Farewell to The Heard: I Love You!

Farewell to The Heard: I Love You!

This week I was surprised to hear that the episode of Neighbors I was listening to would be its last. I have been listening to the show for three years (most of its existence) and while I know podcasts run their course, it’s always sad when a favorite ends. The end of The Heard podcast collective was also announced (I missed the initial announcement when it came out in November).

I wrote a “network” spotlight of The Heard back in 2016 because I really believed in their mission (creating sound-rich, innovative storytelling) and I felt that I somehow knew that these people really got along with each other; that they supported each other with production and editing and were actually friends. I would hear “with production help from …” followed by another member of The Heard so often in the credits (and I still do). They were a very cool set of people I wished I could be friends with in real life. I truly rarely missed an episode of any show from The Heard.

But The Heard is ending for a very positive reason: its shows and producers have been very successful and no longer “need” the collective. Many of them have joined up with other like-minded producers or distributors (Nocturne just joined forces with KCRW, for example – so it’s likely Vanessa Lowe will retain her creative freedom).

It’s not goodbye to all of the shows, just good luck to all of the producers. Thank you for sharing your creativity and ambition, taking risks, and sharing fascinating people with us for the last three years as a collective.

My reviews of The Heard’s shows:
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