Lost In Rio Celebrates its Release

Lost In Rio Celebrates its Release

AUGUST 22, 2017 – What happens when a typical American leaves home and tries to learn, experience and adapt to a new culture? A lot. Lost In Rio Podcast is the result of an American expat untangling the challenge of trying to fit in and learn about the new world around them, in this case, Rio de Janeiro. Follow our host as he meets both Brazilians and expatriates in a quest for new ideas, fascinating facts, and much more.

The Lost In Rio Podcast is a blend of interviews, rants, and historical storytelling by Boyce Blake, an American currently living in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Whether discussing music, politics or unusual Brazilian history, Lost In Rio serves as a window into an interesting, unfamiliar community rich with stories. The show is a warts-and-all look into a city and country that is both enchanting and confounding and pulls the curtain back to show far more than what the world saw during The World Cup and Olympics. Episodes span a wide array of formats, from interviews with both Brazilians and Gringos about music, politics, and living abroad to historical re-tellings of interesting and dark Brazilian history. The show can surely be enjoyed by those who wish to visit Rio, but was created to be even more. Whether you just love to travel or learn about new places, or you’re just sick of 24/7 political coverage, Lost In Rio serves as a breath of fresh air.

Show host Boyce Blake has lived in Rio for many years and in that time came to a massive conclusion. “Someone has got to do a show about this place!” Over the years, Boyce has met a range of interesting people who have helped him understand, appreciate, and enjoy “The Marvelous City” of Rio. After becoming a self-professed podcast “junkie,” it became obvious that Rio needed a show of its own. But the show would not be some blow dried, rose-colored depiction that one would find in a tourism guide. Rio is a fantastic city but not without its problems. With respect to authenticity and transparency, Lost In Rio pulls no punches and gives a voice to the bittersweet relationship that most everyone has with the city, and country, itself. The podcast is a one-man show, an independent production that will always pride itself on being the unfiltered, unflinching voice of the “Cidade Maravilhosa!”

Lost In Rio is available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google using the Player.fm app.

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