Listening Log: July 2018

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible and with most recent first:

July 31, 2018 (8) + (8)

Hope Chest, Episode 6: The Art of Knowing When to Retreat
Don’t @ Me: The Sexual (and Gender) Revolution with Kimberly Peirce
Ladies, We Need to Talk: Settling for Average
Sex with Strangers, Episode 38: Sex Podcasting with Sex Podcasters
StartUp, Church Planting 1: The Movement
TADATAS, Episode 17
Silent Waves, Act V: The Underbelly
Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase, Episode 155: Snorts are Genuine
Pod Save the People: Oppression Depends on Secrecy
ManBuyCow, Series 1 Episode 1
The Church of Cosmic Indifference, Episode 43: Summer Solstice 2018
Festival Girls’ Podcast, Episode 7: 2018 Essence Festival
The Nod: An Oral History of Knuck if You Buck
Latino USA: The Port of Entry
Broken Pieces: Valery’s Dreams
TEDTalks Daily: A Black Man Goes Undercover in the Alt-Right

July 30, 2018 (20)

The Teacher’s Pet, Episode 10: Damaged
Educate: Edged Out of the Middle Class, Teachers Are Walking Out
The History Listen: Sister Kate’s The Whitewashing of Black Children
BBC Outlook: Foster Parents to a Bomber
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: What Trans Women Can Teach Cis Women (and Vice Versa)
Only Human, The Realness Ep. 1: This Sunny Day Right Here …
Only Human, The Realness Ep. 2: T’Chaka
Only Human, The Realness Ep. 3: Son, They Shook … 
The Allusionist, Episode 81: Shark Week
Death, Sex & Money: Tig Notaro Isn’t a Blob Anymore …
Silent Waves, Act I: Australia’s Own Ronnie Biggs
Silent Waves, Act II: The Spider Web
Silent Waves, Act III: Three Paths
Silent Waves, Act IV: Presumption of Innocence
Make It Happen: Having it All – Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance
ZigZag, Chapter 8: Putting Crypto Pioneers to the Test
Twenty Thousand Hertz, Episode 45: Misophonia
Today, Explained: Manafort, Day in Court
Call Your Girlfriend: Summer Books 2018
Investing with the Buyside: Steve Fleishman – Wall Street’s Top Ranked Utility Analyst

July 29, 2018 (3)

Versify, Episode 22: Before I Could Give Her the Ring
Today, Explained: Delete Your Account
Lovett or Leave It: Michael Cohen, Welcome to the Resistance.

July 27, 2018 (5)

HumaNature: Bonus Episode: Through the Keyhole
On Being: [Unedited] Cory Booker with Krista Tippett
Flash Forward: The Very Big Sick
The Wilderness, Chapter One: The Democracy
The Wilderness, Chapter Two: The Change

July 26, 2018 (16)

Let’s Talk About It, Episode 29: Avoiding Vulnerability & Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly
California Foodways: From Farmworker to Restaurant Owner
Getting Curious: What’s Your Origin Story? With Bobby Berk
The Undersiders, Ep 01: Michael Harris a.k.a. Harry O
The Undersiders, Ep 02: Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff
The Undersiders, Ep 03: Calvin “Klein” Bacote
The Undersiders, Ep 04: Terrance “Gangsta Williams
The Undersiders, Ep 05: Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory
The Undersiders, Ep 06: Ricky “Freeway” Donnell Ross
The Undersiders, Ep 07: Richard “Rich” Porter
The Undersiders, Ep 08: Alberto “Alpo” Martinez
BBC Documentary: Crypto Rico: Blockchain for a Broken Paradise
The Leap: Suddenly Everyone’s Favorite Communist
Song Exploder: Jhene Aiko – Sativa (feat. Swae Lee)
The Longest Shortest Time, Episode 166: Dear Mister Rogers
Scene on Radio: MEN, Part 2: Ain’t No Amoeba

July 25, 2018 (6)

Travelogue: Why Plastic in Our Oceans is a Travel Problem, Too
Wild Ideas Worth Living: Cliff Kapono – How We Are Physically and Emotionally Connected to the Ocean
The Guardian’s Science Weekly: Soundscape Ecology with Bernie Krause
Outside/In: An American Lobster in Stockholm
My Ocean: Karina Oliani: Diving in Style
DC Diary, S2 Ep 1: What’s Your 5-9?

