An Audible Feast Introduction

What is Audible Feast all about? An Audible Feast is spoken word that makes the listener want to keep listening, a story that makes you stay in the car when you’re already home or that you must tell someone about because you’re sure someone you know will love it.

On this blog I will share information about what various podcasts are all about, as well as reviews of podcasts and even episodes within podcasts. There are so many choices! Highly popular podcasts like This American Life, Serial, and Radiolab are often an Audible Feast for my ears but I have opened my ears to anything I can find that seems interesting.

Here is a 2014 Pew Research Center article about the resurgence and popularity of Podcasts.

And why am I qualified to review podcasts? Maybe I’m not. I just listen to them a lot. All the time – while working, while commuting, while traveling for work. In addition to my podcast education of history, economics, crime, travel, pop culture, storytelling, love, space, and science, I have also learned a lot about language, speech, diction, figures of speech, and speech impediments. It’s fascinating to me to listen to how people speak and see what makes my ears feel like they are attending an audible feast. Listening to these podcasts has also enriched my life significantly because I have more interesting stories to tell people, I have more to talk about with my close friends and family, and I can make small talk more intelligently. I’ve told a lot of people about various podcasts so I decided to put my reviews and recommendations in one place.

Welcome to Audible Feast!

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