Audible Feast’s Best Podcasts of September 2018

Audible Feast’s Best Podcasts of September 2018

The month may be over, but you can listen to these podcasts anytime! I publish the best podcast episodes of the week every week on Friday – you can find those episodes and my reasoning behind why they’re great by going here to see an archive of those posts. But I also wanted to curate a list of the handful of episodes that simply rose to the very top over the whole month, the ones I’m still thinking about weeks later.

Here are the best podcast episodes (and a list of the podcasts that appeared on my Delicious Ingredients list more than once this month) that I listened to in September 2018 – the best of the best. This month I listened to 186 episodes, with 33 of them being new shows (to me at least).

If you’re interested in seeing what I listen to, I have a running log by month. I also have a newsletter that comes out every other week which is a bit more editorial than the site – you can find it here.

Best Episodes of September 2018

  1. Household Name: The Bodies at the Brooks Brothers (9/5/18): “There’s a Brooks Brothers store across the street from the World Trade Center in New York. Shortly after the attacks on September 11, a young doctor named Sandeep Jauhar headed to ground zero to help. He ended up at the store, which was transformed into a makeshift morgue. Suddenly, he’s put in charge, which was the last thing he wanted. This is a story of ties and white collared shirts, and how heroism is often improvised.”
  2. Uncover, S1E1: Escaping NXIVM – The Branding (9/5/18): “Sarah Edmondson is a high-level member of a self-help group called NXIVM, but an invitation to join a secret women’s group called DOS leads her to do something she later regrets.”
  3. The Competition, LEATHER Ep. 2: Spike (9/9/18): “Spike says he can kick your ass and do your makeup. He’s one of the contestants vying for the title of Mr. LA Leather 2018.
  4. The Trouble with Shannon Cason: Michael (9/14/18): “At age 28, Michael unexpectedly committed suicide. Carol and Steve talk about their son’s life and its tragic and unforeseen ending.”
  5. Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 46: Two Letters (9/4/18): “Annie’s husband Jim died by suicide. After his death, she got into a bad space of her own. Then came the letters.”
  6. Science Vs: Essential Oils: Science or Snake Oil? (9/20/18): “Essential Oils – and their claims – are huge right now. But is it all hype, or is there something special about these little brown bottles? To get to the bottom of it, we dig through the studies and speak to cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Rachel Herz and psychologist Prof. Mark Moss.”
  7. Scene on Radio, MEN, Part 5: More Than Paper Cuts (9/5/18): “The #MeToo Movement has shed a harsh light on sexual harassment in the workplace. Just how bad, and how pervasive, is sexism on the job in the U.S., from day-to-day expressions of disrespect all the way to rape? Spoiler: It’s bad.”
  8. Here Be Monsters, HBM101: Much Corruption (9/12/18): “Jeff Emtman finds himself distracted by dragons and their ilk as he kayaks with one of the world’s hairiest people.”
  9. Criminal, Episode 98: The Doctors (9/7/18): “Three of America’s most experienced trauma surgeons speak with us about what happens when someone is shot.”
  10. Last Seen, Episode 1: 81 Minutes (9/17/18): “In 1990, two thieves stole 13 irreplaceable artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. We take a closer look what happened that night.” 
  11. The Allusionist, Episode 85: Skin Story (9/23/18):”“I wanted a story that actually lives, and actually dies, and disappears.” In 2003, artist and author Shelley Jackson started the Skin Project: a story printed, word by word, as tattoos on volunteers.”
  12. Kalki Presents: My Indian Life: The Goddess of Big Things (9/21/18):  “What happens when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin? This is the story of the transformation of a small-town boy into a diva who is setting the ramp on fire as a transgender, plus-size model. Kalki meets Mona Varonica Campbell.

Binge recommendations of the month

Dear Young Rocker – an audio memoir of an awkward young girl who found comfort in rock music
The 2180 Podcast – stories of present-day adventurers who have walked the Appalachian Trail

Best Podcasts of September 2018
(Multiple appearances on weekly Delicious Ingredients including Honorable Mentions)

  1. The Competition
  2. Last Seen
  3. The Trouble with Shannon Cason
  4. The Allusionist
  5. Here Be Monsters
  6. The United States of Anxiety

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