Listening Log: September 2019

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, with links to episodes wherever possible: (147 total / 12 new)

Criminal, Episode 123: Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
Criminal, Episode 122: Professor Quaalude
Criminal, Episode 121: Off Leash
Disrupt Yourself: Adela Mizrachi: Take the Right Kinds of Risks
Podcast Brunch Club: Roundup of the Radiolab G Series
Against the Rules: Baby Judge School
Land of the Giants: I Love Amazon, Let’s Break it Up
Preach: Rainn Wilson on Baha’i, ‘Office’ Binge Watching*
Sawbones: Essential Oils
FiveThirtyEight Politics: The Whistleblower’s Complaint
1619, Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started
Still Processing: Boom Boom
Last Day, Episode 1: Meet Stephanie, Meet Harris (with Sarah Silverman & Aziz Ansari)*
Last Day, Episode 2: Stefano’s Last Day
Code Switch: The Original Blexit
Reply All, Episode 148: Bedbugs and Aliens
Terrible, Thanks for Asking: Update on Episode 12: Horrible and Wonderful and Figuring it Out
Just Add Sprinkles, Episode 44: Hospitality*
Song Exploder: Brittany Howard – Stay High
Heavyweight: Jimmy and Mark
Patient Zero, Episode 6: The Non-A Non-B
Heavyweight: Skye
Zigzag: The CEO Who Radically Cut His Pay to Give His Employees a Radical Raise
HumaNature: Deserted
HumaNature: Migrations
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: What Does Planned Parenthood Do to Keep Us Safe? With Alexis McGill Johnson
Mob Queens, Chapter 7: Blood in the Snow
Educate: Ditching the Lecture for Active Learning
The Daily: A Conversation with a Border Patrol Agent
What Next: So, This is Impeachment
Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast, Episode 45
The Moth: The Moth at the World Science Festival
Five Thirty Eight Politics: What an Impeachment Inquiry Might Mean
On Something: CBD: The Hype and the Reality
BBC Witness: Being Black in Nazi Germany
Switched on Pop: Jazz 1959
People Fixing the World: Spotting the Sound of a Cardiac Arrest
How to Be a Girl, Episode XXX: Emma at Last
Patient Zero: Bonus – LYMErix
Patient Zero, Ep 1: The Triangle
Patient Zero, Ep 2: The Cluster
Patient Zero, Ep 3: The Vector
Patient Zero, Ep 4: The Bell Curve
Patient Zero, Ep 5: The Laser
Veronica Mars Investigations, 1.05: You Think You Know Somebody
Veronica Mars Investigations, 1.04: The Wrath of Con
The Hilarious World of Depression: Mara Wilson Had Great Opportunities and Difficult Challenges
What Next: The White House vs. The Whistleblower
Passenger List, Episode 3: Kinshasa
Latina to Latina: Nicole Mejia Wants You to Love Yourself – All of You
What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law, Episode 33: Obstruction
Weeknight Kitchen: A New Way with Salmon
Bleeped: Ag-Gag Me With a Spoon*
True Crime Bullsh**, 0206: … Alaska
Pantsuit Politics: Five Things You Need to Know About Labor Unions
The Brain Candy Podcast: Rape Whistle, Happy Valley, & Library Love
This is Uncomfortable: Can’t Buy Me Love
Fresh Air: Tan France of ‘Queer Eye’
Science Vs: Exercise: Fat Buster of Belly Flop?
