Listening Log: August 2019

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible and with most recent first: (151)-28 new

Life Kit: How Men Can Have Better Friendships
Outside/In: Patient Zero: The Vector
The Tip Off, Episode 34: The Start of a Scandal
The Disruptive Voice: “The World Isn’t Waiting for Us”: Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare*
Famous Failures: James Clear on Making Habits, Decision Making, and Continuous Improvement*
Disrupt Yourself: Julie Berry: What You’re Meant to Do
Disrupt Yourself: Brene Brown: Called to Courage
Disrupt Yourself: Play to Your Distinctive Strengths
Disrupt Yourself: Maren Kate Donovan: Embracing Failure*
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 76: It Just Happens
Family Secrets: The Journal
Code Switch: ’20 and Odd. Negroes’
Spilled Milk, Episode 395: Sourdough 
Anything But Silent: Joining the Library: Megan Hine
The Longest Shortest Time: An Announcement from Hillary and Andrea
Carrier, Episodes 1-7*
Ear Hustle: Life Shows Up
ChooseFI, Episode 136: How to Fund Your Child’s Roth IRA with the FI Tax Guy*
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Hannah Gadsby
Locked, Episode 5: The Ruling
Science Vs: DNA Kits: Can  You Trust Them?
Fat Lot of Good, Episode 18: Body Confidence, Nudity and Self-Tanning with Jules Von Hep
Against the Rules: The Magic Shoebox
Latina to Latina: Why Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas Champions Reproductive Justice
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Martin Short
The Industry: The (Almost, But Not Quite) Return of Billy Jack
Pretend Radio, S501: The Sugar Daddy Part 1
Room 20: Is He In There?
Unstyled: Aminatou Sow on Sisterhood and Creative Soulmates
Death, Sex & Money: My Stillbirth During Anna’s Maternity Leave
Ladies, We Need to Talk: How to Make Friends as an Adult
Land of the Giants: Is Amazon Too Big? We Ask Its Sellers
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Deep Dive with Dana Carvey 4
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Deep Dive with Dana Carvey 3
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Deep Dive with Dana Carvey 2
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Deep Dive with Dana Carvey 1
Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace: The Reason Why So Many IRL Michael Scotts are Bosses
Veronica Mars Investigations, 1.02: Credit Where Credit’s Due
1619, Episode 1: The Fight for a True Democracy*
70 Million: A Pregnancy That Changed Texas Law, Part 1
TED Radio Hour: Keeping Secrets
Family Secrets: Little White Lie
Mob Queens, Chapter 3: Private Dicks
Today, Explained: (Don’t) Give Me Your Poor
The Journal: The Dangerous Products on Amazon
The New Yorker Radio Hour: Roger Federer Opens Up
Veronica Mars Investigations, VMI1.01: Pilot*
Rough Translation: The Man Who Sedated Eichmann
Rough Translation: When Failure Is a 4-Letter Word
Fronteras: Cross-Border Travel Means Passports, Passport Cards, Border Crossing Cards*
Fronteras: Faith Politics, 1980s Sanctuary Movement in Los Angeles
Throughline: Four Days in August
Today, Explained: Latinos After El Paso
Land of the Giants: Why the Robot Revolution is Our Fault
In Sickness and In Health, S3E24: Gun Violence in America / Why Do People Die By Suicide?
Podcast Pontifications: How to Be a Not-So-Pushy Podcast Pusher
Podcast Pontifications: Podcast Movement 2019 – This Changes Everything
The Brazilian Report, Episode 73: Is Brazil Capable of Protecting the Amazon on Its Own?
Today, Explained: Amazon Crime
Futility Closet: The Road to En-dor*
The Daily: What the 2020 Campaign Sounds Like
Ear Hustle: Snack Money
True Crime Bullsh*t, 0202: Searching
True Crime Bullsh*t, 0203: Corozal
Podcast Brunch Club: PostSecret Founder, Frank Warren
Mob Queens, Chapter 1: Who is Anna Genovese?*
Mob Queens, Chapter 2: F*ck, Marry Kill.
