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Carruth ★★★★★

Carruth is the story of Rae Carruth, his girlfriend Cherica Adams, her son Chancellor Lee Adams, and her mother Saundra Adams. Cherica Adams was eight months pregnant when she was shot to death in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1999. Baby

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Audible Feast’s Podcast Reflections and Listening Stats for 2018

Reflecting on the podcasting year of 2018 You may or may not know that Audible Feast is a one-woman endeavor. I started the site back in 2015 because I wanted to provide a resource for podcast discovery, and at the

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Quick Bite: Sold in America ★★

The Quick Bite series consists of slightly shorter reviews with a one-two punch of the good parts and improvements suggested for podcasts of which I’ve heard at least five episodes. What’s the show about? Sold in America is a podcast

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The Mothers of Invention Perfect Podcast Trifecta

This is the first in a new series of posts about perfect podcast trifectas. Lately I’ve been hearing podcasts in threes! Sometimes it’s three podcasts all about the same topic, sometimes they’re tangentially related, and sometimes there’s just a theme

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Reveal ★★★★★ (Update)

I originally reviewed Reveal back in October 2015, so it’s time for a refresh. The original review is also copied below this update. Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX, is an investigative reporting program that tackles critical

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Dear Young Rocker ★★★★★

The pre-teen years of a girl’s life are so frequently just terrible, I suspect even for the small percentage of the population that we decide is “popular.” I was so naive, leading well into my teen years and even into

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Errthang (via Showcase from Radiotopia) ★★★★★

The latest show to debut via Radiotopia’s experimental space, Showcase, is Al Letson’s (and Willie Evans Jr.’s) personal project, Errthang. Letson is well known in multiple spoken word platforms – he’s been on Def Comedy Jam, hosted the terrific State

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Episode Review: The Brain Candy Podcast #215: Sarah’s Story

I have never done an individual episode review before, but I want to share one episode from last week that really touched my heart. I’ve been listening to The Brain Candy Podcast since it started in 2015, right around the

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Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo ★★★★★

Missing and Murdered (CBC Radio) is a podcast about missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada whose disappearances and deaths are dismissed by police. Their families and loved ones insist there is more to the story than what they’ve been

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Heaven’s Gate ★★★

39 people died in a mass suicide in 1997. They were part of a group called Heaven’s Gate. Was it a cult? Was it just a religion? Who defines what unorthodox or spurious is? What led people to follow the

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