Best Podcasts for June 2017

Best Podcasts for June 2017

I publish the best podcast episodes of the week every week on Friday – you can find those episodes and my reasoning behind why they’re great by going here. But I also wanted to curate a list of the handful of episodes that simply rose to the top. Here are the best podcast episodes (and a list of the podcasts that appeared on my Delicious Ingredients list more than once this month) from June 2017 – the best of the best.

If you’re interested in seeing what I listen to, I have a running log by month. I also have a newsletter that comes out every other week which is a bit more editorial than the site – you can find it here.

Best Episodes of June 2017

  1. Nocturne, Episode 30: A Catalogue of Nights (6/6/17): What it’s about: “In January I left my home for 6 months of wandering and, of course, one of the main things I explored were the infinite shades of night in each new place. What I noticed more than ever is that every night is a finger print – each is unique, with no one the same as another. The sounds tell the stories.”
  2. Ear Hustle: Misguided Loyalty (6/28/17): What it’s about: “Tommy Shakur Ross grew up in South Central Los Angles in the 1980’s. As a boy, he was seduced by what he saw as the “glamour” of gang life. Thirty years later, Shakur is still paying the price for giving his most to a gang that ultimately brought the kind of fame he wishes he’d never earned.”
  3. Invisibilia: Reality Part One, Invisibilia: Reality Part Two (6/8/17): What it’s about: “How is it that two neighbors can look out their window at the exact same thing, and see something completely different? This is a question many people in America are asking now. We explore it by visiting a small community in Minnesota, called Eagle’s Nest Township, that has a unique experience with the reality divide: some of the people in the town believe that wild black bears are gentle animals you can feed with your hands, and others think they are dangerous killers. This divide leads to conflict and, ultimately, a tragic death. So, is there a “real” truth about the bear, or is each side constructing its own reality? In part two we look at attempts to escape these self-made constructs. We follow one man’s epic experiment to break out of his reality bubble. And one woman’s epic-in-its-own-way experiment to break out of her species bubble!”
  4. 74 Seconds, Trial Day 4: Getting to 23 (6/2/17): What it’s about: “As the first week of the trial ends, the jury in the case starts to take shape. Plus: Why choosing a jury for the trial of a police officer is different than for other cases.”
  5. Between Us Girls, Episode 38: He Smells Like Old Prosciutto and Sandwich Spread (6/13/17): What it’s about: “This week, the ladies welcome fabulously filthy storyteller, award winning host of the podcast Probably True and English bloke – Scott. Join the panel as they discuss how you can tell if the feeling isn’t mutual and annoying things that make you lose interest in a guy. A British accent makes everything better! Grab some tea and biscuits, plop some ear muffs on mummy and listen…”
  6. How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 60: Al Franken (6/1/17): What it’s about: “The Senator from the great state of Minnesota discusses his new memoir, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate; which traces his unlikely path from a 30 year career as a comedian, writing and starring at Saturday Night Live, to diving into politics after being a passionate follower on the sidelines. In this emotionally honest conversation he shares with Michael why he cares so much, and even dishes a bit on his fellow senators.”
  7. Hidden Brain: Rap on Trial (6/12/17): What it’s about: “Olutosin Oduwole was a college student and aspiring rapper when he was charged with “attempting to make a terrorist threat.” We explore how perceptions of rap music may have played a role.”
  8. Terrible, Thanks for Asking: Mini-Season Ep. 8: Dear Grown-Ups (6/13/17): What it’s about: “What do you wish your grown-ups had said to you when you were a kid? Especially while dealing with really hard stuff? We wanted to know, so we asked the Terrible Club – listeners who support the show – and they had some thoughts. Geez da wheeze, did they have some thoughts.”
  9. StoryCorps, Episode 503: The Son You Wanted (6/9/17): What it’s about: “In this episode, we listen to three interviews recorded over the course of a decade that trace the journey of a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome from middle school through college and into the working world.”
  10. Our Americana, S03E09: A Year of Podcasting (North Carolina w/Steven Pappas) (6/3/17): What it’s about: “Our Americana celebrates its first birthday by honoring podcasting the best way we know how: through origin and community. In the first of a three part series with various podcasters, Josh sits down with Steven Pappas of the Is This Adulting? podcast to talk very candidly about his North Carolina upbringing, mental health, religion, evolving ideology, and what it means to be a progressive southern boy.”

Best Podcasts of June 2017
(multiple appearances on weekly Delicious Ingredients)

  1. 74 Seconds
  2. Code Switch
  3. Terrible, Thanks for Asking
  4. Between Us Girls
  5. Invisibilia
  6. The Sporkful
  7. Ear Hustle

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