Listening Log: July 2016

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible and with most recent first:

July 30, 2016

Invisibilia: Outside In

July 29, 2016

Radio Diaries, Episode 53: From Flint to Rio
Hyphen, Episode 5: How I Met Your Mummy
BBC Outlook: My Big Fat Greek Life
Story Pirates, Episode 30: Polar Bears

July 28, 2016

Modern Love: Three Mothers, One Bond
Knowledge@Wharton: ‘Helping Children Succeed’
Stuff You Should Know: How Triage Works
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 66: Part 2 80s & 90s Nostalgia
Houston Matters: Hexit, Voter Psychology, and the Prison Rodeo
Science Vs.: Attachment Parenting
Science Vs.: Fracking
Story Pirates, Episode 15: Fall in a Hole
Story Pirates, Episode 2: Trash Day

July 27, 2016

Story Pirates, Episode 3: The Ghost’s New Friend
Houston Matters: Border Corruption and Neighborhood Challenges
A Pint with Seaniebee, Episode 20: Craig Smith has a Pint with Seaniebee
Death, Sex & Money: Dating Was So Hard, Until it Wasn’t
FOUND, S1E2: Looking for Love
BBC Witness: Meeting Picasso
Code Switch: A Letter from Young Asian Americans to their Families about Black Lives Matter
Game Plan: Money Talks
Stuff Mom Never Told You: Emotional Cheating
Planet Money, Episode 714: Can a Game Show Lose?
99% Invisible, Episode 222: Combat Hearing Loss
Young House Love Has a Podcast, Episode 3: Design Mistake Deja Vu & The Pain of Decluttering
Surprisingly Awesome, Episode 17: Flossing

July 26, 2016

Sleepover, Episode 5: Sheila vs. the Internet
Footnoting History: The Life of Beatrice de Planissoles
BBC Witness: The First CIA Coup in Latin America
BBC Outlook: My Double Life as a Trans Airman
StoryCorps, Episode 477: Looking Out
Fugitive Waves, Episode 51: Harvest on Big Rice Lake
Only Human: The Ugliest Person You’ve Never Met
Planet Money, Episode 217: The Art of Living at the Poverty Line
Nocturne, Episode 20: A Luminous Bubble
Poem of the Day: Bath
Poem of the Day: Geburt des Monicakinds
Poem of the Day: At a Solemn Musick
Completely Optional Knowledge: Can Music Make You Hungry?
Distraction with Ned Howell, Episode 19: Dave’s Story-On Being F’d Up, Locked Up, and Making Things Right
The Sporkful: Comic Phoebe Robinson on Interracial Eating
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 3: Phoebe and Janet Mock Make Lemonade
Stride and Saunter, Episode 73: The 2016 State of the Union

July 25, 2016

Conde Nast Travelogue: Where You Should Go for a Late Summer Vacation
The Junction: We Won’t Be Next
The Story Collider: Brion Randolph: Curiosity Saves the Cats
The Modern West, Episode 13: The Poets of the Prairie
15 Minute History, Episode 83: Simone de Beauvoir and “The Second Sex”
Switched on Pop, Episode 40: Around the World with Drake
UnFictional: Stockholm Syndrome
Song Exploder: Band of Horses – Solemn Oath
Young House Love Has a Podcast, Episode 8: Three Pro Bloggers Get Real About Sponsored Posts
Qualified, Episode 07: Emma
BBC Outlook: My Double Life as a Trans Airman
Brookings Cafeteria: Coup Attempt in Turkey

July 22, 2016

Freakonomics Radio: What Are Gender Barriers Made Of?
Revisionist History: Carlos Doesn’t Remember
Revisionist History: Food Fight
BBC Outlook: My Childhood Escape from Cuba
Invisibilia: The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes
BBC Witness: The Bellis Case: An Anti-Jewish Trial
Fresh Air: Black Lives and Blue Lives
Anacostia Unmapped: Imagination on Pavement
Pop Culture Happy Hour: Ghostbusters and Mr. Robot
The Brood: How White Parents Talk with Their Black and Biracial Children About Race
Planet Money, Episode 576: When Women Stopped Coding
Story Collider: MaryAnn Wilbur: Two Pregnancies
Texas Matters: Community Conversations about Guns

July 21, 2016

Story Pirates, Episode 22: Table Manners
Planet Money, Episode 713: Paying for the Crime
BBC Witness: Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
Love Me, Episode 7: Make Believe
Modern Love: Just Friends?
Transistor: The Ghost in the MP3
The Brain Candy Podcast: 80s and 90s Pop Culture Nostalgia
Revisionist History: My Little Hundred Million
BBC Documentaries: A Tempest in Rio
Story Pirates, Episode 1: Marshmallow Shooter Camp
Story Pirates, Episode 31: Train Monopoly Day
Story Pirates, Episode 18: The Bear Saved the Christmas

