Audible Feast’s Best Podcasts of 2015

Audible Feast’s Best Podcasts of 2015

It’s time to compile the best podcasts of 2015!

Thank you for reading Audible Feast’s reviews this year. I started writing in August of 2015 after listening to podcasts for a few months and discovering that no one knew what I was talking about when I said I learned something from a podcast. Every time I listened to a new episode I could think of someone who would love it – from friends and family to coworkers and hairdressers. I then began listening to everything I could get my ears on, constantly searching for new material and sharing my excitement along the way. I have connected with some fabulous personalities and writers through my website and I can’t wait to listen to new stuff and learn more. I’ve included some fun picks that are personal for me – I just get a lot of enjoyment listening to the episodes. Cheers!

Best Podcasts of 2015
~ Sword and Scale (here’s my review): true crime, real monsters, and creepy 9-1-1 tapes and interviews

~ The Allusionist (here’s my review): hilarious education about language with fabulous Helen Zaltzman

~ Death Sex & Money (here’s my review): honest storytelling about three things that impact every single person’s life

~ Lore (here’s my review): dark folklore’s real-life origins

~ The Longest Shortest Time (here’s my review): parental and family validation

~ This American Life: smorgasbord of Americana stories

~ Science Vs. (here’s my review): more hilarious education, this time about science and statistics and their intersection with pop culture (moving to Gimlet Media in 2016)

~ The Mortified Podcast (here’s my review): gut busting laughs as people read their super embarrassing childhood diaries to an audience

~ Criminal (here’s my review): storytelling about people involved in a crime – perps and victims alike

~ Radiolab: investigative journalism told as stories, with a very human touch

~ The Brain Candy Podcast: MTV smart girls Sarah and Susie talk pop culture, science, religion, music, and sports

~ BBC Documentaries: huge volume of Radiolab/This American Life/Reveal-type investigative stories from around the world

Best Individual Episodes of 2015
The Heart, Kaitlin+Mitra Wedding

~ This American Life: The Problem We All Live With Part 1 and 2

~ Neighbors: High Five

~ WTF with Marc Maron: President Obama

~ The Longest Shortest Time: The Accidental Gay Parents part 1 and 2

~ Only Human: Who Are You Calling ‘Inspiring?’

~ Love + Radio: The Living Room

~ Radiolab: The Rhino Hunter

~ Planet Money: China, China, China

~ The Mortified Podcast: Mike: Secret Diary of a HS Football Star

~ BBC Documentaries: Tom Fletcher, The ‘Naked Diplomat’

~ Reveal: Rape on the Night Shift

Shows I Want to Hear More of in 2016
The Heart
Home of the Brave
How to Do Everything
Ask Roulette
How to Be a Girl
First Day Back
HOME: Stories from LA
KCRW’s Here Be Monsters
Here’s the Thing
Anna Faris is Unqualified
Women of the Hour
Anxious Machine
Surprisingly Awesome
Snap Judgment
Only Human

I can’t wait for more content in 2016. Great job producers and hosts of these shows! Also thanks to Ryan Steiner (@tehvin on Twitter and Ryan’s Podcast Reviews) and The Timbre (@timbretweet and The Timbre) for inspiring my listening!

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