Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 5/11/18

Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 5/11/18

Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears this week. They’re listed in no particular order. You can see what I’ve been listening to here to see the competition these shows beat out to earn their spot as the best of the week. This week I listened to 41 episodes for this podcast review recap.

The Nod: The Leopards of Zaire (5/7/18): What it’s about: “This week, we’ll take you to Zaire for a story about national identity, colonialism, and one of the most notorious dictators in history. All courtesy of our friends at the new Gimlet podcast, “We Came to Win.”” Why it’s great: Okay, I cheated a little bit by including two episodes from We Came to Win, but I heard this episode on The Nod so, sorry. This story was fascinating. I went through a period several years ago where I read a lot about the Congo, so some of the history came back to me – but the political climate at the time (the 1970s), juxtaposed with sport, was an amazing way to get back into it. (47 minutes)
Twitter: @thenodshow

We Came to Win, Episode 4: The Rise and Fall of Diego Maradona *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients* (5/2/18): What it’s about: “The retired Argentine midfielder Diego Armando Maradona is regarded by many soccer fans as the greatest player who ever lived. They’ll say he was creative, surprising, masterful—a gift to the game. But there are others who will tell you the opposite. That Maradona was the worst: A scoundrel, a villain, a cheat. In this episode, we tell the tale of soccer’s most complicated icon.” Why it’s great: I don’t think Maradona will be too thrilled with this account of his life, but I was totally engaged throughout the entire episode, and I have been telling people about this one all week. Great new show from Gimlet – it’s succeeding in storytelling where perhaps the other new Gimlet shows have fallen a bit short – but you decide. I really like sports, so this is up my alley anyway. (45 minutes)
Twitter: @gimletmedia

StartUp, Arlan Hamilton 2: The Hustle (5/3/18): What it’s about: “In this week’s episode we dive into what Silicon Valley considers “hustle” and how it may need to update its definition. We also find out how Arlan first got into venture capital—after months of sleeping on the floor at San Francisco International Airport. Plus, meet one venture capitalist who really gets Arlan’s goat.” Why it’s great: I’m loving the new season of StartUp and I am already a little sad that it’s probably only going to last for a handful of episodes (six I think?). Underdog story of someone helping others like her make their dreams come true, because hard work isn’t enough when you don’t look like most of Silicon Valley. (31 minutes)
Twitter: @podcaststartup

Flash Forward: Fitness in a Bottle (4/24/18): What it’s about: “Some people love going to the gym. Some people hate it. But what if there was a pill that could replace exercise? Today’s future might actually be closer than you think.” Why it’s great: This Flash Forward episode actually made me want to work out more! Because no, there isn’t a pill that can replace exercise’s non-muscle-and-heart-health effects. It reminded me how much I get from working out (I do OrangeTheory) that could never be replaced by a pill. I love the mental challenge, I love feeling strong, and I enjoy pushing myself at something physical, which was echoed by some of the guests on this episode. (54 minutes)
Twitter: @flashforwardpod

Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 34: Karen (5/8/18) What it’s about: “Sometimes a person’s absence can become a presence. A dark, unspoken void that can suck you right in if you don’t address it.” Why it’s great: This was a heavy TTFA, one of the best in the entire catalog. A father and daughter finally sit down to talk about a woman who loved both of them so much but who left them way too soon. Super emotional and perfect storytelling. (48 minutes)
Twitter: @ttfapodcast

Ladies, We Need to Talk: The 12 Week Rule (5/7/18) What it’s about: “The first trimester of a pregnancy can often be the hardest, so why do so many women feel the need to stay quiet? And what if the answer — miscarriage — is the reason we should be talking about pregnancy earlier?” Why it’s great: A really thoughtful approach to talking about miscarriage and pregnancy: we really need to be warm, loving, kind, and open to listening and caring about pregnancy at any stage. (24 minutes)
Twitter: @yumichild
Read my 5-star review of Ladies, We Need to Talk here! (December 2017)

Help, I Sexted My Boss, S1E08: Help I Don’t Wash My Gym Kit *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*  (5/7/18) What it’s about: “William and Jordan share very different advice as they help you navigate the struggles of going to the gym.” Why it’s great: Thanks to my Podcast Brunch Club Podcast co-host Adela for this recommendation – I listened while I was on a plane and I must have looked like a crazy person cracking up as I heard William and Jordan’s advice about what you should do if you see a guy’s balls fall out of his yoga gear during a particularly sweaty session. (28 minutes)
Twitter: @sextedmyboss

In the Dark, S2E3: The Gun (5/8/18): What it’s about: “Investigators never found the gun used to kill four people at Tardy Furniture. Yet the gun, and the bullets matched to it, became a key piece of evidence against Curtis Flowers. In this episode, we examine the strange histories of the gun and the man who owned it.” Why it’s great: You have to listen to this show. The reporting is phenomenal. I learned at the end of a Terrible, Thanks for Asking episode that the team basically lived in Mississippi for a year to investigate this story. I was yelling “REASONABLE DOUBT!” while I was in the car listening to this episode – so much doubt is introduced with regard to the alleged murder weapon (which has never been found). How in the world was this man convicted? (47 minutes)
Twitter: @InTheDarkAPM
Read my 5-star review of season one of In the Dark here! (December 2016)
I also interviewed Madeleine Baran in November 2016.

Honorable Mentions
How it Is: Our Voices, with Monica Ramirez, Gabrielle Bellot, and Molly Schiot
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 35: Phoebe and Hannibal Buress are Huge in Norway
On Drugs, S2 E11: The Spell of the Poppy
Today, Explained: “We Tortured Some Folks”
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 218: Mix Tapes, Sarah’s Backup Career, & Building IKEA Furniture
This American Life, Episode 645: My Effing First Amendment

All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. What else was fantastic this week? Send me a note! or @audible_feast on Twitter.

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