Hilarious World of Depression Interviews Reggie Ossé (AKA Combat Jack)

On Monday, January 15, American Public Media’s Hilarious World of Depression will publish a special episode featuring the late hip-hop producer Reggie Ossé, known to many as Combat Jack. Combat Jack passed away suddenly last month at the age of 53, and this episode was one of his last interviews. Combat Jack’s influence on both journalists and artists was significant, and this special episode will feature a raw, largely unedited conversation between Combat Jack and host John Moe. The interview deals with his own depression, as well as his relationships with hip-hop artists and musicians who also have struggled. In particular, Combat Jack shares his thoughts on the difficulties African American men face in acknowledging mental health issues and in seeking help.

In Hilarious World of Depression, John has brought a number of widely recognized voices together to discuss the many sides of a disease often stigmatized by society. All episodes offer a chance to gain insight into depression and give a place for those with depression or who know someone with it to sympathize, laugh and realize they aren’t alone. The podcast was honored with the Best Comedy Podcast Webby in 2016.

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