Listening Log: August 2016

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible and with most recent first:
August 29, 2016

The Genealogy Gems Podcast, Episode 194
Story Pirates, Episode 19: Lions
Travelogue: The Friendliest (and Unfriendliest) Cities in the World
BBC Witness: Burning Man
Sleepover: Tiny Repairs in Reality
Planet Money, Episode 721: Unbuilding a City

August 26, 2016

Switched on Pop, Episode 41: Breaking Down the House
Simon Mayo’s Confessions: Famous Face Faux-Pas and Other Stories
Criminal, Episode 49: The Editor
Some Noise: Prologue, Episode 001: The Story of Me, Part 1
Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, Episode 24: I Cry When I Run
Happy Sad Confused: John Krasinski

August 25, 2016

A Moment of Science: Rare-Earth Metals from Coal
BBC Outlook: The Man Behind Japan’s Music Scandal
Good Life Project: There is No Perfect Moment Beyond the One You Create
StoryCorps, Episode 480: Gifts from Our Parents
Nocturne, Episode 21: To Separate Chambers
Modern Love: My First Son, a Pure Memory
Planet Money, Oil #5: Imagine a World Without Oil
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 71: Donald Trump & The Election
Story Pirates, Episode 21: Fieldtrip to Oppositeland
Reveal: From A to Zika

August 24, 2016

The Brood: When Kids Dream of Olympic Glory
Death, Sex & Money: Life is a Mystery
The Longest Shortest Time, Episode 94: Raising a Transgender Child
Note to Self: The Thing about Texts from Your Ex
Game Plan: The Career Path Is (and Always Has Been) a Lie
The Life Game: Canadian Scientist Maria Issa Fought for Recognition in a Male-Dominated Field
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 6: Phoebe and Gina Rodriguez and Eddie Vedder Walk Into a Bar
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 7: Phoebe and Hasan Minhaj Talk Turkey
Fresh Air: Microbes: Our Partners in Life

August 23, 2016

This American Life, Episode 447: The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms
BBC Outlook: The Bullfighter Who Switched Sides
The Longest Shortest Time, Episode 93: Anna Sale on Becoming a Mom
BBC Documentaries: Life Under Glass
Orbital Path: A Tale of Two Asteroids
2 Dope Queens: Bonus Episode! Boob Sweat
Stuff Mom Never Told You: Sports Boobs
Sampler, Episode 25: Paul F. Tompkins, The Mayor of Podcastland
Rumble Strip Vermont: Driving Around with Susan

August 22, 2016

The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 70: Wes Bergmann Talks Johnny Bananas, Rivals 3
Planet Money, Oil #4: How Oil Got Into Everything
The Story Collider: Elana Lancaster: The Egg & the Equinox
The Allusionist, Episode 41: Getting Toasty
Sleepover: Jagmeet’s Disarming Style
Knowledge@Wharton: McDonald’s Healthy Meal: Will Consumers Bite?
Whispers in the Night, Episode 1: Lights
The Life Game: Olympic Athlete Valerie Jerome on Growing Up Black in Canada
She Explores: Creatives on the Road
The Mash-Up Americans: How to Be a Lady Bawse
Five Minutes with Dad, Episode 94: Teaching Kids to Know Who They Are
Drift & Ramble Podcast: Introduction
Drift & Ramble Podcast, S1E1: Elmer McCurdy Part A
99% Invisible, Episode 225: Photo Credit
Precious Lives, Episode 083: Precious Lives: Making Sense of the Weekend Unrest
The Heart: The Big House
With her, Episode 2: “Honey, I Just Got a Call from Hillary”
Radiolab: Playing God
Anacostia Unmapped: Brave Heart: Friends Remember Marion Christopher Barry

August 19, 2016

HBR IdeaCast, Episode 538: How Work Changed Love

August 18, 2016

Simon Mayo’s Confessions: Game of Bones and Other Tales
With her, Episode 1: “Hi, Hillary”
Planet Money: Oil #3: How Fracking Changed the World
Here Be Monsters, HBM061: The Natural State of Hitchhiking
Code Switch: Struggling School or Sanctuary?
Houston Matters Podcast: Fetal Disposal, Oil and Gas Layoffs, and Blended Families
Story Pirates, Episode 5: Dolly Magic Machine
Story Pirates, Episode 33: Bird Tornado

