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Listening Log: December 2018

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible and with most recent first:

December 15, 2018

Dead Man Talking, Episode 7: The Lover
Dead Man Talking, Episode 8: Midnight Train to Georgia
Dead Man Talking, Episode 9: Holly Dunn

December 14, 2018

Dead Man Talking, Episode 1: The Tape*
Dead Man Talking, Episode 2: The Kolojaco Case
Dead Man Talking, Episode 3: Blythe Part 1
Dead Man Talking, Episode 4: Blythe Part 2
Dead Man Talking, Episode 5: False Confessions
Dead Man Talking, Episode 6: An Innocent on Death Row?

December 13, 2018 (15) / 2 new

How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 99: Jose Antonio Vargas
Nocturne: Finding the Void
Household Name: Resting Botox Face
Code Switch: Dog Show!
2038, S1 E7: Climate Change Will Destroy the Nation-State and Supercharge Capitalism
Ear Hustle: Bittersweet
An Arm and a Leg, Episode 7: Why are ER Bills So Crazy?*
Scene on Radio, MEN Part 12: The End of Male Supremacy?
Thunder Bay, Chapter 1: There is a Town in North Ontario*
Thunder Bay, Chapter 2: Clowns
How it Is: Unexpected Encounters, with Sarah McKemie, Suleika Jaouad, and Megan Phelps-Roper
My Best Break-Up: Connie Lim, aka MILCK, Breaks Up with Cigarettes
Today, Explained: The Replacements
Today, Explained: Fraud, Actually
Sidedoor: Inventor, Photographer … Murderer

December 12, 2018 (14) / 1 new

PLAYLIST, 4.9: Soul Meets Body
Reveal: Burning Hotter and Faster
Women at Work: Self-Disclosure at Work (and Behind the Mic)
My Best Break-Up: Kelli Dunham Breaks Up with Jesus
How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 100: Terry Gross
HumaNature, Episode 50: Witness
Wild Thing, Episode 1: Grover*
Wild Thing, Episode 2: Distant Relatives or Kissing Cousins?
This is Love, Episode 11: Nothing Compares to You
Threshold, S02 Episode 09: Who Asked You?
Threshold, S02 Episode 10: Nickel For Your Thoughts
Threshold, S02 Episode 11: Life Is Too Hard Without Music
Varmints!, Episode 108: Salamanders and Newts
RISK!: Quality Time

December 11, 2018 (31) / 5 new

Rivet: The Certificate*
Women at Work: Sisterhood is Power
Heavyweight, Episode 22: Marchel
The Nod: To All the Boys in Rom-Coms Who Suck
Poem of the Day: Flowers from a New Love After the Divorce
Kind World: A Priceless Collection
Everything is Alive: Bonus Episode: Deleted Scenes
Rumble Strip: Christine
Next Door Strangers, Episode 4: Shadow Work*
Next Door Strangers, Episode 5: Rebellion on Campus
Planet Money, Episode 879: The Secret Target
In Sickness and In Health, S3E5: Gun Violence in America: “Boys Will Be Boys.”
ZigZag, S2EP7: Forget Inbox Zero
The Impact: What Schools Look Like When We Fund Them Fairly
Unladylike, Episode 36: #FreeTheVibrator
ArtCurious Podcast, Episode 44: Shock Art: Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son
ArtCurious Podcast, Episode 45: Shock Art: Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment 
Players: Lee Brice – “I Want the Songs to Wrap You Up in a Way That Blows Your Mind.”*
The Stoop Storytelling Series: Why it Takes So Long
Why Sports Matter: Journey’s End (Belonging)*
The YaJagoff Podcast: Outside One Last Time for 2018*
Other Men Need Help: Boy Talk
Here Be Monsters, HBM107: Carlo Surrenders
Human/Ordinary, Episode 19: Richard Cranium
StoryCorps: A Son Always Remembers His Father
The Daily: The Human Toll of Instant Delivery
Love Me: The Detonator
Without Fail: How One Mom Tried to Reunite Migrant Families
Inspired: Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man
True Crime Bullshit, Episode 02: Daughters
The Cut on Tuesdays: The Women of the Caravan