July 20, 2016

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids: The Voyage of the Ocean Trash
Reply All, Episode 70: Stolen Valor
Otherhood Podcast: Otherness in an Integrated World
99% Invisible, Episode 221: America’s Last Top Model
BBC Witness: The Death of Bruce Lee
HOME: Stories from L.A., Episode 15: Belushi, Bette, and Beverly Hills
Code Switch: 46 Stops: The Driving Life of Philando Castile
A Moment of Science: The Amazing Flash Illusion
The Longest Shortest Time, Episode 89: When Katie Couric Became a Single Mom
The Mancast: S3: Manliest Rapper
RNZ: A Wrinkle in Time, Episode 1: More Time
Sampler, Episode 21: Straight Outta Melbourne
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 2: Phoebe and Ilana Glazer Make America Great Again
FOUND: Asian Oprah: The Grand Dream
FOUND: Call Me: A Middle School Romance
Note to Self: Taking the Lead Episode 3: The Pressure
This American Life, Episode 591: Get Your Money’s Worth
Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin: Viggo Mortensen, From Warrior King to Captain Fantastic

July 19, 2016

BBC Outlook: From Jail to Yale
Only Human: Yes, Simba, Chimps Laugh
The Mash-Up Americans: Nina Garcia is Not Judging You
Sleepover: Jon the Good Doctor
Precious Lives, Episode 078: Seeking Distance
Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids, Episode 315: ” We play smoochie-pie on the couch”
Reveal: A Welfare Check
A Moment of Science: Dad Called Dibs: First Pick for Feasting
A Moment of Science: Fish Brains Have an Alerting System
A Moment of Science: Meet the New Elements
Snap Judgment, Episode 615: Caught Up
A Pint with Seaniebee, Episode 19: Dave Richeson Has a Pint with Seaniebee
Female Trouble: Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner
The Heart: The Understudy
Outlook: Crossing a Minefield to Escape IS
StoryCorps, Episode 425: Evolution

July 18, 2016

What’s the Point, Episode .54.4 – Guns and Domestic Violence: 7/16/16
Planet Money, Episode 712: I Want My Money Back
You’ve Got Issues: Jim Norton: People Who Chew Pens
Esquire Classic: Superman Comes to the Supermarket
Who? Weekly: Mike Pence?
What’s the Point, Episode .54.6 – A Guns Program the NRA Actually Likes: 7/18/16
Happy Sad Confused: Tim Hiddleston, Nicholas Hoult
Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!: Julian Castro
Mortified, Episode 67: Chandrika: From India With Love
Fresh Air: Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard on Small-Town Life, Big-Time Music
Song Exploder: Andrew Bird – Roma Fade
Story Pirates, Episode 30: Polar Bears

July 15, 2016

Reveal: Update: Eyes on Cops
Story Pirates, Episode 27: Lili and the Jungle House
Sleepover: Scaachi and the Silent Treatment
Sleepover: Alan Takes Control
Criminal, Episode 47: Brownie Lady
The Memory Palace, Episode 92: Oil, Water
HBR Ideacast, Episode 533: We Can’t Work All the Time
Invisibilia: Flip the Script
The Love, Food Podcast, Episode 025: I Can’t Love My Body Because I Hate It
The Love, Food Podcast, Episode 026: Will I Always Hate My Body??
The Ochocinco and Dukes Podcast: Dealing with authority and a new opportunity for…….Coachocinco?
This American Life, Episode 362: Got You Pegged

July 14, 2016

BBC Witness: 1916: Central Asia Rebels Against the Russian Empire
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 1: Phoebe and Lizzo Get Lit
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 64: Books
Radio Diaries, Episode 62: Contenders: The Veep
Planet Money, Episode 711: Hooked on Heroin
Code Switch: Black and Blue
Modern Love: Live Without Me
Awful Grace, Episode 203: I Heard it on the Way to New Jerusalem
What’s the Point, Episode .54.2: A Week of Conversations About Gun Deaths: 7/14/16
The Story Collider: Emily Mullin: Losing My Voice
Story Pirates, Episode 26: National Junk Food Day
Story Pirates, Episode 40: The Girl Who Turned Into Spaghetti
99% Invisible, Episode 220: The Mind of an Architect
Love Me, Episode 6: Lost and Found
Death, Sex & Money: When I Almost Died
Sleepover: Charlie’s Conundrum
Five Minutes with Dad, Episode 91: Teaching Kids How to Lead by Example

