Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 5/17/19

Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 5/17/19

Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears over the last week. They’re listed in no particular order. You can see what I’ve been listening to here to see the competition these shows beat out to earn their spot as the best of the best. The past two weeks, I listened to 46 episodes for this podcast review recap – 9 new shows for me this time.

Women at Work: The Upside of Working Motherhood (4/29/19): What it’s about: “You’ve heard the story: Motherhood and work are at odds, and women who pursue both have to make endless trade-offs and compromises. And yet, lots of women go for it, with great results for themselves, their families, and their careers. In fact, research suggests that parenting can enrich our careers, and vice versa. Professors Danna Greenberg and Jamie Ladge talk about the benefits of being a working mom. They share advice around setting expectations, finding child care, asking for help, and advocating for ourselves as kids get older. Then, our fellow HBR editor Erica Truxler checks in with a listener about returning to work after parental leave.” Why it’s great: I think there are a lot of benefits that corporate environments get when they have working moms on staff: working moms are efficient, intuitive, quick-thinking, and willing to jump in to solve problems. Harder to find are the benefits to working moms, but I liked the sentiment in the recap portion of this episode where the hosts talked about not needing to find “work-life balance” but letting the two complement each other. You can compromise on both sides (work and home) and make them work, and even integrate them from time to time. I steadfastly believe that I benefit my family by being a working mom, so I was glad to hear this discussion of how it can be good. (Work, Women, Feminism)

Death, Sex & Money: Jason Isbell & Will Welch: Somebody Needs Me (5/8/19): What it’s about: “The Nashville singer-songwriter and the editor-in-chief of GQ Magazine sit down together to talk about their close friendship, Will’s recent cancer diagnosis, expensive risk-taking, and their shared sobriety.” Why it’s great: It’s not that I want Anna Sale to go on maternity leave often, but I really enjoy the switch-up that happens when she does. Awesome guests interview each other about death, sex, and money and it almost always turns out to be this tender, unexpected friendship chat that you as the listener get to be a part of. Jason Isbell and Will Welch say right up front: people wouldn’t peg them for besties. That’s what makes their friendship so enjoyable to listen in on. (Money, Friendship, Health) 

True Crime Bullsh**: The Story of Israel Keyes, Episode 13: Real Bad News (3/28/19): What it’s about: “We look into the Lauren Spierer disappearance and links to Keyes. And the FBI comes up with a plan to manage Vermont and get Keyes talking.” Why it’s great: I binge listened to seven or eight episodes of True Crime Bullsh** this week and I loved it. I’ve featured it before on Delicious Ingredients but I’ll remind you why I enjoy it so much – it features archival audio from interviews with serial killer Israel Keyes, and producer Josh Hallmark has made a very specific choice to include the audio in long format without butting in a whole lot with commentary. It’s effective because Keyes is absolutely creepy, and you get such a sense of that while listening to these interviews with all the pauses and laughs left in – if the audio was chopped up, it would sit so much differently as a listener. In this particular episode, I was shocked at how much the detectives (or FBI) were negotiating with him — it seemed to have become such a casual conversation these people were having with this horrific serial killer who was playing games with them. (True Crime)

Criminal, Episode 114: Philip and Becky (5/10/19): What it’s about: “When Philip Benight met Becky Golden, they made a promise to stick together, no matter how bad things got.” Why it’s great: A beautiful story about two people who meant so much to each other that they would literally do anything for the other, even commit a crime. (Storytelling, Death)

This is Love, Episode 14: The Town That Stayed Quiet (5/15/19): What it’s about: “We visit a city in Northern Italy where everyone decided to stay quiet to save something beautiful.” Why it’s great: Phoebe Judge for the win times two! I love This is Love because I hear a story that is unexpected. In this case, a town comes together to show their love for a sound, the sound of ancient string instruments. The town decided to record the sound of these instruments, but needed silent surroundings, so the town came together to make it happen. It was lovely hearing the passion people have for music. (Storytelling)

Fresh Air: Howard Stern, Part 1 (5/14/19): What it’s about: “The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” speaks with Terry Gross for the first time. Stern talks about how therapy changed his radio show, what makes him cringe about his early shock jock style, and how being a misfit as a kid pushed him to find an audience. His new book is ‘Howard Stern Comes Again.'” Why it’s great: Stern is on a press tour for his new book, and usually I don’t love interviews done with promotion in mind, but this was a fun interview because Stern talked about evolving as a radio host and as a person. I wish Terry Gross had pushed harder when Stern claimed that he talked descriptively about women’s boob size, for example, just because it resonated with audiences and people wanted him to push the envelope. She prodded some, about whether he was setting the example to listeners that this is how you normally talk about and to women, and he agreed that he has a slightly different perspective now. (Interview) 

The Sporkful: Going Undercover with NY Times Restaurant Critic Pete Wells (5/13/19): What it’s about: “NY Times restaurant critic Pete Wells has been called the most read and most feared food writer in the US. He can make or break a restaurant with one review. How does he feel about wielding so much power? Has the job changed him, or his approach to food? And does he ever have to abandon a review mission because he burned his tongue? We discuss, and Dan joins Pete on an undercover trip to a New York eatery.” Why it’s great: The Sporkful is just fun – largely thanks to Dan Pashman and his amazing laugh. I pictured Pashman nervously looking around to see if anyone recognized him with Wells at the restaurant they tried (or maybe they sat at different tables? Who knows!). I also really enjoyed hearing Wells recount his Señor Frogs review! (Interview, Food) // Read Audible Feast’s 4-star review of The Sporkful from January 2017.

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Honorable Mentions
Lost Notes: To Chan Marshall: A Letter to Cat Power
Radio Diaries: Juan’s Diaries: Undocumented, Then and Now
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: How Are You Fighting for Gender Equality? with Melinda Gates

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