Introducing the New Co-Host of the Podcast Brunch Club Podcast (Me!)

Introducing the New Co-Host of the Podcast Brunch Club Podcast (Me!)

I am thrilled to announce that I am the new co-host of the Podcast Brunch Club Podcast! After three years of projecting my voice from the keyboard, it’s nerve-wracking and exciting to have you hear my actual voice.

I take pride in offering subjective podcast reviews and editorializing sometimes, and I tend to be a more critical and less formal in my newsletter (which comes out every other week or so). The podcast will be more like my newsletter, where I’ll share my in-the-moment reactions to the Podcast Brunch Club episode list suggestions as I’m listening to them. This is what I wish I could do with all of you: actually talk about individual episodes and even segments within episodes! In the podcast, I’ll also give recommendations and talk with Adela about podcast world news. We definitely do not always like the same podcasts and can hear the same segment of a show two different ways. (Which is why we love the idea of community and podcasts!)

The second episode with me as a co-host was just released on 3/18, and is about this month’s theme – adoption. I became unexpectedly emotional listening to one of the episodes and recorded how I was feeling, so I hope you’ll not only listen to the podcast, but also the selections. I find Podcast Brunch Club very rewarding and it encourages me to listen to shows I’d never otherwise know about.

Here is the note from Adela to her Podcast Brunch Club participants and podcast subscribers. (She had put the Podcast Brunch Club Podcast on hold temporarily in January.) I hope you enjoy it–we’d love to feature your voice on an upcoming episode too. Get in touch with me anytime if you want to record yourself in the moment listening to a selection!

The PBC Podcast is Coming Back!

I know….that was a brief hiatus. Back in early January I told you I was taking an indefinite break from the PBC podcast. Indefinite turned out to be one whole month! But, the podcast format is re-imagined and will hopefully be a bit easier to put out. I will have a regular co-host: the amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, and talented Sara DaSilva. Sara is the founder of Audible Feast, a podcast review website and newsletter that you must subscribe to immediately. Sara is also the chapter leader of PBC-Houston. She and I have regular conversations about podcasts and adding her as a regular co-host of the PBC podcast is such a natural fit. Steven Zampanti, chapter  leader of PBC-Minneapolis, has so generously offered his audio editing expertise in this endeavor. So, a huge thanks goes out to him. We’re going to experiment with the format a little bit over the next few months, so we appreciate any constructive feedback you have. We want to ultimately make this a community podcast where we get your commentary and include it in every episode, so go ahead and subscribe now so you can learn how to participate.

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