Listening Log: September 2016

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible and with most recent first:
September 30, 2016

Reply All, Episode 76: Lost in a Cab
Reply All: Episode 77: The Grand Tapestry of Pepe
Reply All, Episode 78: Very Quickly to the Drill
Heavyweight, Episode 2: Gregor
Educate: What a Flipped Classroom Looks Like
Campus: “This is How Police Treat Black Kids After Midnight”
Campus: Real Talk From a Black Cop
A Moment of Science: Not Just a Fairy Tale
With Her, Episode 5: Presidents are People Too

September 29, 2016

BBC Outlook: Saving a 2 Year-Old Boy Branded a Witch
How to Be a Girl, Episode XII:  How to Be a Dad
Modern Love: The Wedding Toast
Reveal: Against Their Will
The Mash-Up Americans: Who Gets to Tell What Joke?
No Makeup, Episode 12: Living an Authentic Life
The Brood: A Microbiologist’s Advice to Parents: “Let Them Eat Dirt”
Here Be Monsters, Episode HMB064: A Shrinking Shadow
Love + Radio: A Girl of Ivory
ARRVLS: Disillusionment
The Allusionist, Episode 43: The Key Part II: Vestiges
Hashtags and Stilettos, Episode 28: I’ma Throw Shade if I Can’t Get Paid
What’s the Point, Episode .63: Sparks (Pt 2) Mental Health
ArtCurious Podcast, Episode 4: The Problem of Michelangelo’s Women

September 28, 2016

Historically Black: The Spirit of the Million Man March
BBC Outlook: Father and Daughter Beatboxers
Planet Money, Episode 725: Trade Show
Planet Money: Episode 726: Terms of the Debate
In the Dark, Episode 5: Person of Interest
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: “Rad Women Worldwide”
How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 41: Sonia Manzano
KCRW’s Off the  Block: Lost Weekends
Criminal, Episode 51: Money Tree
The Junction: Oasis Gardens Ensley
Radio Diaries, Episode 54: The Working Tapes
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Lina Nilsson, Bio-chemical Engineer
StoryCorps, Episode 482: Could Have Been Anybody
StoryCorps, Episode 483: Where I Belong
Rumble Strip Vermont: When the Food Runs Out
Reveal: Russia’s New Scapegoats

September 19-27, 2016

KCRW’s Here Be Monsters, HBM063: The Art of the Scam, by Malibu Ron
KCRW’s Off the Block: Bail: How to Buy Your Freedom
Alter Ego, Episode 22: Michelle Pre-Burn
Alter Ego, Episode 23: Michelle at Burning Man
Alter Ego, Episode 24: Michelle in Decompression from Burning Man
With Her, Episode 4: Is This Normal Now?
BBC Witness: Domestic Violence in Brazil
HumaNature, Episode 12: Home on the Waves With a Seafaring Cowboy
Song Exploder: Peter Bjorn and John  – Young Folks
Reveal: No Choice: Failing America’s Veterans
Code Switch: Trigger Warnings
Hidden Brain: Update: #AirbnbWhileBlack
In the Dark, Episode 4: The Circus
Poem of the Day: The Gulf, 1987
A Moment of Science: That Orchid Needs a Shower
BBC Witness: Voting Against the War on Terror
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 74: Conspiracy Theories Part 2
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 75: Fetishes & Sarah’s Sexy Secret
What’s the Point, Episode .62: Sparks: Politicians’ Mental Health
BBC Witness: The First Legal “Physician-Assisted” Suicide
BBC Witness: The Curious Story of Mary Toft
The Story Collider: Rachel Yehuda: Cause and Effect
Historically Black: NASA’s Human Computers
BBC Outlook: How I Escaped from a Polygamist Sect
Mortified, Episode 73:  Back to School Series:PassingNotes
Texas Matters: Tacos, Tacos, and Where to Find Them
Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, Episode 319: The First Time I’d Seen a Real One
How I Built This: Instagram: Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Planet Money, Episode 724: Cat Scam
Rumble Strip Vermont: Jubal. End of the Old School
ArtCurious Podcast, Episode 3: The Semi-Charmed Life of Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun
Female Trouble: Rep. Donna Edwards, Congresswoman
Sword and Scale, Episode 75
Lore, Episode 43: Supply and Demand
Sampler, Episode 28: Cinderella with Microbraids

September 16, 2016

Game Plan: How to Go Into Business With a Friend — And Stay Friends
Fresh Air: The ‘Racial Cleansing’ of Forsyth County
NYT Book Review, August 11, 2016
The Brain Candy Podcast, Episode 73: Camping Calamity, Q-Tips, & Colin Kaepernick
Secrets, Crimes, and Audiotape, Episode 1: A Beautiful Spell, Part 1, 2 and 3
TEDTalks: Why Some People are More Altruistic Than Others
BBC Witness: The Capture of Abimael Guzman
The Story Collider: Ira Flatow: The Sound of the Falls

September 15, 2016

In the Dark, Episode 3: The One Who Got Away
BBC Witness: The Lascaux Caves
BBC Documentary: Force of Google
BBC Outlook: From Drug Dealer to Falconer
BBC The Inquiry: Can Coral Reefs Survive?
Sounding Out! Episode 57: The Reykjavik Sound Walk
HBR IdeaCast, Episode 540: Email: Is it Time to Just Ban It?
Modern Love: Revenge of the Friend
Death, Sex & Money: Sonia Manzano & Justice Sonia Sotomayor
99% Invisible, Episode 227: Public Works
Female Trouble: DJ AngelBaby, DJ and Radio Personality
A Moment of Science: Tiny Thermometers
Story Pirates, Episode 30: Polar Bears

