Hurricane Harvey Update

Hurricane Harvey Update

Hello readers,

You may know that I live in the Houston metro area. The closest official rain gauge to my house has us at about 29 inches of rain since Friday. Hurricane Harvey is just an unimaginable catastrophe for our city. I’ve been saying we are in “hyper-local” mode – we can get out of our neighborhoods but not much is open to get out to anyway.

It helped me maintain sanity to walk over to the retention pond about a block from my house and look at the water levels over the last few days, but I am sick with worry for my friends who haven’t been so lucky and have taken on anywhere from inches to feet of water in their homes. I have friends who have had to evacuate, who have had to “sleep” on the second floor because they weren’t sure if the flood waters would come in their front door overnight, who want to evacuate but have no idea if evacuating is more dangerous than sheltering in place. The decisions that parents have to make for their families, and children have to make for their elderly parents, are so heavy and traumatic.

We kept power (and internet) the whole time and only have a minor roof leak. We are so very fortunate as much of our neighborhood was without power for over 48 hrs. Saturday and Sunday were harrowing as we had one tornado warning after another and the rain just did not let up. It is still raining today. It is such a high anxiety time. You just can’t imagine what it is like to live through a storm like this and feel helpless, unless you’ve lived through a similar storm.

My family is hoping to help with our time and money in whatever way we can as soon as the flood waters recede, and if you want to help the area recover I recommend contributing to this YouCaring campaign organized by J.J. Watt (an American football player for our local team). I am confident this money will be used to directly impact the people most affected by the storm. Even $5 or $10 makes a difference. There are so many who have lost everything – cars, homes, animals, and loved ones. The city needs your help. Thank you for considering a donation.



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