July 24, 2018 (8)

The Conversation: Chess Grandmasters
This American Life, Episode 650: Change You Can Maybe Believe In
Still Processing: We Can’t Burn it All Down (Even Though Sometimes We Want To)
Science Solved It: The Kentucky Meat Shower
Criminal, Episode 95: The Job
HumaNature, Episode 45: Remembering How to Be Human
The Memory Palace, Episode 128 (Patience)
Ocean Currents: Sex in the Sea

July 23, 2018 (13)

Reveal: Families Splintered Apart, by Government and By Storms
Pretend Radio, Episode 23: The Hijacker, Part 1 – Martin McNally
Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids: “A Handy Turn of Events” (Calgary)
Texas Matters: Transparency & Death Row – What’s to Hide?
Why Not Sports w/ D. Murph, S4 Ep. 86: Maintain
Help I Sexted My Boss, S1E15: Help I’m Having a BBQ
Hidden Brain: Vacations
How I Built This: Lonely Planet: Maureen & Tony Wheeler
Out There: Better Than Fun
Mindfully: Mindfulness at Work Explained
Susan Calman’s Mrs. Brightside, Episode 05: Sophie Willan
A Pint with Seaniebee, Episode 92: Mistress Absolute has a Pint with Seaniebee
The Feminine Critique Podcast, Episode 106: Psycho Beach Boys

July 21, 2018 (1)

The Sick Mom’s Guide, Episode 024: Stress – Getting Rid of Stress and Finding Peace

July 20, 2018 (11) (4)

PLAYLIST Podcast, S3.11: Pretty Good Year (So Far) – 2018
The Industry: Cliff Robertson Will Not Be Silenced
Order 9066, Chapter 7: Leaving Camp
The Leap: The Company We Keep
The Leap: 17andMe
Hello Life WTF, Episode 40: Cancer Stress WTF
HumaNature, Episode 9: May the Road Rise Up to Meet You, and May the Wind Stop Blowing In Your Face
Today, Explained: Does America Need Sacha Baron Cohen?
The Daily: How Trump Withstands So Many Controversies
Everything is Alive: Louis, Can of Cola
The Enthusiasm Enthusiast: Smaller Elections, Huge Impact, with Anna Eskamini

Murder Road Trip, Episode 25: The Murder of Jerry Michael Williams
NSFW History Podcast, Episode 31: Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out Of … Mary Toft
Today, Explained: Open Casket, Reopened Case
Pink Shade with Erin Martin, Episode 42: Housewives, Southern Charm, & 90 Day Fiance w/ Troy Turner

July 19, 2018 (10)

Rebel Steps, Episode 2: Decorate Your Neighborhood (Propaganda)
See Something Say Something: “Terrorist #1” in a Chuck Norris Movie
Ox Tales, Episode 6: Bull’s Head Breakfast
Teacher’s Pet, Episode 9: Dreamworld
Southern Mysteries, Episode 24: Gribble House Murders of Savannah
ZigZag, Episode 7: Pioneering a New Frontier for Journalism

Shot Caller: Bridget Firtle

Love + Radio: True Parents
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 40: Expect Good Things
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 39: Natalie

July 18, 2018 (13)

Still Processing: Asian-Americans Talk About Racism, and We Listen, Part 1
Still Processing: Asian-Americans Talk About Racism, and We Listen, Part 2
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: How Kids’ Books Inspire Activism – Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl
What Are You Worried About?, Episode 13: Aliens: I Don’t Want to Want to Believe
America’s National Parks: Unleashing a Tamed River
Aphantasia, Episode 1: Initial Thoughts
Aphantasia, Episode 2: Visualisation
Planet Money, Episode 850: The Fake Review Hunter
Planet Money, Episode 553: The Dollar at the Center of the World
Your Next Avenue: The New Rules of Work After 50
Anytown USA: Blind Bluesmen and a Disappearing Daughter: Anson County, North Carolina
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 41: The Stories We Tell
Call Your Girlfriend: Supreme Agony

July 17, 2018 (5)

Rough Translation: Austenistan
Ragbag, Episode 1: Vanishing Act
ZigZag, Chapter 6: What’s a CVL Token?
Varmints!, Episode 86: Jellyfish
Is This Adulting, Episode 67: Tooba-stank (With Rabia Chaudry of Undisclosed and The 45th)

July 16, 2018 (4)

Her Money with Jean Chatzky, Episode 117: The Relationship Between Ambition and Money
Story Collider: Pride: Stories About Coming Out in Science
Southern Gothic: William Faulkner’s Rowan Oak
Perhaps It’s You, S2E14: Eating Snacks and Taking Naps

July 13, 2018 (2)

