How I’ll Review Podcasts

These are the completely subjective categories by which I will review podcasts. Each category has a possible 5/5 stars and I’ll provide an overall rating.

Educational Value ★★★★★

Pop Culture Value ★★★★★

Host Listen-ability ★★★★★

Flow and Production Value ★★★★★

Humor ★★★★★

Investigation ★★★★★

Storytelling ★★★★★

Makes Me a Better Person ★★★★★

Bonus stars may be given for: Special Guests, Amazing Gore, Music, Ads that Make Me Buy Something, or anything else that seems like it would garner extra stars!


Or if the category receives no stars … ☆☆☆☆☆

I’ll also link to podcast webpages whenever possible, and will provide a brief “if you like XYZ podcast you may also like …” recommendation. Please send me any ideas or comments at audiblefeast at


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2 Comments on “How I’ll Review Podcasts

  1. I’d like to bring my podcast To The Manor Borne By Robots To your attention. The pitch: a monster is destroying the world. The only thing that calms it is stories. Each episode features the ongoing battle to kill the Beast, Plus the stand alone story told to it, all acted by a stellar cast. TTMBBR has won multiple awards, and is 9 episodes into a 13 chapter run.
    Thanks for your time & consideration, please let me know if you’d like any further info.

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