Listening Log: October 2019

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible: (143 total / 19 new)

Mob Queens, Chapter 10: Off With His Head
Mob Queens, Chapter 11: F.B.idk
Secular Buddhism, Episode 113: Right Speech*
Life Kit: How to Help a Child Struggling with Anxiety
Savage Lovecast: With Token Straight Man, Michael Ian Black
Forever Friends Podcast, Episode 8: A Story of Strength and Resilience with Will Hawkins*
HBR Ideacast, Episode 707: Why Open Offices Aren’t Working – and How to Fix Them
Passenger List, Episode 08: The White Matchmaker
The City: If They Want War, We’ll Give ‘Em War
The City: Battlelines
The Daily: The Promise and Peril of Vaping, Part 1: A Mystery in Nebraska
This is Uncomfortable: Sperm, Baby, Sperm
The Sporkful: Live: Is Sparkling Water Actually Water?
Family Secrets: Flying and Crashing
Veronica Mars Investigations, 1.08: Like a Virgin
Today, Explained: WeWorked
Longform Podcast, Episode 365: Carvell Wallace
Dolly Parton’s America: I Will Always Leave You
AfroQueer: Gibson
The Daily: The ‘Most Damning’ Impeachment Testimony Yet
Today, Explained: Taylor: Look What You Made Me Do
This American Life, Episode 686: Umbrellas Up
Code Switch: A Strange and Bitter Crop
The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast: Too Much Drama
Committed: The 90 Day Fiances
PLAYLIST Podcast: I’m Coming Out (Remix)
Scattered: Soy Andres, a Tus Pies*
Scattered: The Camp
The Paris Review, Episode 13: Before the Light (with Toni Morrison, Molly Ringwald, Mary Terrier, Alex Dimitrov)
Can I Pet Your Dog?: Alie Ward Got a Dog!
Passenger List, 05: Cyberspace
Passenger List, 06: 7h:100c:95f
Passenger List, 07: Inoperative Operative
Twenty Thousand Hertz: Virtual Choir
Reply All, Episode 149: 30-50 Feral Hogs
The Homecomers, Episode 1: The Richness of the Black Belt*
People Fixing the World: Gaming for Good
The Jim Rutt Show, Episode 13: Trent McConaghy: Blockchain, AI, and DAOs*
Dolly Parton’s America: Sad Ass Songs*
Extra Pack of Peanuts: Philly: Best Breakfast/Brunch and Coffee
Extra Pack of Peanuts: Philly: Best Places to Eat
Extra Pack of Peanuts: Philly: Neighborhoods and Where to Stay
Extra Pack of Peanuts: Philly: Best Things to Do
Immigrantly: “Posturing Gratitude”*
Mortified, Episode 175: I Don’t Get How Sex Works
Women at Work: Networking Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag
Meditative Story: Our Tiny Meaningful Lives in the Vast Universe, by Michelle Thaller
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 82: The Gift of Time
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 79: Former Life
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 78: Love, Babs
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 80: The Americans
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 81: Emily + Brian
Last Day, Episode 3: And Now, We Rewind the Tape (with Dr. Sam Snodgrass)
Last Day, Episode 4: Was it Painful?
