Guest Reviewer Christine Hollins

Guest Reviewer Christine Hollins

I have some exciting news! My dear friend and colleague Christine Hollins is going to review two of her favorite podcasts-the new show from Marketplace, The Uncertain Hour, and Awesome Etiquette. Ms. Hollins is a busy professional who uses podcasts as brain candy while working on complicated engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry. She is a casual listener just building her collection of thought provoking content. She likes programs where the host is relatable, friendly, and informative (shout out to Kai Ryssdal).

I am especially excited to have her review some shows because she and I have a pod-connection – for me, there’s nothing quite like hearing an episode and thinking you know exactly who would love that show. It’s one of the reasons I write this blog in the first place. Christine and I have introduced each other to tons of new material – beyond the iTunes top 100 chart. Where the good stuff resides!

Ms. Hollins has just started a personal blog called That Awkward Silence. Check it out – she has much more to come! Her podcast reviews will be posted this week, along with a couple other reviews I’ve been working on. It’ll be a full buffet this week!

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