Delicious Ingredients: June 10, 2016

Delicious Ingredients: June 10, 2016

Each week I will publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, and spicy podcast episodes that have fed my ears this week. This will also allow me to link directly to episodes via either Soundcloud, Stitcher, or a podcast’s website (which are often amazing and contain bonus info or complementary stories). This also brings more visual content to my site as I can link to some beautiful logos and original artwork from these sites! All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. (Note: I also try to track every episode I listen to here.)


The Memory Palace, Episode 89: Family Snapshot (6/3/16): This story is about astronaut Charles Duke and what he and his family experienced as he went through college, started working for NASA, and ultimately prepared for a mission to the moon. Nate DiMeo has such a gift for storytelling – I wasn’t sure where this story was going to go, and minute by minute it was like slowly opening up a gift. It’s touching, frustrating, and hopeful, all wrapped up in a short little episode. (11 minutes)
SKSSomeone Knows Something (entire season 1): “In 1972, five-year-old Adrien McNaughton vanished while on a family fishing trip in Eastern Ontario. Despite an intensive search and investigation, no sign of Adrien was found, no clue as to where he might be. The case has hung over the area like a dark mass ever since, especially in the small town of Arnprior, where the McNaughton family lived. In season one of the podcast Someone Knows Something, host David Ridgen, who grew up in Arnprior, goes back to investigate. Ridgen, a independent filmmaker with a proven record of solving cold cases, asks the questions that have been waiting for answers for over 40 years. He speaks to family, friends and other members of the community, discovering new leads and evidence, trying to put the ghosts of the past to rest.” (11 season 1 episodes, most are 25-35 minutes)&

codeswitchCode Switch, Episode 2: Made For You and Me (6/8/16): “Truth is, people of color aren’t heading to national parks in droves. In fact, according to the National Park Service, last year about 80 percent of all national parks visitors, volunteers and staff were white. And as this Funny or Die video gets at, REI-inspired activities like mountain biking, skiing and whitewater rafting don’t really pull in the POCs, either. But hold on a sec. People of color hang out outside all the time. Aren’t we the champions of cookouts, supreme at summer block parties? Critics of anti-loitering laws say they’re aimed at keeping us from hanging outside too much, and Mexicans and Mexican-Americans make up the vast majority of people who work the land for food. Oh, right. Those last two are where it starts getting complicated. There are real reasons, both historical and contemporary, that can make stepping outside in your free time while black or brown a politically charged move.” Get educated. (20 minutes)

momentA Moment of Science: What’s It Like There? (6/8/16): “The great astronomer Carl Sagan used to say that if he were transported anywhere in the solar system he would know which planet he was on just by looking around. Here’s what life would look like on Mercury: You’re standing at the equator on Mercury just before sunrise. We’d better put you in a protective shelter, because it’s mighty cold—something around 300 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. That’s cold enough to freeze methane.” OK. Yes, this “podcast” is only 2 minutes long, it’s called “A Moment of Science,” after all, but I listen to it every week. New episodes come out from Indiana Public Media every day and the topic of “science” could include just about anything: what happens in a chrysalis, how rocks are formed, how memory works. Who doesn’t have 2 minutes in their day to learn something about science? I also like that this podcast is very family friendly – you can’t get into too much detail in 2 minutes, so it’s perfect for a young attention span. (2 minutes)


How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 33: Dan Savage (6/8/16): “America’s leading sex advice columnist known for his popular Savage Love column and podcast talks to Michael about how growing up a closeted gay in a religious Catholic family prepared him for the job of letting people know they are normal, no matter what their sexual interests may be.” I’ve heard Dan Savage both on his own show, where I think he is very eloquent and smart, and interviewed several times. This interview of Savage is the best I’ve ever heard – Black once again expertly flows between serious inquisition and sarcastic wit at just the right times. Imagine Savage discussing his sexual show content and then Black saying, “Ok, I’m just jotting down some notes. And sketches.” Snort. I love this interview. (61 minutes)

What do you think of these episodes? Any specific episodes I HAVE to listen to from this week? Leave me a comment or contact me directly at!

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