Startup: Thanksgiving in Stockholm
Startup: Exit
The Brazilian Report, Episode 81: Oil, Brazil’s Underwater Treasure
APM Reports Documentaries: Fading Minds: Why There’s Still No Cure for Alzheimer’s
At Liberty: Abortion Rights: A Tale of Two States
SWE Podcasts, Episode 77: Allyson Stewart-Allen on the Cost of Cultural Ignorance
Hope Chest, Episode 9: Atatiana and the Sonic Imagination
Podcast Pontifications: When is a Podcast Not a Podcast? When it’s Audio-Based Learning
Disrupt Yourself: Take the Right Kinds of Risks
How I Built This: Spanx: Sara Blakely
Ten Percent Happier: Atomic Habits, James Clear*
Unthinkable: How to Reinvent Live Music*
TED Radio Hour: Rethinking Anger
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 10: The Shoes
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 9: The Signal
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 8: The Messenger
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 7: The Interrogation
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 6: The Gun
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 5: The Trap
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 4: The Death Strip
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 3: The Deal
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 2: The Spy
Intrigue: Tunnel 29: Episode 1: The Escape
The Slowdown, Episode 232: My Embodiment
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Tina Fey
Committed: I Need Help
Probably True: Cat (with John Thomas)
1619, Episode 5: The Land of Our Fathers, Part 2
Parklandia: Lava Puts Things in Perspective at Lassen Volcanic National Park
MOONFACE, Ep. 6: Ending
MOONFACE, Ep. 5: Breathing
MOONFACE, Ep. 4: Dancing
MOONFACE, Ep. 3: Eating
MOONFACE, Ep. 2: Running
MOONFACE, Ep. 1: Moaning*
RISK!: Our 10th Anniversary Special
3 Girls, 1 Keith: Conflict with Michael Che
True Crime Bullsh**, 0207: Fishin’ and Huntin’
Beyond Your You: Building the Community of an Orangetheory Fitness Studio
Beyond Your You: All ‘Bout That Base – The Importance of Base Pace Training
Beyond Your You: Partner Workouts: Love Them, Hate Them, or Both
Beyond Your You: Debunking Misconceptions – Conquering Dri Tri*
Mortified, Episode 174: Teen Angst in the Twin Cities
TenX9, Episode 117: Variety is the Spice of Life*
The Federalist Radio Hour: A Year of Dying Gracefully*
Mob Queens, Chapter 9: The Queen’s Not Dead
The Hilarious World of Depression: Ryan Bingham Finds a Home and Settles Down
1619, Episode 5: The Land of Our Fathers, Part 1
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: David Letterman
This is Uncomfortable: F You, Pay Me
Today, Explained: Inside a Facebook All-Staff 
StartUp: Our Company Has Problems
Radio Atlantic: Understanding the Whistle-Blower
Today, Explained: Meanwhile in Ukraine …
Fronteras: ‘Una Voz Desatada / A Voice Unbound’ Immigrant Child Trauma Told Through Art and Words
What Next: Between Trump and the Snake Moat
Bite, Episode 94: All the Delicious Foods are Dying
The Journal: Lunch with the Two MBAs Who are Changing Sports
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: How Has the US Disrupted Native American Food Sources?
Veronica Mars Investigations, 1.07: The Girl Next Door
Patient Zero, Episode 7: The Reservoir
Ologies: 100th Episode: Best Life Advice from Ologists + 100 More Ologies
RISE Podcast, Episode 115: Fighting to Get in the Room with Phoebe Robinson*
Still Processing: Chappelle
Heavyweight: Becky and Jo
The Moth: The Moth Radio Hour: Confrontations
Push Pace Podcast: How Much Do You REALLY Need to Exercise?
Rough Translation: Mom in Translation
Private Parts Unknown: Dominatrix & Healer Aleta Cai on Radical Confidence, Subspace & Why “50 Shades of Grey” Was Annoying*
Bawdy Storytelling: ‘Top Biscuits’ (Kat Attack)*
Varmints!, Episode 126: Manatees and Dugongs
Fresh Air: Conan O’Brien
That’s My Favorite: Bee Mustaches (ft. Nicole Brown)*
Veronica Mars Investigates, 1.06: Return of the Kane
Women Who Travel: Author E. Jean Carroll on Her Feminist Road Trip Across America
Preach: A Married Mormon Couple Comes Out of the Closet
The Modern Mann: Surgery on the Front Line
The Daily: The Impeachment Dilemma for Republicans
Mob Queens, Chapter 8: Sicilian Divorce
A Moment of Science: How Ants Turn Into Zombies
Fat Lot of Good, Episode 19: Rebuilding Your Body, Your Relationship, and Your Confidence with Jemma and Billy
Halshack Ep. 15.5 (INDIE FLAVORS)
Fresh Air: Polar Photographer Paul Nicklen
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Ben Stiller
ArtCurious Podcst, Episode 54: True Crime/Fine Art: Otto Dix and the Plot to Kill Hitler
Passenger List, Episode 04: Psychic Witch
Rolling Stone Music Now: The Secret Origin of Sublime*
Push Pace Podcast: Pushing Through Adversity in Your Fitness Journey
Push Pace Podcast: Welcome to the Push Pace Podcast*