September 14, 2016

Token: Does It Matter That the Black Lives Matter Airport Protesters Were White?
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 9: Phoebe and Constance Wu Invest in Mutual Funds
KCRW’s Off the Block: Life on a Million Dollar Block
The Longest Shortest Time, Episode 96: The Parents’ Guide to Doing It With Esther Perel
How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Episode 40: Penn Jillette
Fresh Air: Roast Comic Jeff Ross
Measure of Everyday Life: College Readiness
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates: Bonus Podcast: Too Many Kids Go to College

September 13, 2016

Recode Decode: Why Everyone Should Talk About Diversity – Stacy Brown-Philpot
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 10: Phoebe Welcomes Token White Guy Mike Birbiglia
Sooo Many White Guys, Episode 8: Phoebe and Roxane Gay Toast to the Good Life

September 12, 2016

A Pint With Seaniebee, Episode 25: Julie Speier Has a Pint With Seaniebee
How I Built This: Spanx: Sara Blakely
Planet Money, Episode 566: The Zoo Economy
Young House Love Has a Podcast, Episode 13: Houses are Overwhelming, So Where Do I Start?
Young House Love Has a Podcast, Episode 14: What Quitting Our Blog Taught Us
Young House Love Has a Podcast, Episode 15: How Fancy is Too Fancy for a Dorm Room?
The Story Collider: Wyatt Cenac: Drunk Driving for Science
The Story Collider: Paula Croxson: How Cold is Too Cold?
How to Be a Girl: Short and Silly
Mortified, Episode 72: Back to School Series: Homecoming Ruined My Life
BBC Outlook: Nurse Who Adopted an Ebola Orphan
BBC Outlook: Kite Runner Actor: Why I Had to Flee
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Gender & Race Diversity in Tech – Roz Hudnell

September 9, 2016

The Story Collider: Ben Lillie: The Truth About My Grandfather
Criminal, Episode 50: This is Criminal
A Moment of Science: Thanks, Magnetic Field!
Neighbors: The Grave of Rosa Mary Dean
The Mash-Up Americans: Maria Hinojosa: Become a Decider
Science Vs.: Organic Food
Science Vs.: The G-Spot
Switched on Pop, Episode 44: How Beyonce to The Beatles Regulate Your Emotions
The Lapse: Carnival of the Damned – Sire
Who? Weekly: Who’s There: Bronte Blampied & Jinger Duggar
KCRW’s UnFictional: Live Die Kill: Los Angeles

September 8, 2016

In the Dark, Episode 1: The Crime
In the Dark, Episode 2: The Circle
With Her, Episode 3: Let’s Do That Again
Modern Love: Kept Together By the  Bars Between Us
The Allusionist, Episode 42: The Key Part I: Rosetta
Mental Illness Happy Hour, Episode 292: NHL Legend Theo Fleury
Song Exploder: Tobacco – Gods in Heat
The Guilty Feminist, Episode 18: Speech with Sally Phillips
Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu: Lindy West on Seeing Women as Real People
TEDTalks: Why Helmets Don’t Prevent Concussions
Story Pirates, Episode 32: Dogs Rights Day

September 7, 2016

Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Morgan Shanahan, BuzzFeed Parents
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Vivien Labaton, Ending the ‘Lady Tax’
Modern West, Episode 14: Children of the West
Note to Self: Sext Education: Teens, Photos, and the Law

September 6, 2016

Reply All, Episode 75: Boy Wonder
Transistor: Remaking the Science Fair
Brave Little State: Does Vermont Really Have an Embezzlement Problem?
Mortified, Episode 71: Back to School Series: Prom-iscuous
Houston Matters: Third Annual Newcomers Guide to Houston
Pop Culture Happy Hour: Pete’s Dragon & Kids and Their Monsters
Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. Episode 6: Mahatma Gandhi
ArtCurious Podcast, Episode 2: Was Van Gogh Murdered?
BBC Documentary: Leaving the Fold
BBC Outlook: My Friend, James Foley, Beheaded by IS
Stride and Saunter, Episode 107: Appreciating Strangers
FOUND, S1E4: I Want My Face Back
Signal: In a Race Between Science and Zika, Who Wins?
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Archel Bernard: The Bombchel Factory in Liberia
Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Dawn Lippert, Energy Excelerator

September 1-2, 2016

Radiolab: The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist
The Brood: What to Do When Your Kid Points at Someone Who Looks Different
A Moment of Science: Is E.T. Hiding?
StoryCorps, Episode 481: Who Swept the Floors?
DAYA Podcast: What Can the Dying Teach the Living About Life?
Here Be Monsters, Episode 062: The Near Death of Sir Deja Doog
BBC Outlook: I Survived a River Exorcism
ARRVLS: Orthodox
Alter Ego Podcast, Episode 19: Glitter Butch, Liat Wexler
BBC Documentaries: Addicted in Suburbia
What’s the Point, Episode 59: Your Browser’s Fingerprint