Mothers of Invention: You Probably Have Everything You Need
Switched on Pop: Songs of Summer Call-in Special
The Documentary: Her Story 2: Betty Bigombe, Ugandan Peace Negotiator
Rough Translation: Brazil in Black and White: Update
Life Kit: Make New Friends (and Keep Them)*
Today, Explained: Coal’s Last Stand
The Journal: Why Faster Internet Isn’t Worth It
Woman’s Hour: Parenting: Raising Sons to Be Good Men
The Daily: What American CEOs are Worried About
SWE Podcast, Episode 71: WE19 Keynote and Disney Engineer, Rachel Hutter*
Parklandia: A Cloud of Bats at Carlsbad Caverns National Park*
Parklandia: Guadalupe Mountains National Park Almost Killed Me
Feeling My Flo: … And Menstrual Equity for All
Here’s the Thing: Donna Schaper, Radical Reverend
We Love You and So Can You: Cameron: Getting Back Up There*
The Longest Shortest Time: Oh, the Places You Shouldn’t Go!
Room 20: The First Six Days*
Room 20: The Intersection
Room 20: The Border
Room 20: The Name
Room 20: The Reunion
The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project: Don’t Cry Because It’s Over … Smile Because It Happened*
Today, Explained: The Warehouse of Forgotten Evidence
Feeling My Flo: Two Dads, Two Daughters, Two Periods
Family Secrets: Listener Stories, July 25
Feeling My Flo: His Sympathy Cramps
Meditative Story: My Funny, Feisty, Thoughtful, Brave Gril, by Lucy Kalanithi*
Causepods: How to Use a Podcast to Teach Democracy with Jenna Spinelle of Democracy Works Podcast*
Podcast Pontifications: Podcast Movement 2019 – A Little Hoarse & a Lot of Awesome*
Code Switch: Dora’s Lasting Magic
Code Switch: Chicago’s Red Summer
Code Switch: Oh So Now it’s Racist?
Today, Explained: Six Rivers, Three Countries, One Kashmir
Ladies, We Need to Talk: The Patriarchy of Poo
The Hilarious World of Depression: Jenny Lawson and Books that Get Depression Right
Spawned: Surviving and Thriving as a New Working Mom
Hell in a Cellphone, Episode 15: SummerSlam – August 3, 1997*
The Daily: The Freshmen: Mikie Sherrill
On the Media: The Democracy We Think We Live In
Excuse My African, Episode 62: Meet Nollywood
Flight of Fancy: How to Be a Better Traveller*
Women Who Travel: We Answer Your Frequently Asked Travel Questions, Part 3*
The Thought Card: Affording Luxury Travel with Nadeen White*
Rough Translation: The Mind of the Mark
Code Switch: After the Cameras Leave
Showcase from Radiotopia: Secrets #1 – Discover a Secret
Family Secrets: Little White Lie*
TED Radio Hour: Keeping Secrets
Land of the Giants: When Amazon Leaves Your Town
Educate: Under a Watchful Eye
PLAYLIST Podcast, 6.1: Pretty Good Year
Varmints!: Hammerhead Sharks
Land of the Giants: Why You’ll Never Quit Amazon Prime*
Land of the Giants: Alexa, What’s Amazon Doing Inside My Home?
Death, Sex & Money: Bottled Up: Your Stories About Drinking
The Brazilian Report, Episode 71: How Brazil’s Prisons Became War Zones
Against the Rules: Ref, You Suck!*
Fresh Air: How Tech Companies Track Your Every Move & Sell Your Data
True Crime Bullsh**, 0201: Writing’s On the Wall
Embedded: Judges 2: Worse Than Willie Horton
Pod Save America: 2020: Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism and Cardi B
Beyond Today: Deadliest Day 1: Thrill of War*
Beyond Today: Deadliest Day 2: That Day
Beyond Today: Deadliest Day 3: Dead Eyes
The Lonely Hour, Episode 34: The Importance of Doing Nothing, with Jenny Odell
Criminal, Episode 120: The Tunnel
This is Uncomfortable: That Thing You Buy and Don’t Tell Your Parents About
This is Uncomfortable: Ziwe Fumudoh Makes People Uncomfortable
Halshack Indie Rockcast, Ep 15.5: Mystery Shacklights – Aug 2019*
Texas Matters: Charting Charter Schools and ISDs
On Something: Shrinking Pot’s Carbon Footprint
Larger Than Life: King of the Street*
Larger Than Life: Becoming Big Willie
Larger Than Life: Run Whatcha Brung
Larger Than Life: Fast and Famous
Larger Than Life: The Lie
Larger Than Life: Shut Down
Larger Than Life: The Last Race