Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 11/30/18

Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 11/30/18

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Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears over the last week. They’re listed in no particular order. You can see what I’ve been listening to here to see the competition these shows beat out to earn their spot as the best of the best. This week I listened to 68 episodes for this podcast review recap – nine new shows for me this time, four (!) of which made it on the best-of list below.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Will Ferrell (11/18/18) *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*: What it’s about: “Comedian and actor Will Ferrell feels awkward about being Conan O’Brien’s friend. Will joins Conan along with trusty assistant Sona Movsesian and producer Matt Gourley to reflect on his unmatched commitment to comedy, sharing humble roots with Conan at The Groundlings, feeling good about bad reviews, and remembering the comedy bit Will performed on Late Night that got them both in trouble with Lorne Michaels. Plus, Conan answers questions from fans about hair, Star Wars, and staff favorites. ” Why it’s great: Occasionally I feel like I might be living in an alternate universe where I don’t hear about new, ostensibly high-budget (or at least backed by a production company) podcasts, which is strange, because I get pitched podcasts to cover daily. I’m not sure how I missed that Conan was getting a podcast, but I am in love with the new Conan TV series where he travels to different countries, so I was pumped to hear about this podcast. Will Ferrell is a very funny man, and I enjoy the premise of the show, which is whether the guest would actually be friends with Conan or not, and why. Really looking forward to more from this show. (46 minutes)
Twitter: @ConanOBrien

Sidedoor: This Color is Who I Am (11/27/18): What it’s about: “Artist Frank Holliday’s social circle in the 1980s was a who’s who of New York City cool: Andy Warhol, Cyndi Lauper, RuPaul, Keith Haring, and even Madonna. But Frank’s odyssey through the art world also placed him at the center of an epidemic that would shake the entire country. In honor of World AIDS Day, Sidedoor takes a look at America’s early HIV/AIDS Crisis through the eyes of an artist whose life and work were changed by it forever.” Why it’s great: I definitely appreciated hearing Holliday’s perspective from the front lines of the early AIDS crisis, but even more so, I enjoyed hearing his journey through trying so hard to be a certain type of artist, letting go, and being himself – letting go of the self-doubt and finding success. (27 minutes)
Twitter: @SidedoorPod

This Podcast Will Kill You, Episode 14: Rabies: Don’t Dilute Me, Bro (11/27/18) *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*: What it’s about: “After a long hiatus we are back with a much anticipated look at one of the most feared diseases of all time: rabies. We cover everything from its evolutionary history to its massive case fatality rate, from why it makes you slobber so much to how Pliny the Elder thought you should treat it (spoiler: don’t try it at home, folks). Sit back with a foam-topped quarantini in hand and enjoy our first episode of season 2.” Why it’s great: This show is new to me, and right up my alley. Fans of Ologies would enjoy this show. Don’t let yourself believe for a second that a show can’t spend a whole hour talking about rabies – because there is some awesome history and of course “treatments” used hundreds of years ago that are unbelievable by today’s standards. The two Erins, the hosts, are fun and witty in their scientific delivery of what can kill you. And I can’t help but call out the clever themed drink for each episode, the “quarantini.” Genius! (66 minutes)
Twitter: @tpwky

This is Love, Episode 9: One in a Million (11/28/18): What it’s about: “A story about moving at your own pace.” Why it’s great: I’m so impressed that a podcast that only has nine episodes total can produce a signature episode that you know could have come from no other show. This episode of This is Love is about three special snails on a quest for love (?) with the help of some humans who root for them. This is Love always puts me in such a warm, happy place, and has universal appeal. (19 minutes)
Twitter: @thisisloveshow

Bag Man, Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret (10/29/18) *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*: What it’s about: “He was brash. Politically incorrect. An “outsider” political candidate who rose to the White House, out of nowhere, with a reputation as a “counter-puncher.” But Vice President Spiro Agnew was also something else… an active criminal whose secrets were about to be exposed. What happens when a “counter-puncher” in the White House suddenly sees his political future directly threatened by investigators inside his own Justice Department?” Why it’s great: Again, why am I living under a rock? Excellent show from Rachel Maddow and team about Spiro Agnew and incredible corruption at the highest level of government. I guess if the U.S. healed in the 70s from this kind of scandal, we can make it through this current dumpster fire, which has uncanny parallels to the Nixon era. (24 minutes)
Twitter: @Maddow

Proof: Beanboozled, Part 1 (11/21/18) *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*: What it’s about: “Jelly Belly’s popular “Beanboozled” game is an edible version of Russian roulette. You might score a tutti frutti bean, or you might get stuck with a stinky sock-flavored bean. But how in the world did Jelly Belly distill these disgusting flavors into a tiny, innocent looking candy? This curiosity leads us into the strange hidden world of commercial flavor chemistry, secret societies of flavorists, and so-called flavor artists. This is part 1 of an engrossing journey into the weird science of flavor.” Why it’s great: What a fun challenge, to try to figure out where those nasty jelly bean flavors come from! Science-meets-pop-culture is almost always a winner for this listener. (42 minutes)
Twitter: @TestKitchen

RISK!: Pulling Through (11/20/18): What it’s about: “Meghan DePonceau, Christian Finnegan and Jenn Gavlin share stories about a mushroom overdose, a tumultuous romance and living life to the fullest.” Why it’s great: RISK! is so good because it’s no-holds-barred, totally open and honest, and attracts phenomenal storytellers. I particularly loved the first story about a woman who OD’ed on mushrooms and essentially left a suicide note for her family, which of course, she had no knowledge of the next day when she finally started to come back to earth in the hospital. (75 minutes)
Twitter: @RiskShow

Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 57: Don’t Should Yourself (11/20/18): What it’s about:  “Two things that grief brings you: Kleenex and hotdish. Two other things? Anger and people telling you what you should do. This week, stories about grief, anger and Hans’ Gramma, written and read by Nora. ” Why it’s great: Two weeks in a row for TTFA, if you’re counting. This is a great reminder for the holiday season, which becomes so stressful for many of us with unspoken expectations and seeing family with whom we don’t normally have a lot of face-to-face interaction. (40 minutes)
Twitter: @ttfapodcast

Honorable Mentions
My Dad Wrote a Porno, S4E11: The Meet
Unexpected Fluids, E13S2: Discovering Brennan Reece*
The City, S1E1: Six Stories*
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: More Than Power Poses: Why Self-Empowerment is a Myth and What We Can Do Instead – Ruth Whippman, Author
Criminal, Episode 102: Ride-Along
BBC Outlook: Greg Louganis: the Death-Defying Diver
How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black: Kevin Allison

All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. What else was fantastic this week? Send me a note! or @audible_feast on Twitter. I’m also on Instagram at @audiblefeast.

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