December 8-10, 2018 (5) / 1 new

My Survival Story, Episode 6: Challenging
My Survival Story, Episode 7: Doing Something
My Survival Story, Episode 8: Alive
Criminal, Episode 104: Witness
True Crime Bullshit, Episode 01: This is Israel Keyes*

December 7, 2018 (7)

Out of the Blocks: Love Stories
Everything is Alive: Sean, Subway Seat
Mass Exoneration, Episode 5: Bernie
Reveal: Al Letson Reveals: Jerome Corsi
ZigZag, S2 EP6: A Secret #MeToo Weapon
My Dad Wrote a Porno, S4E13: The Wicked-ish Bisch
Today, Explained: When Dogs Fly

December 6, 2018 (17) / 3 new

Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 56: Birthright
Modern Love: A Young Man’s Game | With Stanley Tucci
Podcast Brunch Club Podcast: Max Sanderson, Producer at The Guardian Podcasts
The City, S1 E4: A Tale of Two Cities
The City, S1 E3: “Mount Henry”
50 Things That Scare Me: Anthony Scaramucci*
Scene on Radio, MEN Part 9: Be Like You
Code Switch: The House on the Corner
The Guardian Science Weekly: Can We Trust Artificial Intelligence Lie Detectors?
Exeter, Episode 1: How Quickly Things Die*
Exeter, Episode 2: Hounds and Snakes
Exeter, Episode 3: Mystery Man
Exeter, Episode 4: Absalom
Exeter, Episode 5: Up on Glassy Mountain
Exeter, Episode 6: Damn Lies
Code Switch: The Story of Mine Mill

December 5, 2018 (9)

Love Me: Take Me Home
Uncover, S2E5: Explosive Reports
HBR Ideacast, Episode 659: The Right Way to Solve Complex Business Problems
Unladylike, Episode 33: How to Get a Rape Kit
Bag Man, Episode 7: You Can’t Fire Me – I Quit
Song Exploder: Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
Everything is Alive: Ayo, Balloon
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: “Put Down Your Male Fragility” – Scene on Radio’s John Biewen & Celeste Headlee
This is Love, Episode 10: Blue

December 4, 2018 (5) / 2 new

30 For 30 Podcasts: Rickey Won’t Quit
People Fixing The World: Smart Boats That Sail on a Bed of Bubbles*
The Doc Project: A Tale of Two Jennifers
The Sugar Baby Confessionals, Episode 1: Devil’s Food Cake*
The Sugar Baby Confessionals, Episode 2: Gingerbread Men

December 3, 2018 (15) / 2 new

The Color Line Murders, Episode 6: 1906 Lyerly Murders and Salisbury Lynching in Rowan County, North Carolina
Conversations With People Who Hate Me: Listener Call: Kaleb
My Dad Wrote a Porno, S4E12: A Factory Visit
Probably True Podcast: League
My Best Break-Up: Tracy McMillan Sends Her Son to College – and Goes on a Journey
Backlash Against the Bland: Get a Real Job?*
Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan: The Mother and the Sister
Sold in America, Episode 1: Sold in America*
Sold in America, Episode 2: Trafficked in Plain Sight
Sold in America, Episode 3: The Buyers Club
Sold in America, Episode 4: Bunnies at Work
Sold in America, Episode 5: Survival Sex
Sold in America, Episode 6: Shutting Down the Online Marketplace
Sold in America, Episode 7: Finale – The Breeding Ground
Sold in America, Episode 8: Talk With Noor

December 1-2, 2018 (8)

How to Be a Girl, Episode XXVII: Playdates with Christians
Committed: What the Cancer Stole
The Allusionist, Episode 90: Dear Santa
Radio Atlantic: What Did We Learn from the Midterms?
Longform, Episode 319: Madeleine Baran
The Hilarious World of Depression: Aparna Nancherla is Having a Harder Time Doing Something She’s Great At
The History Listen: Last Letters
Now or Never: What it Takes to Live with a Chronic Condition