Audible Feast’s Best Podcasts of April 2018

Audible Feast’s Best Podcasts of April 2018

The month may be over, but you can listen to these podcasts anytime! I publish the best podcast episodes of the week every week on Friday – you can find those episodes and my reasoning behind why they’re great by going here to see an archive of those posts. But I also wanted to curate a list of the handful of episodes that simply rose to the very top over the whole month, the ones I’m still thinking about weeks later.

Here are the best podcast episodes (and a list of the podcasts that appeared on my Delicious Ingredients list more than once this month) that I listened to in April 2018 – the best of the best. This month I listened to 225 episodes.

If you’re interested in seeing what I listen to, I have a running log by month. I also have a newsletter that comes out every other week which is a bit more editorial than the site – you can find it here.

Best Episodes of April 2018

  1. StartUp: Arlan Hamilton 1: Silicon Valley, By Invite Only (4/26/18): What it’s about: “Silicon Valley is leaving money on the table, and Arlan Hamilton will go to extremes to prove it. She’s a venture capitalist like no other — black, female, gay — and she’s out to prove that investors in the Valley are overlooking big returns they could tap into by investing in more outsiders. Arlan calls them “underestimated” founders, and she’s planning to get as rich as Richard Branson by investing in them. But her thesis is still untested, and she’s running out of time to show Silicon Valley what she’s got.
  2. The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 215: A Very Special Brain Candy — Sarah’s Story (4/25/18): What it’s about: “We thought today’s show was going to bring a joyful surprise, but instead it is a difficult one. Hear what’s been going on with Sarah, and why she hasn’t been herself lately. We also discuss crazy news stories like the woman who was embalmed alive, Katy Perry’s questionable shoes, roads that play music, and more.”
  3. Troll Play: Poison Pen Letters and a LOT of Milk (4/19/18) What it’s about: “Alice, Cal and Sami talk about weird YouTube comments, a hand written troll letter and a forum dedicated to drinking a gallon of milk a day.”
  4. Fresh Air: James Comey (4/17/18): What it’s about: “The former FBI director tells Terry Gross that he wants to sound the alarm about the “forest fire” of the Trump presidency — and also to defend the FBI against charges of partisanship. “People love the FBI when they think it’s on their side,” Comey says. “We were not — and are not — on anybody’s side.” Comey talks about being fired by President Trump, hiding from the president in a curtain, and the origin of his now-famous use of the word “lordy.” His new memoir is ‘A Higher Loyalty.'”
  5. Today, Explained: The $43,000 Phone Booth (4/17/18): What it’s about: “Scott Pruitt, the embattled head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is facing a host of new scandals: a $43,000 soundproof phone booth, a security detail to Disneyland, and even using a siren on his car to get to a restaurant faster. But Vox’s Umair Irfan says that behind these controversies, Pruitt’s EPA has been one of the most consequential government agencies in the Trump administration.”
  6. Death in Ice Valley, Episode 1: The Isdal Woman (4/15/18): What it’s about: “Some graves hold more secrets than others. No relatives attended her funeral and she had died in terrible circumstances.”
  7. Latina to Latina: Orange is the New Black’s Jackie Cruz (4/10/18): What it’s about: “Actor. Musician. Activist. How Jackie Cruz creates her own path (in and out of the spotlight).” 
  8. Lost Notes: Outlaws of the Airwaves: The Rise of Pirate Radio Station WBAD (4/12/18): What it’s about: “Pirate radio station WBAD in New York was a beloved source for fans of underground, unsanitized hip-hop in the 1990s, but how high could this illegal operation fly while also staying under the radar?”
  9. Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Is ‘Girl Power’ Creating a Mental Health Crisis? – Rachel Simmons, Author “Enough As She Is” (4/11/18): What it’s about: “For many girls today, the relentless pursuit of accomplishment is fueled by harsh self-criticism and an acute fear of failure. Rachel Simmons has been researching young women for two decades, and her research plainly shows that girl competence does not equal girl confidence—nor does it equal happiness, resilience, or self-worth. As an educator and author of “Enough As She Is: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Lives”, Rachel teaches girls and women skills to build their resilience, amplify their voices, and own their courage so that they—and their relationships—live with integrity and health.”

Best Podcasts of April 2018
(multiple appearances on weekly Delicious Ingredients including Honorable Mentions)

  1. The Brain Candy Podcast
  2. Showcase from Radiotopia: Errthang

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