Not Your Fathers Podcast Goes Minimalistic on its 20th Episode

Not Your Fathers Podcast Goes Minimalistic on its 20th Episode

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 — Have you heard about the new minimalistic movement that’s sweeping the nation? Well, on this episode of Not Your Fathers Podcast, we dive into what minimalism is and whether it’s possible when surrounded by such a materialistic society. We interview our friends over at Wakened Apparel and Life Simplified, and get their perspective on how this trend has taken social media by storm and why people feel so strongly about it.

The show is a podcast for people who don’t listen to podcasts. It is a comedy/society & lifestyle podcast where we discuss different general/relevant topics using a roundtable format. We use radio shows such as the Breakfast Club as inspiration, as well as the video show Everyday Struggle. Our target audience are young people between the age of 15-30 with whom we seem to resonate with the most, and who are the foundation of our base. The panel is El Presidente, Kraken, Zeke and Rayna the G, alter egos for young, college aged adults who strive to live clean moral lives while at the same time rant about #millennialproblems. All of the hosts remember a life without ubiquitous internet but have grown up their whole life with computers and color TV. They record episodes in the Bay Area, California and are an independently owned and operated podcast.

You can find Not Your Fathers Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts as well as on Facebook or Instagram. We are on Twitter @notyourdadspod.



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