audacious radio experiment that combines interviews with improvisation to create an electrifying radio storytelling event performed in front of a live audience. The concept was originally developed by Keith Johnstone, the creator of theatre sports and founder of the Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary.”
  6. Female Trouble: “A Baltimore Sun podcast spotlighting Charm City’s most captivating and accomplished women. Hosted by Quinn Kelley.”
  7. Don’t Act Your Age: “Don’t Act Your Age brings you stories and perspectives from people who’ve been there, done that and are still going strong. Folks who refuse to hit the snooze button on life. But it’s not just for older folks. Even if you haven’t made it to the half century mark yet, stick with us. Because DAYA is also about your journey — all that stuff just down the road in coming years. Think of it as an introduction to aging with a healthy dose of attitude.”
  8. Invisibilia: “Invisibilia is Latin for “the invisible things.” We explore the invisible forces that shape human behavior — things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. In the second season … Alix, Hanna and Lulu will delve into the ways everyday objects can shape our worldviews, the effects we have on each other’s well-being, and the various lenses we don..”
  9. Sleepover: “Sleepover takes us inside an unusual social encounter, where three complete strangers agree to meet in a hotel room for an evening, night, and morning together. In each episode, with Sook-Yin’s guidance, one stranger takes the spotlight and presents a problem from their life. The other two offer advice and bring up related experiences from their own unique perspectives. We hear the progress of each sleepover event over three 30-minute episodes. The first Sleepover season features 10 episodes, culminating in a roundup of guests.”
  10. You’ve Got Issues: “You’ve Got Issues (with Anna David) is a podcast where guests discuss the pettiest issues that irritate them and then attempt to find out what may be underneath each of these seemingly silly issues.”
  11. SpyCast: “Each week, the International Spy Museum offers a new SpyCast featuring interviews and programs with ex-spies, intelligence experts, and espionage scholars. SpyCast is hosted by Dr. Vince Houghton, historian and curator at the International Spy Museum. Dr. Houghton specializes in intelligence, diplomatic, and military history, with expertise in the late-WWII and early-Cold War eras. “
  12. Footnoting History: “Footnoting History is a bi-weekly podcast series dedicated to overlooked, unknown, and exciting stories plucked from the footnotes of history. We do our best to keep each episode brief without skimping on the fun parts. Sometimes, we get so excited about a topic that we develop an entire series around it.”
  13. 15 Minute History: “15 Minute History is a podcast series is devoted to short, accessible discussions of important topics in World History and US History. The discussions will be conducted by the award winning faculty and graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin.”
  14. Sooo Many White Guys: “Join comedian Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens) as she talks to performers, musicians, authors and artists who are killing it in their fields. Oh, and none of them are white dudes! Whew.”
  15. Stride and Saunter: “Every week we [Kip Clark and Caroline Borders] share our opinions and discoveries in honest, thought-provoking discussions. We want to counteract the traditional media narrative of one-way information and welcome our listeners to join in the conversation. We confront the black and white rhetoric and philosophy of many and illuminate the vast grey areas in our world, from technology and history to culture and current events.”
  16. Brave Little State: “What if you could decide what stories Vermont Public Radio should be covering, before they’re even assigned? That’s the idea behind Brave Little State, a new monthly podcast where you ask the questions, you decide what VPR investigates, and then you work with us to find the answers.”

What else is new to you that you’d recommend I take a listen to? I love getting recommendations!

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