New Menu: 8 New Podcast Subscriptions for Audible Feast

New Menu: 8 New Podcast Subscriptions for Audible Feast

Here are the 8 newest podcast I’ve subscribed to in August 2016, and a little bit about what each one is about, from their websites if available. These aren’t all new shows-just new to me!

  1. With her: “What’s it like to be on the road to history? Running for president is a big deal, but on With her, you’ll hear from Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, their supporters, and staff about the little details from the campaign trail they’ll never forget.” The first episode was not as propaganda-y as it sounds, mostly because the host is Max Linsky.
  2. Simon Mayo’s Confessions: “Simon Mayo considers listeners’ darkest secrets and worst misdemeanours, as they beg for his forgiveness.Will Simon and his collective be merciful? From Simon Mayo Drivetime on BBC Radio 2.”
  3. Pin/Kings: “A 16-episode true story about two All-American wrestlers, best friends who ultimately end up on opposite sides of the war on drugs.” From ESPN Radio.
  4. Candidate Confessional: “Everyone loses. But some losses sting worse than others. This is a podcast about tough defeats. Hosts Sam Stein and Jason Cherkis talk to candidates who came up short in their bid for president, governor, senator and other elected office; those defined by YouTube moments and others who fell by painfully close margins. Looking back, these candidates give the listener an unvarnished, often-emotional picture of what life is really like on the campaign trail.”
  5. Drift & Ramble Podcast: “If you like campfire stories, folklore, history, true stories & American legends, the Drift And Ramble Podcast is for you.”
  6. Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu: “With the political circus of the 2016 presidential election heating up, you can laugh or you can cry. Choose to laugh. Comedians and longtime friends W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu have a shared curiosity about politics and our constantly changing electoral landscape. Whether it’s an interest in exposing the unjust or the absurd, you can count on Hari and Kamau to ask the important “why?” Why do we have super delegates? Why is it still so hard for people to vote? Why was Joe the Plumber a thing? They’ll try to answer questions like those each and every week throughout the election.”
  7. The Rules: “The Rules is a podcast about storytelling. Listen as co-hosts Adam, and Phillip, brainstorm, write, discuss a story which they then present in a weekly episode. The story they write are based on a set of rules that they MUST follow.”
  8. Escape Plan: “Escape Plan is a podcast about road trips. Our CEO David Plotz will be taking a one-day adventure with a friend. He’ll know where they’re going, but his guest will have no idea.”

What else is new to you that you’d recommend I take a listen to? I love getting recommendations!

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