Best Podcasts of February 2018

Best Podcasts of February 2018

The month may be over, but you can listen to these podcasts anytime! I publish the best podcast episodes of the week every week on Friday – you can find those episodes and my reasoning behind why they’re great by going here to see an archive of those posts. But I also wanted to curate a list of the handful of episodes that simply rose to the very top over the whole month, the ones I’m still thinking about weeks later.

Here are the best podcast episodes (and a list of the podcasts that appeared on my Delicious Ingredients list more than once this month) that I listened to in February 2018 – the best of the best. This month I listened to 178 episodes.

If you’re interested in seeing what I listen to, I have a running log by month. I also have a newsletter that comes out every other week which is a bit more editorial than the site – you can find it here.

Best Episodes of February 2018

  1. Hidden Brain: Why Now? (2/5/18): What it’s about: “Nearly a quarter century ago, a group of women accused a prominent playwright of sexual misconduct. For the most part, the allegations went nowhere. In 2017, in the midst of the #MeToo movement, more women came forward to accuse the same playwright of misconduct. This time, everyone listened. On this episode, we explore the story through the lens of social science research and ask, “Why Now?” What has changed in our minds and in our culture so that allegations of sexual harassment and assault are being taken so much more seriously than they were in the past?”
  2. PLAYLIST, S2E13: Addicted (2/28/18): What it’s about: “We share the most haunting songs about addiction.
  3. Probably True: Reject (2/25/18): What it’s about: “A story about how Grindr hookups don’t always go to plan, and how to deal with it when it happens. Also, exciting breakfast food and the phrase “two humps and a shudder”.”
  4. The Promise, Part 4: The Great Divide (2/14/18): What it’s about: “This is a story about the assumptions we all make. And the secrets we keep. With WPLN reporter Meribah Knight as the go-between, Big Man, a public housing resident from the Cayce Homes, walks across the street to meet the wealthy couple who live in the fancy new home on the hill.  In many ways, their lives couldn’t be more different, but in breaking the silence between the two sides of the gentrifying neighborhood, a friendship begins to form — only to be dashed in a way no one could have expected.”
  5. Women at Work, Episode 2: Couples That Work (2/1/18): What it’s about: “Simmering resentments over whose career comes first. Bickering over household tasks. Arguments over who should pick up the kids this time. This is the portrait of two-career coupledom in much of the popular media. But for a lot of couples, the reality is much rosier. Mutually supportive relationships let us take career risks, help us be more resilient to setbacks, and even “lean in” at work. In this episode, we talk with three experts to help us paint a picture of what a truly supportive dual-career relationship looks like, and understand how to get our own relationships closer to that ideal.”
  6. Ologies, Episode 16: Ichthyology with Chris Thacker (1/29/18): What it’s about: “ALL. ABOUT. FISH. Hilariously charming fish expert and LA County Natural History Museum Curator of Ichthyology, Dr. Christine Thacker, sits down with Alie in a basement full of several million jars of fish to chat about the worst fish husbands, the weirdest mating behaviors, the scariest fish, the nicest fish, the tiniest fish, how they breathe, how you can help reverse global warming, and whether you should pee in wetsuits. I love her so much and so will you.”
  7. This is Love, Episode 1: The Run (2/14/18): What it’s about: “In 1971, David Alexander went for a run in Central Park and started talking to a stranger. For our first episode of This Is Love, a story about what’s possible when we bet everything on each another.”
  8. The Tip Off, Episode 15: Web of Death, Part 1 (2/7/18): What it’s about: “In the corner room of Buzzfeed’s office is a wall is covered with photographs. Photographs that are linked up in a web of connections. Photographs of dead men. These are the people Heidi Blake suspects were killed with impunity on British soil. This is the story of how Heidi and a team of reporters followed the clues surrounding a series of mysterious deaths, back to the same, shady source.”
  9. Out of the Blocks: 100 S. Broadway, Part 3 (2/12/18): What it’s about: “If we’re truthful about it, most of us will admit it: There’s a gap between who we are and who we yearn to be.  In this episode, people confront the sting of getting honest with themselves.  In the end, some find redemption, and some just stare into the abyss.  There’s darkness in this episode, yes, but rays of hope have a way of shining in through the cracks.  As you’ll hear Francesca say, “Life is too short, the world is too cruel. Just love one another.”

Best Podcasts of February 2018
(multiple appearances on weekly Delicious Ingredients including Honorable Mentions)

  1. Women at Work
  2. Someone Knows Something
  3. This is Love
  4. The Promise
  6. The Allusionist
  7. Ologies
  8. HumaNature

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