Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 8/31/18

Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week – 8/31/18

Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast … the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears over the last week. They’re listed in no particular order. You can see what I’ve been listening to here to see the competition these shows beat out to earn their spot as the best of the best. This week I listened to 25 episodes for this podcast review recap – 7 new shows for me this week. I’ve been off work for a couple of days, thus the light playlist this week, but I found some major gems in the form of new (to me) shows.

Unladylike, Episode 24: How to Be Girl Friends (8/7/18): What it’s about: “Women’s friendships: life-affirming sisterhood or hotbed of mean-girlness? From pop culture to politics, galpals are all the rage right now, so why aren’t they taken more seriously? With help from girls at Camp Farwell and friendship author Kayleen Schaefer, Caroline and Cristen discover an age-old battle against besties that often keeps us from passing the IRL Bechdel Test. Plus, a pep talk for making friends from comedian and writer Erin Gibson.” Why it’s great: Got two good book recommendations out of this episode – Erin Gibson’s Feminasty and Kayleen Schaefer’s Text Me When You Get Home. I loved the discussion of complicated female friendships where you’re not sure how to break up, you don’t know if you can be totally honest, and you’re afraid of losing the relationship. (45 minutes)
Twitter: @unladylikemedia

Ologies: Ferroequinology (Trains) with Matt Anderson (8/27/18): What it’s about: Trains. Locomotives. Choochoos. Bullet trains. Hyperloops. Subways. How fast can they go? How did they change American history? Why do people love them? What should we do with all that abandoned track? Can you marry a train? What’s it like to shovel coal into a steam engine? Alie went off the rails at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan talking to an official ferroequinologist and curator Matt Anderson — who confessed to some youthful railroad mischief, delivered a succinct slice of U.S. History, has train movie recommendations and discussed cars vs. trains in the great transportation debate. Also, why transporting isn’t always about the trains.” Why it’s great: Ologies just delivers, time after time. Alie Ward will convince you that you wanted to learn about whatever ology she’s presenting. Two highlights from this episode: Ward asking Anderson (from the Henry Ford Museum) if he ever wants to get on the model train tables and stomp on them like Godzilla; and her subtle mention of Declaration of Independence signer Charles Carroll and how he thought slaves should be freed (cue a half of an air horn burst) but then oh, just not his personal slaves. This show is so good because every minute of it has value. I never wander off. (63 minutes)
Twitter: @ologies

3 Girls, 1 Keith: Race (8/9/18) *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*: What it’s about: “Yamaneika Saunders joins the crew. They talk race, Rachel Dolezal, and how everyone’s a little bit racist. They also play Black History with Keith and Pound It or Pass on Loni Anderson (back in the day and now).” Why it’s great: Something about the million dollar host deal turned me off from listening to this show, and I have never been a fan of seasons of highly financially backed shows that only have six episodes … but I enjoyed this discussion about race quite a bit. There was definitely comedy but it skewed much more serious than I was expecting, and I really liked it. (34 minutes)
Twitter: @amyschumer

The Big Loop: Surfacing (8/14/18) *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*: What it’s about: “A Japanese Ama diver recounts the story of the love of her life through her daughter.” Why it’s great: Thanks to The Competition’s James Kim for this recommendation. I didn’t know what to expect, but he gushed about the episode in my interview with him (coming soon) and I love personal recommendations, so I gave it a try and of course subscribed after listening to one episode. It was a beautifully written story about a woman returning to her true love via the sea. (35 minutes)
Twitter: @biglooppodcast

The Longest Shortest Time, Episode 170: Becoming a Single Dad While Trans (8/22/18): What it’s about: “The thing CJ Kemal wants most in life? To be a dad. But when you’re trans and single, it’s hard to know where to start.” Why it’s great: A very sweet and assumably realistic episode about the complicated questions a single trans person has to consider when figuring out how to become a parent. (28 minutes)
Twitter: @longestshortest
Read my 5-star review of The Longest Shortest Time here! (October 2015)

Mothers of Invention: Taking Over (8/19/18) *First appearance on Delicious Ingredients*: What it’s about: “This week Mary and Maeve turn up the volume on the women who are helping us consciously-uncouple from our toxic relationship with single-use plastic, a material created to be used for mere minutes but designed to last for thousands of years.” Why it’s great: Freaking awesome idea for a show, holy women’s empowerment. These women are actually making a difference with their “inventions” (sometimes loosely defined) – using business and policy to force changes in how we use plastic. (47 minutes)
Twitter: @mothersinvent

All episode descriptions and artwork come from the linked sites. What else was fantastic this week? Send me a note! or @audible_feast on Twitter.

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