Listening Log: December 2015

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible and with most recent first:
Wednesday, 12/30/15

KCRW’s UnFictional: UnFictional Holiday Special 2015
The Lapse: Send in the Clowns – Tom O’Keefe
Guys We F****d: You Jerked Off to Pippi Longstocking w/Artie Lange

Tuesday, 12/29/15

BBC Documentaries: Online Shopping, Indian Style
Home of the Brave: On the Isle of Lesbos
KCRW’s UnFictional: Skylarking
The Trail Tapes, Episode 2: The Kids Are Alright
Freakonomics Radio: Why Do People Keep Having Children?
Freakonomics Radio: Does “Early Education” Come Way Too Late?
Orbital Path, Episode 1: Must Be Aliens
The Story Collider: Adam Foote: The Sea Urchin Massacre
WTF with Marc Maron, Episode 665: Horatio Sanz
Criminal, Episode 33: Deep Dive
How to Be a Girl, Episode V: Looking for Love
How to Be a Girl, Episode VI: The Interview
How to Be a Girl, Episode VII: The FACTS (about transgender kids)
How to Be a Girl, Episode VIII: Meeting Laverne
Here Be Monsters, Episode 53: Eleven Trips to Dreamworld
The Heart: Mr. Claus + Mrs. Claus

Monday, 12/28/15

Planet Money, Episode 670: The Santa Suit
StoryCorps, Episode 451: Holiday Highlights

Saturday, 12/26/15

Serial, S02 Ep 3: Escaping
Planet Money, Episode 669: A or B

Tuesday, 12/22/15

This American Life, Episode 575: Poetry of Propaganda
Scene on Radio: No Santa
How to Do Everything: Goodnight Goose
The Truth: Santa for President

Monday, 12/21/15

Surprisingly Awesome, Episode 5: Interest Rates
Rumble Strip Vermont: Seasonal Update
Neighbors: The Fool
Home of the Brave: On the Ferry From Lesbos to Athens
The Longest Shortest Time, Episode 68: The Parents’ Guide to Doing It 2
Rumble Strip Vermont: An American Life
Here’s the Thing: Jimmy Fallon Will Never Make Fun of You
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 44: Christina: Dear Santa, I Want a Headbanger
The Heart: Idiot + Dummy

Saturday, 12/19/15

Radiolab: The Fix

Friday, 12/18/15

Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!: Jeff Daniels
The Leap, Episode 6: My Name is Shawn and I Prefer He
Reveal: From the Battlefields to the Strawberry Fields
Death Sex & Money: Stop Calling Me “The Homeless Valedictorian”

Thursday, 12/17/15

Scene on Radio, Episode 7: Hijabis
Mom Struggling Well, Episode 14: Victoria Wilson
Love + Radio: Points Unknown
Love + Radio: The Living Room
99% Invisible, Episode 193: Tube Benders
Only Human: Putting Care Back in the ICU
Planet Money, Episode 590: The Planet Money Workout
Snap Judgment, Episode 631: Better Half
Modern Love: Introducing Modern Love
Reply All, Episode 48: I Love You, I Loathe You

Tuesday, 12/15/15

Betty in the Sky With a Suitcase, Episode 124: The Eye of the Coconut

Monday, 12/14/15

KCRW’s UnFictional: Tough Guy
StoryCorps, Episode 450: Up to No Good
KCRW’s UnFictional: Barcelona: The View From the Streets
Neighbors: Highbrow Lowbrow
TEDTalks: Why the Best Hire Might not Have the Best Resume
The Heart: Gina Gold
The Leap, Episode 5: Caught in a Pipe
NYT Book Review: Inside the NYT Book Review: The 10 Best Books of 2015
Slate’s Working: How Does a Wine Portfolio Manager Work?
Love Life with Matthew Hussey: The Sexiest Quality in a Woman
Love Life with Matthew Hussey: Do Opposites Really Attract?
Love Life with Matthew Hussey: The Most Passionate Thing You Can Do For Your Man Tonight
This American Life, Episode 574: Sinatra’s 100th Birthday
Here Be Monsters, Episode 51: Call 601-2-Satan-2

Sunday, 12/13/15

Only Human: Let’s Talk About Death

Friday, 12/11/15

Criminal, Episode 32: It Looked Like Fire
Death, Sex & Money: Autism Isn’t What I Signed Up For
Sex Lives: Hot Dog Vs. Eggplant Vs. Whale Bone Dildo
Transistor: Bluegrass … For Wolves?
Signal: Is Science Suffering from a Reproducibility Crisis?
Fresh Air: The US Has a Mass Shooting Epidemic, But No Government Database on Gun Violence
This American Life, Episode 225: Home Movies
Planet Money, Episode 668: Frank Sinatra’s Mug
Reveal: The Wright Family’s All Right
Reveal: The Fowl Business of Salmonella
The Heart: Idiot+Dummy
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 43: Boys DO Cry
Freakonomics Radio: The Cheeseburger Diet

Thursday, 12/10/15

Serial, S2E1: DUSTWUN
Radiolab: Birthstory

Wednesday, 12/9/15

Ask Roulette: We’re Back! Pat Kiernan

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Anal Sex For All?
Surprisingly Awesome, Episode 4: Tubthumping
The Allusionist, Episode 26: Xmas Man
99% Invisible: Pagodas and Dragon Gates
This American Life, Episode 573: Status Update
StoryCorps, Episode 449: Lessons in Love
Slate’s Working: How Does a Freelance Chef Work?

Tuesday, 12/8/15

Risk!: Confrontation
Planet Money, Episode 667: Auditing ISIS
Planet Money, Episode 216: How Four Drinking Buddies Saved Brazil
Death, Sex & Money: Holland Taylor Steps Off Her Island
Anxious Machine: Do You Feel More Like Gods?
How to Be a Girl, Episode I: Mama, I’m a Girl
How to Be a Girl, Episode II: Daily Life in the House of Girls
How to Be a Girl, Episode III: How Old is Gender?
How to Be a Girl, Episode IV: Tom Boy Trans Girl
Criminal, Episode 31: American Dream

Thursday, 12/3/15

Anna Faris is Unqualified, Episode 2: TJ Miller
Stuff Mom Never Told You: Lube 101

Wednesday, 12/2/15

Anna Faris is Unqualified, Episode 1: Allison Janney

Tuesday, 12/1/15

The Mortified Podcast, Episode 9: Steve: Gringo of the Year
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 7: Sherry: Good Cheer
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 15: Tynan: Peace! One Luv!
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 14: Jenny: Is My Boyfriend Gay?
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 13: David: Mile-High Club
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 11: Heath: Lesser than Zero
The Mortified Podcast, Episode 10: Sarah: Nerd Hunter
Only Human: Your Brain on Sound
U-Turn, Episode 3: Jill Shephard of Ruff House Art
Planet Money, Episode 665: The Pickle Problem
Planet Money, Episode 666: The Hoverboard Life
Home – Stories from LA, Episode 4: A Monk in Venice
Home – Stories from LA, Episode 5: Growing Up 818
Crybabies, Episode 29: James Urbaniak