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Farewell to The Heard: I Love You!

This week I was surprised to hear that the episode of Neighbors I was listening to would be its last. I have been listening to the show for three years (most of its existence) and while I know podcasts run

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The Mothers of Invention Perfect Podcast Trifecta

This is the first in a new series of posts about perfect podcast trifectas. Lately I’ve been hearing podcasts in threes! Sometimes it’s three podcasts all about the same topic, sometimes they’re tangentially related, and sometimes there’s just a theme

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What Excites This Podcast Critic in 2018

Three years ago, I started Audible Feast because I was frustrated with the iTunes charts telling me what other people were listening to. I wanted to travel off the beaten path of highly-produced (read=highly financially supported) and much-publicized podcasts and

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Listener Feedback Wanted: The Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord (March 2018)

I’m seeking your feedback for a new Audible Feast feature called The Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord. Fill out the Google Form below and tell the world why everyone should be listening to the podcast you’re in love with. It can be a

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International Women’s Day Celebration of Podcasts

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! I want to share some of my favorite lady-led podcasts and give a shout-out to the women behind them – there are TONS. These women inspire me! I listen to everything on this list. I

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The Two-Way Benefits of Podcast Communities

I listen to podcasts alone. But–I always want to tell people about something I heard! I’m an introvert (aren’t so many of us?), but podcasts turn me into someone who has something interesting to talk about. They give me confidence

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Hurricane Harvey Update

Hello readers, You may know that I live in the Houston metro area. The closest official rain gauge to my house has us at about 29 inches of rain since Friday. Hurricane Harvey is just an unimaginable catastrophe for our

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Delicious Ingredients is Now On RadioPublic

I am happy to announce my Delicious Ingredients is now published on my RadioPublic playlist, accessible at the link below, which will take you to the playlist if you have the app. If you don’t have the app, get it

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10 Commandments of Podcasting and Life from an Uber Listener

A few months ago, I was a judge for the Australian Cast Away Awards, and I got a chance to listen to a huge variety of shows I’d never have otherwise heard. I learned a lot from that experience–tips and

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The Cast Away Awards

This winter (or summer if you’re down under) I was asked to be a judge for the Australian Podcast Awards, called The Cast Away Awards. Winners in several categories were announced on April 1st – check out the website for the

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