About Audible Feast

An Audible Feast Introduction

An Audible Feast is audio that makes the listener want to keep listening. It’s a story that makes you stay in the car when you’re already home or that you must tell someone about because you’re sure someone you know will love it. It’s often like listening to a movie or play, or being the fly on the wall during an interview. Podcasts are the medium that makes all this possible, largely for free.

I listen to podcasts a lot. All the time – while working, while commuting, while traveling for work. In addition to my podcast education of history, economics, crime, travel, pop culture, storytelling, love, space, and science, I have also learned a lot about language, speech, diction, figures of speech, and speech impediments. It’s fascinating to me to listen to how people speak and see what makes my ears feel like they are attending an audible feast. Listening to these podcasts has also enriched my life significantly because I have more interesting stories to tell people, I have more to talk about with my close friends and family, and I can make small talk more intelligently.

When I first started listening, I stuck to the shows at the top of the podcast charts. Many of them are terrific, but there are also phenomenal indie podcasts that deserve a listen, and I strive to showcase those as well. My site exposes you to these shows in a few different ways:

Occasionally I post my new subscriptions, and a few times a year I post a list of everything I listen to (my full subscription list). I also have a newsletter that comes out every other Thursday.

I’m a one-woman show – most of my waking hours are spent as a continuous improvement project manager for a company in Houston and I am a chemical engineer by education. I am married with two kids and two dachshunds. You’ll read occasionally in my posts, I grew up in Minnesota but have lived a few places around the United States.

Welcome to Audible Feast!

How I Review Podcasts

These are the categories by which I will review podcasts. Each category has a possible 5/5 stars and I’ll provide an overall rating.

Educational Value ★★★★★

Pop Culture Value ★★★★★

Host Listen-ability ★★★★★

Flow and Production Value ★★★★★

Humor ★★★★★

Investigation ★★★★★

Storytelling ★★★★★

Makes Me a Better Person ★★★★★

Bonus stars may be given for a great website, special guests, amazing gore, music, ads that make me buy something, or anything else that seems like it would garner extra stars!


Or if the category receives no stars … ☆☆☆☆☆

I’ll also link to podcast webpages whenever possible, and will provide a brief “if you like XYZ podcast you may also like …” recommendation. Please send me any ideas or comments at audiblefeast at gmail.com.