Oasis of Optimism, OoO #8: Good Times with Good Friends
Reply All, Episode 124: The Magic Store

July 12, 2018 (6)

Homemade Stories with Shannon Cason, Episode 99: Hi, My Name is Shannon
BBC Outlook: The Baby I Found Buried Alive
Female Trouble: Farewell, Female Trouble
How to Be Amazing, Episode 89: Dan Pfeiffer
What’s Her Name: THE BAKER Sally Lunn
Ladies, We Need to Talk: The Pelvic Flaw in All of Us

July 11, 2018 (12)

The Mash-Up Americans: Summer Travel Edition, with Aminatou Sow
Piecing it Together, Episode 17: Sicario: Day of the Soldado
Footy for Two: World Cup: The Quarterfinals and Beyond
The Leap: I’m Your Man
Between 2 Ovaries, Episode 1: Come Meet Us
Unladylike, Episode 20: How to Stop Getting Screwed in the SCOTUS
Moonshot: Inside Careem – The Uber of the Middle East
Scene on Radio: Dick Move (MEN, Part 1)
ArtCurious Podcast, Episode 38: Rivals: Manet vs. Degas
Modern Love: Catfishing Strangers to Find Myself
Code Switch: Word Up
The Science of Happiness: What Are You Afraid Of?

July 10, 2018 (10)

ZigZag, Chapter 4: Hedging Your Bets
ZigZag, Chapter 5: Men, Women, and Vulnerability
We Live Here: Paved Over Histories
Unravel, S1 05: The Driver
Unravel, S1 06: Revelation
Unravel, S1 07: Face to Face
This American Life, Episode 649: It’s My Party and I’ll Try If I Want To
Out of the Blocks: A Conversation with Mayor Catherine Pugh
Nocturne: Careening
Personal Best: The Pelvic Floor

July 9, 2018 (14)

Switched on Pop: Switched on Summer: Getting Around with The Beach Boys
Science Solved It: Chemtrails
HumaNature, Episode 44: The Elephant Guardian
Criminal, Episode 94: The Chase
Make Me Smart, Episode 69: Why Does “Zero Tolerance” Look Like This?
The Tip Off, Episode 20: Chill Pill
Death, Sex & Money: Manhood, Now
Welcome to L.A.: The Case of the Missing Sprinkles
Welcome to L.A.: Grace of the Sea
Welcome to L.A.: The Recruiter
Welcome to L.A.: Pan’s Plans
ZigZag, Chapter 1: Meet the Stable Geniuses
ZigZag, Chapter 2: Blockchain, Blockwhat?
ZigZag, Chapter 3: Higher Than We Knew

July 7-8, 2018 (2)

Radiolab: Fronads
Radiolab: X & Y

July 6, 2018 (9) (2)

Radiolab: The Primordial Journey
Flipping the Game, Episode 01: The 54-11
Flipping the Game, Episode 02: Size Six Gang
Flipping the Game, Episode 03: Creating a New Era
Rebel Steps, Episode 1: Be an Organizer
Far From Home, Episode 19: One Surprise After Another
Qualia: Risk
Snap Judgment, Snap 919: Fight Club
Letters to My Daughter, Episode 15: Staying Balanced and Remembering the Need for Rest
Today, Explained: UNHRC Ya Later
Today, Explained: Say Goodbye to Pruitt

July 5, 2018 (9)

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Talib Kweli
30 For 30 Podcasts: 30For30+ “BIKRAM” (Part 2)
Don’t Act Your Age: Her Name Was Jean
Someone Knows Something: S1-S5 Updates
Backseat Rider, Episode 79: Rahm & Eddie
How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black: David Cross
The Teacher’s Pet, Episode 8: Hopeless
The Allusionist, Episode 80: Warm Front
Circle Round: The Perfect Partnership
Latino USA: The Remarkable Rebirth of Medellin

July 3, 2018 (7)

Help I Sexted My Boss, S1E13: Help I’ve Flown the Nest
In the Dark, S2E11: The End
Ologies: Rhinology (NOSES) with John Craig
Unladylike, Episode 16: How to Have the Money Talk
Today, Explained: Born to Run
Today, Explained: We Need to Talk About Yemen
We Came to Win, Episode 10: Mutiny at the 2015 World Cup

July 2, 2018 (2)

30 For 30 Podcasts: 30For30+ “BIKRAM”
TwistedPhilly, Episode 76: The Husband Didn’t Do It

July 1, 2018 (2)

Let’s Not Meet, Episode 49: Train from Hell
The Nod: The Legend of RZA and The Last Airbender