Delicious Ingredients: Dec 31-Jan 6, 2017

Delicious Ingredients: Dec 31-Jan 6, 2017

Each week I will publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears this week.  All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. (Note: I also try to track every episode I listen to here.)

BBC Outlook: Kenya’s Karate Grannies (1/5/17): What it’s about: “The Korogocho area of Nairobi has a reputation for being tough and dangerous. Robbery and sexual violence are a problem and often elderly women are the targets. One fed-up resident decided it was time to fight back and she set up a martial arts class for senior citizens.” Why it’s great: Obviously kick-ass grannies are terrific, but the story behind why they need to be so vigilant is sad and reminds me how strongly held some cultural beliefs are that westerners don’t understand. (10 minutes) Twitter: @bbcoutlook

Don’t Act Your Age Podcast: Crash Landing: A Love Story (1/3/17): What it’s about: “A 60-something woman trying to hold a relationship together. A crisis at 8,000 feet. A certain…eh, bodily fluid. Dealing with loss without losing your mind. It’s like a whole season of a TV drama in one short and sweet episode.” Why it’s great: I have included DAYA before in my Delicious Ingredients and it’s because I really look forward to new episodes, which come out somewhat infrequently. I love the perspective of this show – it’s about viewing life from a different experience level than most of what is on the radio, and it’s thoughtful and hopeful. Having aged does not mean one has to stop having fun, it just means you have a different perspective. My mom always says you can only be the age that you are – and I love hearing from people exploring that philosophy. (12 minutes) Twitter: @dontactyourage2

Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 6: A Henry Sky (1/2/17): What it’s about: “Colleen Barton is a pediatrician, a wife, and a mother to a beautiful son named Henry. Since Henry’s stillbirth, Colleen and her husband have been working to build their family while dealing with miscarriage and secondary infertility.” Why it’s great: It’s no secret I love this show; I’ve profiled it repeatedly. Open and brave Dr. Colleen Barton shares the gritty and emotional details of not only her miscarriage, but her subsequent child loss experiences and how she feels about continuing to try to have a baby. It’s just so refreshing to hear someone say how they really feel, and this is why I love the show. (40 minutes) Twitter: @ttfapodcast

The Hilarious World of Depression, Episode 4: Dick Cavett Tells Tales of Hollywood’s Secret Shame (1/2/17): What it’s about: “Just about everyone who mattered in the ’60s and ’70s hung out with Dick Cavett. His talk shows were hilarious, candid, and culturally vital. They were snarky before David Letterman ever hit the air, and sharp before Jon Stewart showed up on anyone’s TV. Along the way, he managed to infuriate Richard Nixon such that the President plotted attacks against him, which is when you know you’ve really arrived. On this episode, Dick talks about his own struggles with depression as well as the struggles of people he knew, including Judy Garland, Laurence Olivier, Marlon Brando, and Groucho Marx.” Why it’s great: This episode is kind of like “You Must Remember This” told in first person, including the honest truth about what it’s like being in the Hollywood scene with depression. The best part of this episode is listening to the archival tape of Cavett interviewing Sir Laurence Olivier. Cavett recalls feeling horribly depressed that day and feeling like the interview was a total bust, with long pauses and little focus. When the interview is played, it’s eye opening. (34 minutes) Twitter: @johnmoe

Women of the Hour, S2E7: Noise (1/4/17): What it’s about: “This noise episode features a whole bunch of amazing lady musicians. Lena talks to Charli XCX, Tinashe, Camila Cabello, Lizzo, and many more.” Why it’s great: I have had some mixed feelings about Women of the Hour since it came out last year, but in general I like the premise and find most of the guests inspiring and bad-ass. I loved this particular episode because Dunham talked to pioneers in radio, singers who just don’t give a shit what other people think of them, and people who fight for a seat at the men’s table. Radio and music is so male dominated, so I’m thrilled to hear this episode from Dunham about women making their own way and not apologizing for it. They’re paving the way for so many others. (48 minutes) Twitter: @lenadunham

What else was fantastic this week? Send me a note! or @audible_feast on Twitter!

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