Delicious Ingredients: May 13, 2016

Delicious Ingredients: May 13, 2016

Each week I will publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, and spicy podcast episodes that have fed my ears this week. This will also allow me to link directly to episodes via either Soundcloud, Stitcher, or a podcast’s website (which are often amazing and contain bonus info or complementary stories). This also brings more visual content to my site as I can link to some beautiful logos and original artwork from these sites! All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. (Note: I also try to track every episode I listen to here.)

the heartThe Heart: Mariya (5/4/16): “”When I was younger, someone took a knife to my clitoris and cut out a small, but significant part of me.” Based on the 2015 essay from The Big Roundtable, writer Mariya Karimjee takes us on a journey from her childhood in Pakistan, to her adolescence in Texas, through college, all the way to where she is now, back in Pakistan as she navigates family, love, her body and her personal relationships, all despite the physical and emotional trauma that she has suffered.” This is extremely powerful and honestly breathtaking. It is going to be on my list of the best episodes of the year, hands down. Must listen. (37 minutes)


Reveal: The Price of Admission (4/30/16): “The U.S. Supreme Court is about to make a decision that could affect college admissions across the country. And Texas’ Top 10 Percent Rule plays a starring role. On this episode of Reveal, reporter Neena Satija tells us how an attempt to boost diversity in Texas colleges could, paradoxically, end affirmative action. She also takes a long look at the Top 10 Percent Rule and whether it gets students of different backgrounds to attend the state’s top public universities. We’ll hear from two high-achieving young Texans: Genesis Morales and Grayson Rutherford. They’re college-bound students who attend high schools only 10 miles from one another but whose experiences are worlds apart.” (52 minutes)&

story pirates

Story Pirates Podcast, Episode 34: The New Song (4/25/16): “From the New Beginnings show, the Story Pirates present new story “The New Song” by then-third grader Gus Martone!” While checking out some kids’ podcasts this week, I found that I actually want to listen to this as an adult. The show takes a story submitted by a kid and adapts it into a production-they do shows all across the country with well known actors and comedians. And they even interview the kids to see what they thought of the adaptation! Super fun show that I plan to keep listening to and share with my kids! (16 minutes)

whats the pointWhat’s the Point, Episode 44: An Unusual Pattern (5/3/16): ““I seem to have a jinx,” says Benjamin Geen, a former nurse who is in prison serving 17 life terms after being convicted of two murders and of causing grievous bodily harm to 15 other people. In the winter of 2003-04, more than a dozen patients admitted to Horton General Hospital in Banbury, England, suffered severe respiratory failure. Geen was a nurse on duty during all of the incidents, and that statistical anomaly set off an investigation that ended in his imprisonment. Geen maintains his innocence, and some statisticians who’ve investigated the case claim that, while unlikely, the pattern of deaths does not inherently point to criminal behavior. On this week’s episode of our podcast What’s The Point, we present a 25-minute radio documentary, “An unusual pattern,” that was reported by science journalist Joel Werner (who helps produce WTP each week) and first aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corp.’s “Health Report.” Werner investigates the Geen case and explores why it’s so hard to tell whether statistical patterns point to crime or mere coincidence.” (39 minutes)


Startup, S3E03: Pirate Needs Pirate (4/28/16): “Mike is on a mission to bring his customers something they desperately want. Every week, he embarks on a long and unpredictable journey across international borders and smuggles back some highly sought-after goods. And though what he’s doing is technically legal, Mike goes to unusual lengths to evade authorities who want to shut his whole operation down. What Mike does is a hassle. He’s tired, he’s ready to move on. Still, he can’t seem to shake it, and finds himself stuck running a business he never imagined would make it this far.” StartUp is killing it in season 3, excellent work so far. (37 minutes)


Reply All, Episode 64: On the Inside (5/12/16): “For years, Paul Modrowski has been writing a blog from inside a maximum security prison. Only thing is, he was arrested when he was 18 and has never seen the internet. Sruthi Pinnamaneni reaches out to him with one small question that alters the course of her next year.” This is part 1 of 2, I am so excited to hear the conclusion of this story next week AND I am happy to hear from Ms. Pinnamaneni on this show-they really needed some diversity.

What do you think of these episodes? Any specific episodes I HAVE to listen to from this week? Leave me a comment or contact me directly at!

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