Innovative Podcast Explores a Romance in Real-Time with an Interactive Twist in the Works

Innovative Podcast Explores a Romance in Real-Time with an Interactive Twist in the Works

Washington, DC, 5/1/17 — Imagine listening in on two young artists falling in love after connecting over a wrong number. That’s the premise of the new weekly 30-minute podcast, “Jules & James,” from Through the 4th Wall Productions, an award-winning leader in immersive theater. The “Jules & James” podcast launches on May 22, 2017. The pilot and first two episodes are already available to listen to at

“Jules & James” is a love story. But the podcast defies genres by introducing themes outside the scope of most romance novels. The characters explore their lives as artists coming of age in modern Europe, with discussions ranging from philosophy, religion and science to films, literature and how to navigate adulthood.

“Podcasting is the zeitgeist of 2017,” says a recent Ad Age article. In 2016, nearly a quarter of Americans age 12 and older reported having listened to a podcast in the past month. “Jules & James” is uniquely positioned in the podcast market. Even though romance novels accounted for 29% of all fiction sold in 2015, and 60% of all ebooks sold that year, podcasts are not keeping up with demand for romance content.

“Jules & James” is the story of Jules, a British screenwriter and director living in London, and James, an American painter living in Paris. When Jules accidently calls James, the romance begins. The weekly 30-minute podcast, which takes place in real time as the relationship develops, allows the audience to eavesdrop on the lives and growing relationship of the characters.

The first season of “Jules & James,” based on telephone conversations, has finished production with 24 episodes. The second season will be a fully immersive, interactive experience utilizing social media, video and even live performances. The audience will follow Jules and James as they meet in real life with London and Paris as their backdrop. Producers are working now to build online identities for Jules and James, including their professional websites and social media accounts. Listeners will be able to peek into the lives of the characters and interact with them.

“Our live productions are immersive experiences where the audience plays an active role,” says Jennifer Schwed, Co-Founder of Through The 4th Wall Productions. “‘Jules & James’ isn’t just a romance podcast, it will also become fully interactive. Listeners will be able to get their romance fix from the podcast alone, or they can go all the way down the ‘Jules & James’ rabbit hole, learning everything about the characters and even interacting with them. We’re already building on our interactive plans for the second season.”

The “Jules & James” podcast is available on Apple iTunes, Stitcher (Android/PC), Google Play Music and TuneIn Radio.

About Through the 4th Wall Productions: Headquartered in the Washington, DC area, Through the 4th Wall, LLC is a film, theater and interactive digital media company. Through the 4th Wall Productions produced the award-winning 2016 immersive play A Dream Within A Dream: Madness. The immersive theatrical production finished a sold-out run in the fall of 2016. A new interactive live production is underway for the fall of 2017. Jules & James is the company’s first podcast. To learn more, visit and

Contact: Jennifer Schwed, Co-Founder, Through The 4th Wall Productions
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