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Delicious Ingredients: April 1, 2016

Each week I will publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, and spicy podcast episodes that have fed my ears this week. This will also allow me to link directly to episodes via either Soundcloud, Stitcher, or a podcast’s website (which are often amazing and contain bonus info or complementary stories). This also brings more visual content to my site as I can link to some beautiful logos and original artwork from these sites! All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. (Note: I also try to track every episode I listen to here.)



Unprisoned: People Who’ve Served Time Are Being Left Out of Voting
Unprisoned: Black families in New Orleans live in constant fear of having their young men put in jail|
Unprisoned: If you pass through New Orleans courts, innocent or not, you still have to pay (January-March 2016): “Unprisoned will share stories to incite conversation about the ways mass incarceration affects families, communities and notions of justice. What has Louisiana done to become the incarceration capital of the world? Is our criminal justice system making us safer? How are we all passively or actively supporting the current system? What do we want for our future? We’ll listen hard to the ways our criminal justice system engenders financial, legal and personal hardships for families, neighborhoods and larger communities, and how incarceration perpetuates cycles of poverty and violence. We’ll focus in particular on how children — often from a very young age — are caught in the system of correctional control with little hope of ever escaping it, a cultural contradiction that at once elevates youth as exceptional and vulnerable while simultaneously criminalizing them at an alarming rate.” This is a fantastic new series – episodes are only 10 or 15 minutes long and full of feeling.


How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black: John Leguizamo (3/2/16): “Actor and playwright John Leguizamo has become famous for being an open book, which is apparent in his critically acclaimed one-man shows that chronicle his life from troublemaker to film star. In his conversation with Michael, he talks seriously about how he became a performer, how money and fame were never important, and how a Latin boy from Queens was able to carve out his own career in what he calls “Hollywon’t”.”



99% Invisible, Episode 203: The Giftschrank (3/8/16): “Deep in the heart of the Bavarian State Library in Munich, the Giftschrank was a box (and later, a room) for storing books that were seen as potentially hazardous. Over the years, such “poison cabinets” or “poison rooms” in this and other German libraries would fill up, get emptied, fill up again—the contents of the Giftschrank speaking volumes about what German society considered dangerous at any given moment.”




The Sporkful: Other People’s Food Part 1 (3/21/16): “We explore what happens when people cook food from a culture they weren’t born into. What happens when they change that food? And what happens when it’s a food associated with people of color, and the person doing the changing is white? Where’s the line between culinary cross pollination and cultural appropriation? In other words — what’s the difference between taking inspiration from someone else’s food and ripping it off?”


hines ward show

The Hines Ward Show, Episode 13: Bret Michaels from Poison on the Steelers, Entrepreneurship, and Good Health (3/28/16): “Hines jokingly calls himself the “Modern Day Forrest Gump.” Well, if that’s the case, Bret Michaels (Poison, the Apprentice, Rock of Love) can be called a true renaissance man. Not only has he fronted one of rock’s most popular bands for the last 30 years, but he’s also smart as a whip and a serial entrepreneur. Join us for one of the best episodes we’ve done to date, where Bret shares some amazing insight about music, overcoming his health issues, and entrepreneurship.”


Story collider


The Story Collider: Dan Daneshvar: Making the Death Call (3/26/16): “To study a dangerous disease, Dan Daneshvar asks families to consider donating their loved one’s brains.”



What do you think of these episodes? Any specific episodes I HAVE to listen to from this week? Leave me a comment or contact me directly at!

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