Listening Log: January 2020

Here’s what I’ve been listening to this month:

Versify: Little Boxes All the Same

BBC Outlook: I Was a Teenager at Auschwitz

The Stoop Storytelling Podcast: Children Growing Up Too Soon

The Dream, S2 E6: Magnets: How Do They Work?

The Dream, S2 E5: Birthing a Bad Dream

The Dream, S2 E4: Take with Caution

The Muck Podcast, Episode 1: How Many Licks*

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara

The Allusionist, Episode 113: Zaltzology

StoryCorps: The Echoes of Gunfire

Criminal, Episode 132: Herrin Massacre

Food, We Need to Talk: Am I Destined to Be This Size?

The Hilarious World of Depression: Theo Fleury: Trauma, Stardom, and a Downward Spiral on the latest Tremendous Upside

The Heart: Lesbian Separatism is Inevitable

Switched on Pop: Post Malone has us Running in Circles

Today, Explained: Shaken Like a Polarized Picture

How Sound: When the Story is About You But Not About You*

How Sound: Shereen Goes Quiet

Radiolab: Body Count

That’s My Favorite: O Cottonwood*

The Intersection, S03 E01 – PAVEMENT Meets PLAYA at Burning Man*

The Intersection, S03 E02 – ART meets MOTION at Burning Man

The Intersection, S03 E03 – CHAOS meets CONTROL at Burning Man

The Intersection, S03 E04 – WILL meets WAY at Burning Man

The Intersection, S03 E05 – PARTY meets PRAYER at Burning Man

Podcast Brunch Club: Disinformation & Fake News Listening List Roundup

The Broad Experience, Episode 150: Who Do You Think You Are?

Scene on Radio, S4 E2: The Excess of Democracy

Death Sex & Money: Between Friends: Your Stories About Race and Friendship

Soul Music: Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay

The Fairer Cents, Episode 35: Women’s Voices, Part 1: Speaking Up*

The Fairer Cents, Episode 36: Women’s Voices, Part 2: Our Actual Voices

Death is Hilarious: The Witty Widow – Episode 1: Tawny Platis*

Losing a Child: Always Andy’s Mom, Episode 2: Gwen Kapacia on Grief

Mom and Dad are Fighting: New Year, New Us

Why Not Sports: 2010-2019 Steelers Decade Recap w/Big Roy

Last Day, Episode 15: A Parenting Nightmare

Nutrition Diva, Episode 557: Plenity is the New Weight Loss Drug in Town – Does it Work?*

Losing 100 Lbs: Do You Need Exercise for Weightloss?*

Losing a Child: Always Andy’s Mom, Episode 1: Andy’s Dad*

Ear Hustle: Ear Hustle Extra: Antwan Williams, Journeyist

The New Yorker Radio Hour: Mass Incarceration, Then and Now

Code Switch: Is the Door to Iran Closed Forever?

Underunderstood: Toilet Seat Blues*

HumaNature: Through Oliver’s Eyes

Push Pace Podcast: Dealing with Injuries and Setbacks in Fitness

Awesome Etiquette, Episode 279: Loud in the Library

Reveal: The Lost Homes of Detroit

Feedback with Earbuds, Episode 15: Commute Cutters Week*

Backyard Time Machine, Episode 8: Lionel Bruin III (John T. Ford’s Assistant)*

Thread the Needle: Hot Moms – Motherhood, Sexuality & the Public Gaze*

Were You Raised by Wolves?: Removing Socks on Airplanes, Splitting Bills at Brunch, Hosting Weddings on Grass, and More*

Fat Loss Success Stories, Episode 11: Choose Happy with Jen Armstrong*

Hong Kong Confidential, Episode 124: The Gut Brain Connection

Food, We Need to Talk: What the Heck Should We Eat?*

Feedback with Earbuds: BONUS: What Podcast Newsletters Should I Subscribe To?

Food, We Need to Talk: This is Your Brain on Cheesecake

RISK!: Rebuilding

Fake Heiress, Episode 1*

Fake Heiress, Episode 2

The Motherhood Sessions: Will She Be a Good Human Being?

Chemistry in its Element: Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin*

Woman’s Hour: Why Do Children Lie and When Can it Become a Cause for Concern?

Good Sex Bad Sex: New Sex Toys for 2020, Part 1

Good Sex Bad Sex: New Sex Toys for 2020, Part 2

Finding Fred: I Like You As You Are

Finding Fred: Help the Helpers

Today in Focus: Owen Jones on Toxic Politics and Becoming a Target of Abuse*

The Stoop Storytelling Podcast: Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream

FiveThirtyEight Politics: The Primaries Project: How 1968 Changed Everything

Why is this Happening?: Who is Reality Winner? With Kerry Howley

Mortified, Episode 180: Kiss Me, Dammit

The Heart: We’re Back

Death is Hilarious/The Dirty Bits: Goodbye from The Dirty Bits + A Tribute to George

Spilled Milk, Episode 419: Fried Eggs Revisited

Is This Adulting?: THIS…is 2020

Today, Explained: What About Iraq?

Last Day, Episode 14: Last Day of Use

Life Kit: The Right Way to Quit Your Job

BBC Documentary: Belarus: The Wild World of Chernobyl

Scene on Radio: Rich Man’s Revolt

The Dream, S2 E2: A New Kind of Party

The Dream, S2 E3: Magic Little Pills

In the Dark, S2 E17: Home

In the Dark, S2 E18: The Recusal

The Journal: Inside Carlos Ghosn’s Escape from Japan

Earth Break, Episode 1: Finally Dying*

Earth Break, Episode 2: Pros and Cons

Earth Break, Episode 3: Chasing Shelter

Earth Break, Episode 4: The Cabin in the Woods

Earth Break, Episode 5: Out of Time

Earth Break, Episode 6: One For Sorrow

Modern Love: An Interlude of Clarity with Judd Apatow

The Double Shift: The 43% Mother

Making Sense, Episode 178: The Reality Illusion*

The Ezra Klein Show: Nikole Hannah-Jones on the 1619 project, choosing schools, and Cuba

Preach: Let’s Talk About Sex (and God)

Uncover, S5 E1: The Crime Beat

Uncover, S5 E2: Saturday Morning

Uncover, S5 E3: Stranger to the Truth

Boring Books for Bedtime, Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius, Reading 2*

Radio Atlantic: Will the Trump Presidential Library Have an Impeachment Section?

Borrowed: Plunging into the New Year

Woman’s Hour: The World for Women in 2020

Code Switch: Beautiful Lies

A Pint with Seaniebee, Episode 144: Religion and The Don Haz a Pint with Seaniebee

Talking Points: Travel Resolutions and Tips for 2020

Getting Curious with JVN: What Does Inequality Have to Do with HIV? With Dr. Celeste Watkins-Hayes

NPR Politics: Why Iowa’s Caucus Comes First and Why That Matters

Outside/In: Cold, Dark, and Sharky

The Double Shift: Don’t Call Me “Mom,” Call Me Ted