We’re not Great, but We’re… Better Than Static

We’re not Great, but We’re… Better Than Static


If you want to hear 3 recent college grads talk about their stories as the dive into the workforce, the peanut galleries review of popular movies, or the talk about a new video game this is the podcast for you. Whether you are feeling awkward about being at a new job, or have been at your job too long and need to get your mind off it check us out! Our episodes will hopefully help you pass the time on your morning commute, help you make it through the day, or at least give you something to laugh at.

Better Than Static is made up of 3 main guys: Lucas, Chris, and Tyler. If we can find someone with enough time to spare we will have a guest! Whenever we are all in our same hometown visiting we record at a very generous church, but more often we use our Xbox’s to collaborate audio and stream us running around Grand Theft Auto.

You can check us out on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, And YouTube.

To watch us on Twitch search btstatic
To get in touch with us on Twitter follow us @btstatic
Or, join our Facebook page Better Than Static.

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