How To Play Nice With Trolls

How To Play Nice With Trolls
Troll Play helps you navigate a social media world where people have lost perspective online.
The horrible things written online are making the world angrier and sadder.

Comedian Alice Fraser should know. As the social media moderator for a popular Australian TV show, night after night a flood of online hate filled her screen.

Alice felt she had to do something positive with all the negativity she had absorbed. So together with fellow comedians Cal Wilson and Sami Shah, Alice takes online trolling and turns it into comedy.

Together they attempt to turn the manure of the Internet into flowers of joy.

Along with analysing their ‘favourite’ troll posts of the week, Alice, Cal and Sami introduce you to an online community that’s super niche, specialised or strange. Call it character building for your online-self.

They aren’t here to name and shame, or to analyse the deep psychic pain of trolls. And they’re not here to make you sad. They’re here to put the fun into f$cking unpleasant, the joy into jerks on your timeline and take the ick out of d*ck pic.

This is Troll Play.

Episode 1 of Troll Play is available now on the ABC listen appApple Podcasts or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.



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