Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 2/1/19

Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 2/1/19

Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears over the last week. They’re listed in no particular order. You can see what I’ve been listening to here to see the competition these shows beat out to earn their spot as the best of the best. This week I listened to 52 episodes for this podcast review recap – 4 new shows for me this time, two of which made it on the list below, including Honorable Mentions.

This week, I also published a review of Carruth, from The Charlotte Observer.

Here is the Podchaser link to my playlist. You can use it to listen to the episodes on a variety of players, including the main ones like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

In Sight: Annie Borjesson (1/19/19): What it’s about: “On December 4, 2005, a 30 year old Swedish woman named Annie Börjesson was found on the seashore in Prestwick, Scotland. Annie had moved to Scotland for new experiences and fell in love with the country. Leading up to her death, she seemed worried about a situation though no one is sure what the issue was. After investigators ruled it a probable suicide, Annie’s mother Guje and best friend Maria started a campaign to have a full investigation done as they believe Annie was murdered.” Why it’s great: I am an occasional true crime listener, and In Sight is one of my long-term subscriptions. This case was super interesting – not only is Börjesson’s death a total mystery, there is an American with a similar name who may be connected to her death. It’s a little conspiracy theory-ish, but it was juicy and made me want to read more about the case. (True Crime)

The Color Line Murders, Episode 9: Shubuta Hanging Bridge *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients* (1/27/19): What it’s about: “Six documented lynchings were carried out on a bridge in Shubuta, Mississippi. Four in 1918 and two in 1942. Known as the Hanging Bridge, it still stands as a haunting reminder of racial terror.” Why it’s great: I’ve listened to all nine episodes of The Color Line Murders, which is a history of hangings in the U.S. south. This episode stood out to me because of the reflection about how other places where people have been hanged, there’s no monument to commemorate the spot, which is perhaps on purpose, but in Shubuta the bridge where people were terrifyingly thrown off remains. (History, Race, True Crime)

Making Gay History: Ernestine Eckstein (1/23/19): What it’s about: “See the June 1966 issue of The Ladder with Eckstein on the cover here and read the interview that Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin Lahusen conducted with her.” Why it’s great: This season of Making Gay History has featured some excellent archival, “found” tape with gay rights pioneers. It was really cool to hear the interview with Gittings and Lahusen, it made me think about what their conversation must have been like decades ago and how much different it would be today. (LGBTQIA+, History) // Audible Feast’s 2017 review of Making Gay History

Good Sex Bad Sex: The Real Orgasm Library *First Appearance on Delicious Ingredients* (1/22/19): What it’s about: “”We are missing some sex education” Elsa Viagas is the Creator and Co-designer of erotic e-shop Bijoux Indiscrets’ orgasm sound library, collecting recordings of real people. She chats to Bibi and Miranda about fake accounts, consent and orgasm trends across Europe.” Why it’s great: What a cool idea to have an actual audio library of real orgasms. We all know the ones that are in porn are about as far from real as possible. Maybe porn actors could check out any one of the hundreds of clips of real women and get their female audience off a bit faster with some better sound effects. Plus, the visual depictions of the orgasm sounds is supremely awesome. (Sex, Women)

Future Perfect: How to Make Prisons More Humane *First Appearance on Delicious Ingredients* (10/16/18): What it’s about: “Karianne Jackson was working for the North Dakota prison system in 2015 when a trip to Norway changed her life. There, she saw a prison with no bars and no uniformed guards. Instead, prisoners lived in small cottages with common areas, private bedrooms, even kitchens with real cups, real dishes, and real knives. And she started thinking: What if I could make the US prison system a bit more like that? ––– Further reading: Jessica Benko in the New York Times on the “radical humaneness” of Norway’s Halden Prison Dashka Slater in Mother Jones on Karianne Jackson’s “Norway experiment” in North Dakota Vox’s German Lopez explains mass incarceration in the United States More of Vox’s effective altruism coverage ” Why it’s great: Thanks to Freddie from Episode Party for the terrific recommendation of Future Perfect. I don’t know how I missed it when it came out last fall. I suffer from altruism (I jest) but whoa, effective altruism? What a concept! Actually putting your altruism into action. I was inspired by Karianne Jackson’s openness not only to research a radically different prison model but to be the change champion in her organization – that’s what is so often missing in corporations. (Culture, Philosophy)

How to Be a Girl, Episode XXIX: Eleven (1/24/19): What it’s about: “I sit down for a talk with my (almost) 11-year-old: Cliques, gossip, fashion, puberty, and how it feels to be a transgender tween.” Why it’s great: The episodes where Marlo Mack talks with her daughter are the absolute best, and this one was particularly great for the little snippet at the end where we got to hear the young voice from when they started recording together several years ago. It was so sweet. (Storytelling, LGBTQIA+, Parenting) // Audible Feast’s 2016 review of How to Be a Girl (4 stars)

The Daily: The Freshman, Part 1: Rashida Tlaib (1/21/19): What it’s about: “Now that the Democrats have taken back the House, their plan is to govern on a message of unity heading into 2020. A small group of new, progressive lawmakers threatens to upend that plan. Meet one of them.” Why it’s great: I didn’t know anything about Rashida Tlaib other than her headline-making shit-talk of Trump. Following Tlaib as she talked with her constituents in Michigan was enlightening, something I’d like to hear more of from other politicians, both experienced and rookie. (News, Politics) 

Finding Drago, Episode 07: Noy Story (1/24/19): What it’s about: “The final bell rings. Alexei Toliopoulos & Cameron James are back in the ring with David, fighting for a confession in their struggle to uncover the truth of Todd Noy. Will they be triumphant like Rocky in Rocky IV? Or will they be defeated like Rocky in Rocky?” Why it’s great: I can’t tell you what the outcome of this hilarious seven-part series was, but this is the penultimate episode in the Todd Noy investigation. (Humor)

Switched On Pop: Do You Believe in Life After Autotune? (1/22/19): What it’s about: “Auto-Tune may be the most divisive effect in music. Artists have protested it publicly at the Grammys, and critics have derided the effects for its inauthentic reproduction of the voice. And yet, nearly a decade since Jay-Z prophesied the death of Auto-Tune, the sound is alive and thriving in contemporary pop and hip-hop. Journalist Simon Reynolds has written a definitive history of Auto-Tune for Pitchfork that fundamentally changed how we hear this sound. This deep dive criss crosses geology, technology, and the evolution of pop as we know it.” Why it’s great: I thought I knew a tiny bit about Auto-Tune, and I was right, I only knew a tiny bit, haha! Switched On Pop is always so good at teaching music theory as it relates to something actually on the radio today, and not making me feel dumb in the process. The absolute best part of this episode was when the guys applied various levels of Auto-Tune to a simply melody one of them sang. Nothing demonstrated the concept better. I also had no idea how much T-Pain influenced others in their use of Auto-Tune – super cool. (Music) // Audible Feast’s 2017 review of Switched on Pop (5 stars)

Honorable Mentions
Between Us Girls, Episode 94: Sister Circles, and Sister Friends…
The Food Chain: Uncut: Butchers Talk Chop
Julie: The Unwinding of the Miracle, Episode 1: The End*
Soul Music: Let the River Run
This Podcast Will Kill You, Episode 18: Hantavirus: The Real Rat Race

* indicates first appearance on Delicious Ingredients

All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. What else was fantastic this week? Send me a note! or @audible_feast on Twitter. I’m also on Instagram at @audiblefeast.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Switched on Pop episode too. Auto tune was a word I hear a lot but wasn’t completely sure how it’s used. It was very informative and presented in a fun way! It’s a favorite podcast of mine with this being a good example why!

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