Jewish Blogger & Podcast Host is Shifting Women’s Perception of Judaism

Jewish Blogger & Podcast Host is Shifting Women’s Perception of Judaism

Jewish Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer Interviews the World’s Most Uniquely Talented Jewish Women on Her Podcast

October 18, 2017 — Yael Trusch, renowned Jewish speaker and bi-lingual blogger at launched a podcast by the same name earlier this year allowing her audience to learn from the world’s most uniquely talented Jewish women and from Yael herself. The show is geared to the Jewish woman seeking profound and practical ways to live a joyful, richer Jewish life. Yael’s guests range a wide spectrum in terms of professional life as well as religious observance, yet they are all using their G-d given talents to transform the world. In these profound interviews Yael connects her guests’ talent and work to their soul’s mission and to Jewish values.

Read what some of her guests have to say:

“You are a truly terrific interviewer. I’m also filled with joy and gratitude to have had such a juicy, deep, and spritual conversation with you. Thank you so much for inviting me on your show.” – Barbara Stanny, Author and leading authority in women and money

“Yael’s careful preparation and genuine sensitivity are evident in every question she asks and in how attentively she listens. It was a pleasure to talk to the Jewish Latin Princess!” – Abigail Pogrebin, Author and Journalist

“By far the highlight of my week was interviewing with Yael for JLP! I felt like I plugged into an outlet of inspiration and human connection. Yael has brains, spunk, spirit and curiosity, all of which come through her thought-provoking and engaging interview style. Thank you, Yael, for including me in your podcast. You are a pleasure to join forces with!” – Rebecca Schweiger, Creaitivity Expert and Founder of The Art Studio NY

Yael Trusch began her career as an Influencer speaking to groups of Jewish women both in Spanish and English on a wide range of Jewish topics all enriched by her deep knowledge of Jewish mysticism as well as her warm and colorful persona. Her audience’s positive response led her to create Jewish Latin Princess blog where she could present topics of Jewish lifestyle in a more creative way and reach a wider audience. “Many see Judaism as a religion. Judaism is not a religion. Judaism is a way of life! This shift in perception helps women embrace and appreciate their spiritual heritage,” says Trusch.

After 2 years of blogging, Yael launched the Jewish Latin Princess podcast as yet another way to show women that Jewish life is joyful, rich and relevant to each of our lives. The weekly show features women who are uniquely talented and are using those talents to transform the world. The interviews are profound and intriguing as Yael gently guides her guests through the process of looking at their work from a Jewish lens.

The episodes’ conversations range in topics as varied as money, creativity, marriage, parenting, spirituality, near death experiences, crypto Jews and much more! Her audience is fascinated by Trusch’s high profile guests list, which includes personalities such as Barbara Stanny, Shirley Varnagy, Simona Tzukernik, Amanda Steinberg, Bari Tessler, Debbie Berebichez, and Michelle Poler. Following the format of her bilingual blog, Jewish Latin Princess podcast has episodes in English and in Spanish.

Yael’s listeners describe the show as “insightful, revealing and refreshing.” One listener says, “Yael is bringing the beauty and depth of Judaism to a world that needs it so!” 

Yael will soon add an Ask Yael segment to her show, in which blog readers and podcast listeners can submit questions on Jewish life and she will answer them on the show. This new addition is expected to air in January of 2018.

In addition to the show and the blog, Yael has a women’s column for Houston’s Jewish newspaper The Jewish Herald Voice, titled Defining Jewish Women. Always bringing Jewish learning to life, much of her writing and public speaking incorporates lessons she has learned from the guests on her show! Yael and Jewish Latin Princess have also been featured in the popular podcast So Money by Farnoosh Torabi as well as in Influence and Entrepreneurship Podcast.

You can listen to Jewish Latin Princess by subscribing on iTunes, your Android’s podcast app, or on the website at
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