Nocturne:  Like a Light Bulb
Spawned: You are a F*cking Awesome Mom with Author Leslie Bruce
The Daily: Keeping Harvey Weinstein’s Secrets, Part 2 Gloria Allred
Still Processing: Yeehaw
Still Processing: 2020
Passenger List, 01: Traffic*
Passenger List, 02: Flock of Geese
The Hilarious World of Depression: Whitney Cummings Puts it Together and Stops Falling Apart
70 Million: Two Rural Counties Take Diverting Paths to Jail Reform
Inside Podcasting: In the Dark Podcast, Madeleine Baran
She’s in Russia: Undefined Hiatus
Mortified, Episode 173: I Still Have an Imaginary Friend
The Allusionist, Episode 106: Typo Demon
The Longest Shortest Time: Sperm Series: I Download an App
The Longest Shortest Time: Sperm Series: I Visit a Sperm Bank
The Longest Shortest Time: Sperm Series: I Ask a Friend
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Robert Caro
The Stakes: Denial at the Trump Hotel
Code Switch: The Black Table in the Big Tent
What Next: Are College Athletes About to Get Paid?*
The Daily: Keeping Harvey Weinstein’s Secrets, Part 1: Lisa Bloom
Today, Explained: When it’s Time to Die
From the Top, Episode 373: San Marcos, TX
Radiolab: G: The World’s Smartest Animal
Radiolab: G: Unnatural Selection
Radiolab: G: Unfit
Radiolab: G: Relative Genius
Radiolab: G: Problem Space
Radiolab: G: The Mis-education of Larry P
Out of the Blocks: 1600 Sulgrave Ave, Part 1: Actually, I’ve Become Myself
Family Secrets: Mama and Her Numbers
Weird Work: “I’m a Podcast Librarian.”*
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Lisa Kudrow
ChooseFI, Episode 135R: The Plot Thickens
Ear Hustle: Catch a Kite 4
Today, Explained: Life’s a Breach
The Allusionist, Episode 105: F’ood
True Crime Bulls**, 0205: The Problem With …
This is Uncomfortable: Everyday Liars
On Being: Ta-Nehisi Coates – Imagining a New America
The Joe Rogan Experience, Episode 1325: Dr. Cornel West
Ladies, We Need to Talk: Esther Perel – How to Have a Hard Conversation
The Podcast Digest: INTERVIEW – Skye Pillsbury from Inside Podcasting
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: What’s a Dermatologist’s Tea on Sunscreen? With Dr. Emily Newsom
Weeknight Kitchen: There Are Always Eggs*
Flash Forward: CRIME: CSI++
Anything But Routine: Pilot Episode*
Anything But Routine: Episode 2
Anything But Routine: Episode 3
Anything But Routine: Episode 4
Is This Adulting?, Episode 117: Heart to Heart
Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace: “I’m the Best Boss I’ve Ever Had” – Lessons from Celeste Headlee on Freelancing
Pretend Ratio, S502: The Sugar Daddy Part 2
Today, Explained: John Boltin’
The Globetrotter Lounge: Summer Slevin: Traveling the U.S. National Parks*
Mortified, Episode 171: Band Geeks Rule!
Mortified, Episode 172: When Jocks Were My Jam
Bellwether: 01 – Autopilot Off*
Food Programme: Ice Cream Nation
Mob Queens, Chapter 4: Mt. Vesuvi-yasss
Mob Queens, Chapter 5: Cheers, Queers!
Mob Queens, Chapter 6: Kismet
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Deep Dive with Dana Carvey 6
My Dad Wrote a Porno, S5E1: The Aftermath
Minneculture, Ep. 24: The Purple One
1619, Episode 3: The Birth of American Music
Confronting O.J. Simpson: The Life and Death of Ron Goldman
Confronting O.J. Simpson: Objectively Bonkers
Confronting O.J. Simpson: Brentwood
Confronting O.J. Simpson: Ready or Not
Confronting O.J. Simpson: Camp OJ
Confronting O.J. Simpson: “Get Over It”
Confronting O.J. Simpson: We the Jury
Confronting O.J. Simpson: What’s Your Son Worth?
Confronting O.J. Simpson: Living in Violence
Confronting O.J. Simpson: Love Must Be Witnessed*
Ear Hustle: Inside Music
Against the Rules: The Neutral
SWE Podcasts, Episode 72: Kim Varga on Using Disruption to Advance Your Career
Veronica Mars Investigations, 1.03: Meet John Smith
70 Million: When Disability Requires a Different Approach
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz
Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Episode 77: Ryan + Tiffany
Inside Podcasting: Hello Monday Podcast, Jessi Hempel*
With Friends Like These: My Least Favorite Murderer with Rachel Monroe
True Crime Bullsh**, 0204: Canadians Don’t Count
Call Your Girlfriend: Copyright Your Nudes
1619: The Economy that Slavery Built