Tour of Duty: When Australia’s national soccer team went to war

Tour of Duty: When Australia’s national soccer team went to war

NOVEMBER 28, 2017 – It was November 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War when an international soccer tournament was held in Saigon – and Australia’s national team was sent to compete.

The latest episode of By Association tells the remarkable story of the 1967 Socceroos and their participation in a ‘friendship tournament’. In what was a propaganda stunt by the Australian government at the time, soccer was used as a vehicle to connect with the local community of Saigon as the Vietnam War reached its deadly peak.

By Association is an award-winning narrative podcast about soccer and the human connection behind the game, created by James Parkinson out of Melbourne, Australia. James is the sole host and producer of the show, which he created in late 2015 as a way to combine two of his greatest passions: soccer and audio storytelling. He is fascinated by soccer history, fan culture and the way the game connects people around the world.

By Association was voted Best Sports Podcast 2017 at the inaugural Cast Aways, the Australian Podcast Awards.

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