July 13, 2016

Flash Forward: The Altered State
A Moment of Science: The Remains of a Star
A Moment of Science: Is Love Blind?
A Moment of Science: Why Are There So Many Dead Snakes in the Road?
A Moment of Science: Recounting Our Bacteria: Fewer Than We Thought
Poem of the Day: The Singers
Poem of the Day: Carrying a Ladder
Poem of the Day: A Sunset of the City
The Heart: Mr. Fix-It
Frontier of Change, Podcast 01: Mikigaq, Muktuk, and More
Death, Sex & Money: We’re Not Going to Have Karl Again
The Sporkful: When a Tamale Determines the Presidency
Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City, Episode 10: Can’t We All Just Get Islam?
Counter Stories: Reactions to the Shooting of Philando Castile
Don’t Act Your Age: On the Trail of a Killer
The Bit: On the Frontier
The Allusionist, Episode 39: Generation What?
Anacostia Unmapped: Living with a Death in Anacostia: Beverly Smith’s Son
Detective, Episode 2-06: Black Lives Matter
ARRVLS: Conversion
Pop Culture Happy Hour: Small Batch: Pokemon Go
BBC Witness: Child Refugees from the Spanish Civil War
What’s the Point, Episode .54.1: A Week of Conversations About Gun Deaths: 7/13/16
Invisibilia: Frame of Reference

July 12, 2016

Fresh Air: Why ‘Tough’ Treatment Doesn’t Work for Addicts
Direct Current, Episode 3: Power to the People
Radiolab: David and the Wire
The Life Game: Willie Aames
Radiotonic: Hidden City
99% Invisible, Episode 218: Remembering Stonewall
Planet Money, Episode 575: The Fondue Conspiracy
We Have Concerns: Fire Walk with Me

July 11, 2016

Reveal: Bordering on Insecurity
BBC Witness: The Mumbai Train Bombings
Mortified, Episode 65: Cold War Kids
Mortified, Episode 66: I Hate Summer Vacation
Lore, Episode 38: The Mountain
Travelogue: Travel Disasters – and How to Survive Them
Sampler, Episode 20: Science O’Clock
Planet Money, Episode 707: Brexit
Planet Money, Episode 710: The Brexit Break-Up
Longform, Episode 197: Nikole Hannah-Jones

July 9, 2016

StoryCorps, Episode 476: Wild at Heart
Code Switch: Code Switch Extra: No Words
BBC Documentaries: Obama’s World

July 8, 2016

Reply All, Episode 69: Disappeared
Dinner Party Download, Episode 351: Anna Kendrick, D.A. Pennebaker, Fantastic Negrito
Neighbors: The Fence Jumper
The Uncertain Hour, S1-06: The Road Not Taken
A Moment of Science: Charming Fahrenheit
Poem of the Day: Hail
Poem of the Day: Hard Rain
The Story Collider: Nathan Boll: What Else is Out There?

July 7, 2016

Current’s The Pub: Code Switch chief Alicia Montgomery
Note to Self: Taking the Lead Episode 1: The Pain Point
HOME: Stories from LA, Episode 14: Rose, Mercedes, and the Days of the Dead
A Moment of Science: Ocean Storage of CO2 Increasing
A Moment of Science: Cats Who Flex
Anacostia Unmapped: Family Dinner
BBC Witness: Executions in Cuba
BBC Witness: The Sale of London Bridge
BBC Outlook: Twenty Years Searching for Justice
BBC Outlook: Counselling Priests Who Fall in Love
BBC Outlook: ‘War Made Him More Violent With Me’
BBC Documentaries: City Giving Wine to Alcoholics
Reply All, Episode 68: Vampire Rules

July 5, 2016

Poem of the Day: To My Dear and Loving Husband
Rumble Strip Vermont: The Neighborhood
Detective, Episode 2-05: The Case I’ll Never Forget
Planet Money, Episode 709: The Quiet Old Lady Who Whispers “Fair Use”
Young House Love Has a Podcast, Episode 2: HGTV’s Sabrina Soto Takes Us Behind the Scenes

July 1, 2016

The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 60: Serial Killers, Mental Illness, and Forever 21?
The Life Game: Gavin Kade
Criminal, Episode 46: Tiger
StartUp, S3E10: 2680 Madison Road
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Reshma Saujani, Why We Need Girls Who Code
Strong Opinions Loosely Held: Faith Filled Feminist
Books on the Nightstand, Episode 384: The End and the Beginning
Books on the Nightstand, Episode 387: Podcasts to Keep Your Nightstand Full
Books on the Nightstand, Episode 389: All Good Things, Part 2
KCRW’s UnFictional: Cut Your Losses
Reveal: Who’s Getting Rich Off Your Student Loans