August 17, 2016

How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 38: Tim Gunn
Note to Self: Should We Post Pictures of Our Kids Online?
Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. Episode 5: Alexander Hamilton
HumaNature, Episode 11: Hoofprints on the Heart
RNZ: A Wrinkle in Time, Episode 4: Intergenerational Conversation
BBC Outlook: Disguised as a Boy to Go to School
Pop Culture Happy Hour: Small Batch: You’re Listening to Delilah
StoryCorps, Episode 479: Mrs. Bronstein for President

August 16, 2016

This American Life, Episode 594: My Summer Self
BBC Witness: Bibles in US Schools
BBC Outlook: “I’m Sorry for Racist Bomb Attack”
BBC Documentary: Cruising – New Destinations
A Moment of Science: Submarine
BBC Outlook: Undercover in a Colombian Drug Cartel
Knowledge@Wharton: How Patients Think: Filling in Big Data’s Gaps
TEDTalks: 3 Moons and a Planet That Could Have Alien Life
A Pint with Seaniebee, Episode 22: Elma Tataragic has a Pint with Seaniebee
Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. Episode 4: Amelia Earhart
Female Trouble: Stacia Brown, writer and radio producer
Female Trouble: Amy Callner, Charm City Roller Girls co-founder

August 15, 2016

Modern Love: The Race Grows Sweeter
The Story Collider: Skylar Bayer: The Hummingbird of Doom
Planet Money, Oil #2: The Price of Oil
ARRVLS: Jerry Curl
Mortified, Episode 70: Jagged Little Parodies
Criminal, Episode 48: Eight Years
The Ochocinco and Dukes Podcast: Coachocinco says “Coaching is Harder than Playing”
Direct Current, Episode 4: Backronyms
The Sporkful: Is This Pizza Worth Waiting For?
Code Switch: Say My Name, Same My Name (Correctly, Please)
The Trail Tapes, Episode 5: You Say You Want a Revolution?
Reveal: Dropped and Dismissed: Child Sex Abuse Lost in the System
Snap Judgment, Episode 613: Weight of the World
Precious Lives: This Weekend Wasn’t an Isolated Incident
Song Exploder: Andra Day: Forever Mine
Switched on Pop, Episode 42: The Gideon and Hubcap Show
Sleepover: Judy Wants Romance

August 11-12, 2016

The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 68: Rivals 3 Reunion, Aftermath, and Adderall
BBC Outlook: Back to the Mountain That Killed Mum
HBR Ideacast, Episode 537: Negotiating with a Liar
TEDTalks: What a Planet Needs to Sustain Life
Science Vs.: Gun Control (part 2)
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Maria Molland Selby, COO of Splacer

August 10, 2016

Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 5: Phoebe and Nia Long Find Jesus
Sleepover: Tai’s Trouble
WTF With Marc Maron, Episode 731: Seth Meyers
We Have Concerns: Check Yourself in Store You Wrecked Yourself
Story Pirates, Episode 41: Secret Agent Pat P. E. Eves
FOUND, S1E3: Found Baby
Revisionist History: Generous Orthodoxy
Anacostia Unmapped: A Tapestry of the Good, the Bad, and the Getting Better
Planet Money, Oil #1: We Buy Oil

August 9, 2016

Esquire Classic Podcast: Edwin Moses, by Mark Kram
Stuff Mom Never Told You: Gymnastics Gold
Lore, Episode 40: Everything Floats
Only Human: Me and My Therapist
Mortified, Episode 69: Sex By Numbers
Completely Optional Knowledge: What Does the Sun Sound Like?
Precious Lives, Episode 082: Breaking the Foster Care to Prison Pipeline
99% Invisible, Episode 224: A Sea Worth Its Salt
Sampler, Episode 24: The Games We Play
The SI Vault Podcast: Steve Rushin on Covering the Legendary 1991 World Series
Fugitive Waves, Episode 52: Hunting & Gathering with Angelo Garro
BBC Outlook: The Love Story That Exposed Doping
The Satellite Sisters, SS080916: Satellite Sisters go to Rio Olympics
Travelogue: How the Summer Olympics Will Change Rio

