Audible Feast is Taking a Short Break

Audible Feast is Taking a Short Break

Hi readers – I’m going to take a short break from writing. Around this time last year I got a little burned out – might be seasonal. This year I have been hit with a really awful sinus and ear infection and I am down for the count. I don’t even want to listen to podcasts which is so strange for me. Anyway – it’s time to recharge the old brain and soul and gear up for some new stuff coming your way. I have an idea in mind for a site redesign and just have to do the background work. Thanks to my WordPress savvy friend Dee for helping me out – you can check out her Houston photography site here.

Keep your recommendations coming, and I’ll be back in a couple weeks! You can e-mail me anytime at or hit me up on Twitter at @audible_feast.

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