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Science Vs by ABC with Wendy Zukerman

Don’t be scared by this podcast title if you hated high school biology! Maybe you wouldn’t think science would be interesting–but it is! I swear! Just take 20 minutes to listen to this podcast. The premise of Australian-produced Science Vs

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Sword and Scale: The Worst Monsters are Real ★★★★★

Horrific. Evil. Haunting. The only thing I can’t listen to in this podcast are episodes about filicide:  parents – usually mothers – killing their own children. I consider this a tremendous success for this ear candy of a podcast! These

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How I’ll Review Podcasts

These are the completely subjective categories by which I will review podcasts. Each category has a possible 5/5 stars and I’ll provide an overall rating. Educational Value ★★★★★ Pop Culture Value ★★★★★ Host Listen-ability ★★★★★ Flow and Production Value ★★★★★ Humor ★★★★★ Investigation ★★★★★ Storytelling ★★★★★ Makes

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An Audible Feast Introduction

What is Audible Feast all about? An Audible Feast is spoken word that makes the listener want to keep listening, a story that makes you stay in the car when you’re already home or that you must tell someone about because