August 8, 2016

Nerdette: Jessi Klein on Grown-Up Tomboys
BBC Witness: The Twin Towers High-Wire Walk
You’ve Got Issues: Jemima Kirke: New Clothes Meant to Look Old
The Mighty Mommy’s Quick and Dirty Tips, Episode 390: 10 Ways the Olympics Can Make Your Family Stronger
Transistor: Peeing in Your Pants … in Your 30s
A Moment of Science: Packing for the Desert
The McKinsey Podcast: CEO Transitions
The Sporkful: This is Your Brain on Cheesesteak
Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!: Keegan-Michael Key
Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City, Episode 12: Glow in the Park
Game Plan: Maybe You’ll Get Ahead by Being Nicer at Work
Sampler, Episode 23: A Binder Full of Men

August 5-7, 2016

Beyond Bourbon Street, Episode 017: Tales from the New Orleans Garden District
Science Vs: Guns
Otherhood: How America is Melting in its Pot
The Allusionist, Episode 40: Olympics
Stuff Mom Never Told You: NOW & Then: A Feminist Movement Matures
Houston Matters: Pre-K Funding, Labels, and Restaurant Weeks
NY Magazine’s Sex Lives: Are You a Grower or Show-er in Love?
Escape Plan, Episode 1: A Trip Through NY’s Industrial Past
Fresh Air: ‘Late Late Show’ Host James Corden
The Rules: A Hero We Can Bean-live In
The Lapse: With Their Boots On – Andrea Abbate
The Art of Charm, Episode 536: Amy Cuddy – Presence
StoryCorps, Episode 478: Gold Star
The Story Collider: Aaron Wolfe: The Inseminator
Brave Little State: ‘Cow’ or ‘Ke-ow’? The Past, Present, and Future of the Vermont Accent

August 4, 2016

Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. Episode 01: Grigori Rasputin
Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. Episode 02: Harry Houdini
Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. Episode 03: Kurt Cobain
Longform, Episode 204: Malcolm Gladwell
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 67: Rivals 3 Finale Recap & Discussion
Planet Money, Episode 715: The Sewing Robot
Distraction with Dr. Ned Hallowell, Mini Distraction #20: Why Walking is Powerful Medicine
Neighbors: Honoring Wishes
Modern Love: To Fall in Love, Do This
Homemade Stories, HS #86: Cheating
BBC Outlook: Surgeon Who Tried to Save Dallas Cops
Anacostia Unmapped: Love for a Landmark
BBC Witness: The Reclusive J.D. Salinger
Signal, Episode 14: These Hamsters Helped Biotech
Sleepover: Josis Moves Out
HOME: Stories from L.A., Episode 16: TV Dreamland
RNZ’s A Wrinkle in Time, Episode 3: Mind Matters
The Moth: Shalom Auslander & Jeannette Walls

August 3, 2016

How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 37: Valerie Plame
Code Switch: What Does “Objectivity” Mean to Journalists of Color?
We Have Concerns: Those Lion Eyes

August 2, 2016

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Small Batch: Match Game
Humankind on Public Radio: Nonviolent Communication
15 Minute History, Episode 84: Behind the Tower: New Histories of the UT Tower Shooting
Mortified, Episode 68: Paul: The Family Misfit
Rumble Strip Vermont: Peter Schumann, Advisor General
Alter Ego Podcast, Episode 11: Adelaide is Miss Giggles, Rapelaide, and Merlaidy
Revisionist History: Hallelujah
Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest: Convention-al Style
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 4: Phoebe and Hari Kondabolu Reach Peak Confidence
A Moment of Science: Living Past 100
RNZ’s A Wrinkle in Time, Episode 2: Ageing Bodies
Awesome Etiquette, Episode 99: More Like the Friendship Episode Than an Episode of Friends
Love Me, Episode 8: I Solemnly Swear

August 1, 2016

The Bit, Episode 80: Bye Bye Barnett
Reveal: Update: Mighty Ike
The Memory Palace, Episode 93: Local Channels
Poem of the Day: Of Darker Ceremonies
The Story Collider: Jo Firestone: A Sex Education
BBC Outlook: The Olympic Fall That Changed Our Lives
Esquire Classic: What It Takes, by Richard Ben Cramer
The Mash-Up Americans: Ola Brasil!
Radiolab: From Tree to Shining Tree
Brookings Cafeteria: Fracking + Election Update