Delicious Ingredients: October 29-November 4, 2016

Delicious Ingredients: October 29-November 4, 2016

Each week I will publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcast episodes that have fed my ears this week.  All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. (Note: I also try to track every episode I listen to here.)

aroundtableAround the Table Podcast: Making Peace with the Mirror (10/31/16):  What it’s about: “This week, we take a thoughtful and vulnerable look at body image. We also take a few minutes to break down and define some popular food claims. What you’ll hear: A broader definition of body image, our personal stories of body image struggle (or lack there of), what culture teaches us about beauty, our bodies, and health, thoughts on cultivating healthy body image, and the defining and debunking of some popular health claims.” Why it’s great: Maggie and Jacey address some of the most common CRAP that impacts women’s body image: that weight is somehow tied to morality, that we feel guilty if we are pretty, that somehow it’s wrong of you if you don’t have body issues … every woman can relate to this particular episode and I loved it.  Thanks to my friend and guest reviewer Christine for recommending this show to me. (55 minutes) Twitter: @theattpodcast

TAL_color2This American Life, Episode 600: Will I Know Anyone At This Party? (10/28/16): What it’s about: “There’s a seismic, historic change going on in the Republican party this year. Producer Zoe Chace tells Ira about a place you can eavesdrop on a group of Republican friends as they fret and argue about that change week after week: a podcast called Ricochet. Ira talks to Rob Long, one of the hosts of the podcast, and to Avik Roy, who’s appeared on the show.” Why it’s great: This time Chace knocks it out of the park.  After spending the better part of the year embedded within Republican Party fundraisers, campaign events, town halls, etc., she shares some insight into what is at the heart of the divide in the party: immigration. And what is it about immigration that divides people? According to some in my home state of Minnesota, it’s all about fear. So, so, so much fear. This hour long episode flew by –  a true sign of an excellent scoop. (77 minutes) Twitter: @thisamerlife

whyohwhyWhy Oh Why, Episode 6: Dating With the Stars (10/25/16): What it’s about: “This week on Why Oh Why, we attempt to plant one lucky listener inside a private dating app for celebrities, Founded by a PR executive in 2015, Raya targets “users in creative industries,” which is a coded way of saying, “famous people.” Plus, two anonymous Raya members teach us what it’s like to swipe amongst John Mayer, Kelly Osbourne, Moby, Raven Symoné, Fred Durst and Sharon Stone. Is this the best place ever to find a boyfriend, or the absolute worst?” Why it’s great: I heard about this show from Sara Weber (check out her newsletter here) and I’m so glad! Andrea Silenzi investigates the intersection of love, sex, and technology. I am so far out of the dating scene that this is super fascinating to me – I feel old but not everyone featured on the show is a millenial! Silenzi is funny and I will definitely be listening to more Why Oh Why. (26 minutes) Twitter: @andreasilenzi


Rumble Strip Vermont: The Special Olympics are Awesome (10/25/16): What it’s about: “A couple weeks ago my son and I volunteered at the soccer Special Olympics in Northfield, VT. The athletes came from all over the state and the teams were all ages, and both sexes. So there were fifty-five year old women teaming up with thirteen year old boys and seventeen year old girls and you’ve never seen so much team spirit or felt such intense excitement. About all of it. Everything. The games, the cheering, the lunch…it was like the feeling of Christmas and birthdays and Chariots of Fire at all once. All day long. This show is a sample of that day.” Why it’s great:  Erica Heilman once again shows her mastery of the art of local-but-not-really-local storytelling. To be able to record a simple day out volunteering and turn it into such great audio can only be done by people who have such a passion for spoken stories. There is never anything exploitative about the tough subjects Heilman tackles, it’s always done with care and empathy, to truly tell a story from a point of view not often heard from. Keep it up, Erica! (18 minutes) Twitter: @rumblestripvt

Story colliderThe Story Collider: Jana Watson-Capps: Shark-Infested Waters (10/28/16): What it’s about: “Biologist Jana Watson-Capps struggles with feeling in over her head in her scientific career.” Why it’s great: This was quintessential Story Collider – a story about the intersection of humans and science, with a heart. Watson-Capps had decided to move to Boulder, CO with her husband, and scored an interview at an aquarium. Owned by Landry’s. A commercial aquarium. And she recounts the painful memory of when she realized what she was applying for. These are my favorite Story Collider stories-when you are empathetically in that awkward space with the speaker and you wish you could give them a hug.  (16 minutes) Twitter: @story_collider

whyiwriteWhy I Write, Episode 1: Brad Meltzer (10/20/16): What it’s about: “Three Simple Words Changed His Life: “You Can Write.” Those were the three words spoken by a ninth grade English teacher to set Brad Meltzer on the path to being a New York Times Bestselling author. Known for his Washington, DC area thrillers and children’s “I Am…” books, Brad’s life was turned upside down when his father lost his job at thirty nine. Losing everything forced them to move and his dad proclaimed “We are going to have a do-over of life.” Brad is thankful for rule breaking teachers like his Miss Spicer who look out for kids who need help. They create the most powerful thing out there: ideas.” Why it’s great: Meltzer was so enthusiastic about how a teacher impacted his life and made him believe in himself. He described how he’s tried to pay that forward in his life, too. It was really enjoyable listening to his passion, and I also learned that he writes children’s books. Can’t wait to check those out! (30 minutes) Twitter: @ncte

What do you think of these episodes? Any specific episodes I HAVE to listen to from this week? Leave me a comment or contact me directly at!

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